2019 Dances Taught

19.03.19 SUCKER (Julia Wetzel) This was a bit easier than some of the recent dances we’ve covered and like last week’s dance, Keep it Simple, the first half of the dance is easier than the latter half. Its not a smooth flowing dance, as the track has a slightly staccato feel but the steps fit the music very well. Not sure it was a massive hit with the class, but its easy enough to just get up and dance after a couple more weeks, without a lengthy recap.

Sucker step sheet

Also danced tonight: Pretend, Wandering Hearts, Get It Right, Feel Alive, Timezone, The Thing About You, Texas Time, Desert Wind, Keep It Simple, Waves Of Love,  Graffiti, We’ll Be Dancing, Candlelight, My Angel And Me, Vanotek Cha, Jessie, I Am Giant, Oh Me Oh My Oh, You & Me Together, All I Am Is You, and Love Is Loud.

12.03.19 KEEP IT SIMPLE (Karl-Harry Winson & Dwight Meessen) There are two dances to this track – Maggie G also has a beginner dance but I went with this intermediate one. The first half of the dance is easier than the second but it couldn’t have been too difficult as it got a good response from the class.

Keep it Simple step sheet

Also did a quick teach of LOVE IS LOUD (Robbie McGowan Hickie) at the end of the class. Many had already learnt this elsewhere but a few still wanted to do it so by covering it at the end of the night, it allowed those who didn’t want to stay to have an early night.

Also danced tonight:  Deeply Completely, Shakatak, Dizzy, Love Me A Little Bit Longer, Mysterious Girl, Waves Of Love, The Yellow & Green, Whatever, The Thing About You, Codigo, You & Me Together, Sweet Sweet Smile, My Angel & Me, I Am Giant, Delicate, Graffiti, We’ll Be Dancing, Clueless, Candlelight, and Desert Wind.

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On The Bookshelf (not line dance related)

For anyone interested, here’s what I am and have been reading.


Into The Water – Paula Hawkins


Frozen Grave – Lee Weeks

Telling Tales – Anne Cleeves

The Panda Theory – Pascal Garnier

The Good Liar – Nicholas Searle

The Hangman’s Song – James Oswald

A Legacy Of Spies – John le Carre

Steps to The Gallows – Edward Marston

Munich – Robert Harris

Crippen – John Boyne

Little Sister – Isabel Ashdown

Bed Of Nails – Antonin Varenne

The Crow Trap – Anne Cleeves

Retribution Road – Antonin Varenne

Shadow of the Hangman – Edward Marston

Jack the Ripper: Case Closed – Gyles Brandreth

Into The Night – Jake Woodhouse

The Other Side Of Silence – Philip Kerr

The Enemy Within – Edward Marston

Bull Mountain – Brian Panowich

Black Water – Louise Doughty

When The Bough Breaks – Jonathan Kellerman

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New dances

Looking for a little improver dance to a nice country track, check this one out.

Across the County Line step sheet

Although personally I’m not a big fan of toe struts, this one does have some different footwork to many of the intermediate dances I’ve been doing recently.

Sucker step sheet

Want something a bit more testing? If you don’t mind a phrased dance with a split rhythm check out this intermediate/advanced one from Niels Poulsen.

Future Friends step sheet

2018 Dances Taught

11.12.18 LOTS OF LOVE (Maggie Gallagher & Gary O’ Reilly) For me this was a similar style of dance to last week’s. But with it being the last class of 2018 and just before a 3 week break, I only wanted an easy one. Although with the tags and restarts it might not be as simple as it first looks. Seemed to go down fairly well and wasn’t a long teach.

Also danced tonight: Lamtarra Rumba (Christmas Coco Jamboo), Rumba Ride (Christmas Cookies), Ribbon Of Highway (Merry Christmas Everyone), Second Hand Heart, Forget Me Not, Taps, All the Kings Horses, Oh Me Oh My Oh, Waves Of Love, Those Were The Nights, I Close My Eyes, No Chering, Soldier, Feel Alive, Damn, Graffiti, All I Am Is You, It’s Your Moves, Sweet Sweet Smile, Get it Right, Clueless, Hearts On Fire, The Thing About You and Meet Me There.

04.12.18 OH ME OH MY OH (Rob Fowler) This is an upbeat, happy clappy type of song with a dance to match. Not normally the sort of thing I usually go for but its nearly Christmas and we needed something a little easier. Fairly straightforward with just the last 8 counts going into Michael Flatley terrirtory.

Oh Me Oh My Oh step sheet

Also danced tonight: Vanotek Cha, Commitment, Groovy Love, Superheroes, Texas Time, The Yellow & Green, No Chering, The Eurodance, All I Am Is You, Waves Of Love, Its Your Moves, The Thing About You, Graffiti, Clueless, Get It Right, Taps and Delicate.

For dances previously taught…..

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