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2018 Dances Taught

18.09.18 Didn’t have a class last week and there was no new dance this week.  Went over dances from the previous few weeks – Make No Promises, The Thing About You, All Yours and The Yellow & Green plus Tough Love, Vanotek Cha, Texas Time, Dirty Little Secret, Glitter and Gold, Darling Hold My Hand, Get it Right, Feel Alive, The Drifter, Raining Glitter, Delicate, Sweet Sweet Smile, The Eurodance, What Ever, Groovy Love, Jump Right In and Hearts On Fire.

04.09.18 MAKE NO PROMISES (Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Jef Camps) This was a hard teach and took longer than I’d anticipated. There is a lot to take in at first with 64 counts of the dance, 16 counts of the tag plus an ending and the tempo if fairly quick. Some didn’t stay on the floor to dance it a second time. But it is definitely one of those that the more you dance it, the easier it feels. If you are at looking at teaching the dance, the step sheet doesn’t make it very clear that you dance the first 8 counts of the tag before going into the ending. Personally I love it but it won’t be one that everyone does at my class.

Make No Promises line dance

Also dance tonight: Just A Memory, Stitch It Up, Peace Train, All The Kings Horses, See Ya Cecilia, Groovy Love, The Thing About You, Forget Me Not, What Ever, Raining Glitter, The Yellow & Green, Sweet Sweet Smile, The Eurodance, All Yours and Feel Alive.

28.08.18 THE THING ABOUT YOU (Maggie Gallagher) I’ve had this on the “to-do” pile for a couple of weeks now. Perhaps I should have done it earlier as it seemed to go down very well with the class. Even with the two restarts and tag it flows well and the class picked it up quicker than I expected. 

The Thing About You step sheet

Also danced tonight: Story Of A Heart, Darling Hold My Hand, Love Me A Little Bit Longer, Who Did You Call Darling, Meet Me There, The Eurodance, Hearts On Fire, Til I’m Done, Lonely Drum, Jump Right In, Sweet Sweet Smile, What I Miss Most, The Yellow And Green, I Close My Eyes, Feel Alive and Delicate.

22.08.18 ALL YOURS (Kate Sala) First of all a big thank you to all who came out to class tonight. The first time I’ve moved it to a Wednesday night but luckily I had the same number of people as last Tuesday. I didn’t want anything too hard this week and this is a catchy track from Jason Mraz that most seemed to enjoy. 48 counts, 4 walls and one simple restart.

All Yours step sheet

For dances previously taught…..

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On The Bookshelf (not line dance related)

For anyone interested, here’s what I am and have been reading.


I See You – Clare Mackintosh


After The Silence – Jake Woodhouse

84 Charing Cross Road – Helene Hanff

The Black Sheep – Sophie McKenzie

Taliban Cricket Club – Timeri Murari

The Sleeping and The Dead – Ann Cleeves

Canal Dreams – Iain Banks

Deeds Of Darkness – Edward Marston

Lehrter Station – David Downing

The Neon Rain – James Lee Burke

SS GB – Len Deighton

In A Cottage In A Wood – Cass Green

Prussian Blue – Philip Kerr

Mystery In The Channel –  Freeman Wills Crofts

The Sudden Arrival Of Violence –  Malcolm Mackay

Hope to Die – David Jackson

Touch – Elmore Leonard

Five Dead Canaries – Edward Marston

How A Gunman Says Goodbye – Malcolm Mackay

The Necessary Death Of Lewis Winter – Malcolm Mackay

Last Seen Alive – Claire Douglas

Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society – Mary Ann Shafer & Annie Barrows

Heat Of The Day – Elizabeth Bowen

Instrument Of Slaughter – Edward Marston

The Lady From Zagreb – Philip Kerr

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Currently in the Top 20

This is the first in an occasional series of blogs looking at what’s currently in the Top 20 on the  (Copperknob) website. Of course the site is based purely on the number of views a step sheet has been opened/downloaded and doesn’t mean that a particular dance has been taught more than others, or that it is anymore popular than another dance. 

This time I’m going to look at a couple of dances by slightly lesser known choreographers. Currently sitting proudly at No 1 is a dance called Groovy Love and I can see why. Both the music and the dance are that little bit different. It’s only 32 counts, Improver level but the dance captures the slightly funky feel of the track. And I’ll let you into a little secret, I love any dance with backward stepping toe fans in! Did these in Robbie McGowan Hickie’s Don’t Hold Back and they are in this dance too.

The dance is an international collaboration between Fred Whitehouse (Ireland), Daniel Trepat (Holland) and Jonas Dahlgren (Sweden).

Next up is an Intermediate dance called Festikiss. The track One Kiss by Dua Lipa ft Calvin Harris has been top of the pop charts and works well as a fairly fast cha-cha. It’s choreographed by Jef Camps of Belgium (we are currently enjoying his dance Meet Me There to the George Ezra track Paradise) together with Esmeralda van der Pol. I like her dance Capital Letters although I didn’t get chance to teach it at my own class. By coincidence this dance also contains backward toe fan steps!

Feel free to comment if you’ve done any of these dances and let me know how they were received, or indeed if you want to learn them.

Do I need a website?

Just wondering how many people regularly visit this website?  As times change it seems more and more people can access information about dances taught etc on Facebook. I tend to put on Facebook what I’m going to be teaching beforehand whereas I only update this site once I’ve taught something.

I’m thinking about possibly closing down the website at some point but continue to update what I’m teaching on Facebook. Would this be a problem for you? Please let me know by commenting below or email me via the Contact section.

No class dates

Sorry, there won’t be a class at Canwick on the following Tuesday dates:  –

15th May

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