2015 Dances Taught

24.02.15 HARD TO SAY IT (Niels Poulsen) A cleverly crafted nightclub 2 step to this old track by Chicago.  I read elsewhere where this had been taught that some people found it directionally challenging. That’s fair to say to start off with, but after a couple of goes to the music they seemed to have all got their bearings, For a 32 count dance, its not a quick teach but well worth the effort.


Also danced tonight: Dizzy, Walk Alone, Bailando Amor, Walking On Air, The Remix, Paint The Town Green, Bubbles Dahhhling, Wonder Train, Cecilia, We Only Live Once, Say Geronimo, Gomez, Run Away With You, Up, Love Me Like You Do.

17.02.15 GOMEZ (Robbie McGowan Hickie) A neat opening section with touch/point and hold steps that is then repeated on the other foot.  It was the 3/4 turn right and shuffle followed by the rock turn 1/4 cross and hinge turn sections that needed more practice to master.  A mainstream pop track with steps that are aren’t too hard but have enough to keep your interest.


Also danced tonight:  Masquerade, Rainmaker, Alcazar, Rather Be, Ain’t Wot U Do, Bubbles Dahhhling, Paint The Town Green, I Lived, Not The Only One, Eternal Secret, The Remix, Love Me Like You Do, Up, Run Away With You, and Vroom Vroom.

10.02.15 BUBBLES DAHHHLING (Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen) Great combination of two rhythms. the first 64 counts are a conventional offbeat cha-cha followed by 32 counts in more of a nightclub two-step style. For me, no particularly tricky footwork but at 96 counts there’s plenty to take in at first, especially with a slight step change for the restart on wall 2 and the little tag after wall 4. Fortunately, the last part of the dance is a fairly easy sequence to remember. By the third play at the end of the night I think the class had it pretty much wrapped up and seemed to really like it.


Also danced tonight: Just For Grins, Knee Deep, Fly High, Electric Rhythm, Bailando Amor,Paint The Town Green, Eternal Secret, Fireball, Run Away With You, Ghost, The Remix, I Lived, Love Me Like You Do, Up, Vroom Vroom, and Uptown Funk.

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On The Bookshelf (not line dance related)

For anyone interested, here’s what I am and have been reading.


Scoop – Evelyn Waugh


Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

The Winter Ghosts – Kate Mosse

Chilled To The Bone – Quentin Bates

The Perfect Murder – Peter James

Morvern Callar – Alan Warner

Swag – Elmore Leonard

Revolutionary Road – Richard Yates

The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plath

The Dinner – Herman Koch

The White Woman On The Green Bicycle – Monique Roffey

Dolly – Susan Hill


Pied Piper – Nevil Shute

Lolita – Vladimir Nabakov

Our Man In Havana – Graham Greene

Killshot – Elmore Leonard

Stoner – John Williams

The Eye Of The Leopard – Henning Mankell

Whiskey Galore – Compton MacKenzie

Crash – J G Ballard

All He Ever Wanted – Anita Shreeve

So Disdained – Nevil Shute  Continue reading


I’m pleased to say that the Links section of the website is now working again. These will take you direct to step sheet and popular choreographer websites.  Hope they are useful.

On The Sound System (not line dance related)

While browsing through my old vinyl collection I found an LP by Nils Lofgren.  This track didn’t feature on it but I rediscovered it after setting off on a youtube search for more of his music. What a song!

Heard this little known reggae song on the local radio in Lincoln today. I knew the artist from The Specials who recorded his “A Message To You Rudy” but this was new to me even though it reached no 14 in the British charts in 1972.

An enjoyable instrumental reworking of The Beatles classic. Santo & Johnny are best known for the guitar classic “Sleepwalk”.

Powerful song from a great country singer – Gene Watson – previously recorded by Marty Robbins, Frankie Laine and Elvis Presley.


Crystal Boot Awards

The Linedancer Magazine Crystal Boot Award Winners for 2014, held 31.01.15 in Blackpool.

Award Winner
Dedicated Dance Artist Natalie Thurlow
Dedicated Dance DJ Dave Baycroft
Female Dance Personality Ria Vos
Male Dance Personality Karl-Harry Winson
UK Instructor Karl-Harry Winson
International Instructor Juliet Lam
UK Choreographer Rachael McEnaney
International Choreographer Ria Vos
Absolute Beginner Dance My Guy by Julie Lockton
Beginner Dance Little Zou Bisou by Sandra Speck
Improver Dance Raggle Taggle Gypsy O by Maggie Gallagher
Intermediate Dance Fly High by Maggie Gallagher
Advanced Dance New York 2 LA by Rachael McEnaney
Dance Of The Year Alcazar by Karl-Harry Winson & Robbie McGowan Hickie
Special Award The Lim Sisters
Hall Of Fame Kate Sala
Dancers’ Choice Country Vive