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2020 Dances Taught

25.02.2020 SWEET ATTRACTION (Kate Sala, Shelly Guichard & Dee Musk) I know not everyone is that keen on nightclub two-steps but really pleased with the response this got from the class. The non-turners seemed to get by alright just taking out the full turns and the change to the side walls didn’t cause much of an issue. Nice one!

Also danced tonight: Nothing To Hide, Walk Back To Me, Nothing But You, My Angel And me, Water On The Flames, 3 To Tango, Willpower, The Chancer (twice), Wintergreen, Castle, Can’t Control Your Feet, Young Love, Keep Young,Gotta Get Up, Don’t Hurt, I Got You Darling That’s the Truth and Stack It Up.

18.02.2020 Tonight’s week’s new dance was THE CHANCER (Ria Vos). Love this track and the dance fits really well. Some good use of “Holds” and although it needed a fairly patient first week teach everyone seemed to pick it up alright. Think the class enjoyed it . Last week’s dance Can’t Control your Feet also went better on the 2nd week.

Also danced tonight: Deeply Completely, Bittersweet Memory, Shakatak, Cooler Than Cool, Up In The Air, Not like That,Darling That’s the Truth, Replay, Can’t Control Your Feet (twice), Faithful Soul, Lonely Blues, I Guess, Extraordinary Waltz, Wintergreen, Gotta Get Up, Hey Now, Don’t Hurt, Keep Young, I Got You and You Gotta Work.

To see previous dances…

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On The Bookshelf (not line dance related)

For anyone interested, here’s what I am and have been reading.


The Shadows In The Street – Susan Hill


The Music Shop – Rachel Joyce

Original Skin – David Mark

Whisky From Small Glasses – Denzil Meyrick

A Man Without Breath – Philip Kerr

The Vows Of Silence – Susan Hill

The Psychopath Test – Jon Ronson

A Song From Dead Lips – William Shaw

The Dark Winter – David Mark

Cold Revenge – Lee Weeks

The Risk Of Darkness – Susan Hill

Be Cool – Elmore Leonard

Tangerine – Christine Mangan

Before The Dawn – Jake Woodhouse

The Thief Of Time – John Boyne

The Pure In Heart – Susan Hill

Mythos:  The Greek Myths Retold – Stephen Fry

Written In Bones – James Oswald

Her Every Fear – Peter Swanson

Dark Angel – Elly Griffiths

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Linedancer Crystal Boot Awards 2020

Find out who won what here…

The Winners

And if you want to know what was taught over the weekend.

Dances Taught


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*Warning* Contains Country Music

Some may be surprised, others may not, but I’ve been  a country music fan for a long long time and have a vast collection of it on vinyl, CD’s and MP3’s.  Not just the modern crossover country artists like Keith Urban but the real original country and especially the western artists. Give me a pedal steel guitar any day over a drum machine! So here’s some new stuff with a nod to the past from some artiists you may not have come across.  Starting off with a track from Michaela Anne.

Next up an amusing little number from Texan Vincent Neil Emerson.

And finally here’s a re-working of a track that may be known to some line dancers – Kacey Musgraves along with Brooks & Dunn updating their classic “Neon Moon”.

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RIP Robbie McGowan Hickie

For many a year, I think I taught more of Robbie’s dances than anyone else’s. He had a knack of picking decent, usually mainstream music and coming up with a good dance that had enough to make it interesting without being too taxing to teach or learn.

Robbie was our guest instructor when we organised our first line dance social with a choreographer at Ancaster High School in Lincoln back in June 2002, – he taught his latest dance Rock n Roll Bride. We’ve been going to his own socials since 1999 and had numerous weekends away with him around the country from Hemsby to Harrogate. The photo below was taken many years ago at an event in Glasgow organised by the late Lizzie Clarke. We also attended his classes at both West Bridgford and Beeston – I even ended covering his Beeston class on one occasion.

I can’t begin to count the number of dances of his that I’ve enjoyed, or the number of fun times we’ve had at the various line dance weekends where he’s taught. But if he didn’t like something, such as the latest must-do dance or a certain track of music, he’d let you know in no uncertain terms! He must have got fed up with people pestering him for the latest dance scripts and I tried not to do it too often. He would sometimes help me out on the odd occasion by letting me have a pre-release sheet when I was particularly struggling to find something new to teach that I really liked.

He will be missed by people all over the country and indeed the world, but especially by people in the East Midlands who attended his classes, socials and his own line dance weekends. Our thoughts are with his partner, Tony, and Robbie’s family at this difficult time.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

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