2017 Dances Taught

23.05.17 BLUE AIN’T YOUR COLOR (Roy Verdonk & Jose Miguel Bellogue Vane) A fairly simple little waltz that’s been out for almost a year but which is just starting to take off in this area. I think we are now used to 96 count waltzes so this was a quickish teach to a lovely song by Keith Urban. 

Blue Ain’t Your Color step sheet

23.05.17 LIGHT IT UP (Gary O’Reilly) In complete contrast to the dance above this was a fast samba to a pop track. You only dance six walls and it has a neat simple ending but no tags or restarts. A couple of sections you have to give a little more thought to that keeps it interesting.

Light It Up step sheet

Also danced tonight: Rated R, My First Love, Hit The Base, Sofia, Whatchugot, Scared Of The Dark, Bored, No More Tears On The Dancefloor, Dynamite, The Violin, Refund To My Heart, Diamond Dreams, Love On The Weekend, Promise Me, and Wonder.

16.05.17 No Class

09.05.17 DIAMOND DREAMS (Robbie McGowan Hickie) The step sheet for this is finally released. Typical Robbie steps that flow so well although I’ve never known a cross side sailor step (after the 3/4 pivot and chasse) to prove so hard!! Can see this being taught and danced a lot in this area. Catchy track and no complicated footwork so should do well.

Diamond Dreams step sheet

Also danced tonight: All Day Long, So Just Dance Dance Dance, Oops Baby, You Belong, Dig Your Heels, In Or Out, Rhythm Inside, Refund To My Heart, No More Tears On The Dancefloor, I Came To Love You, Nancy Mulligan, The Violin, My First Love, The Lone Ranger, Wonder, Scared Of The Dark, Whatchugot, Promise Me, and Dynamite.


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On The Bookshelf (not line dance related)

For anyone interested, here’s what I am and have been reading.


What Happened to the Corbetts – Nevil Shute


Cold Earth – Ann Cleeves

Hitman Anders and Meaning Of It All -Jonas Jonasson 

The Merchant’s House – Kate Ellis

The Blue Afternoon – William Boyd

Death In The Tunnel – Miles Burton

The Narrow Road To The Deep North – Richard Flanagan

Orkney Twilight – Clare Carson

A Most Wanted Man – John le Carre

The Rachel Papers – Martin Amis

Thursday’s Child – Nicci French

A Scream In Soho – John G Brandon

I’ll Never Be Young Again – Daphne  Du Maurier

Saving Sophie – Sam Carrington

Five Quarters Of The Orange – Joanne Harris

Calamity In Kent – John Rowland

The Ghost Fields – Elly Griffiths

The Rainbow & The Rose – Nevil Shute

SS Panzer Battalion – Leo Kessler

The Funeral Boat – Kate Ellis

The Murderer in Ruins – Cay Rademacher

The Book Of Ebenezer Page – G B Edwards

Death Of An Airman – Christopher St John  Sprigg

Pet Sematary – Stephen King

Oscar Wilde and The Vatican Murders – Gyles Brandreth

Missing, Presumed – Susie Steiner

The Battle Of Crete – George Forty

The Zig Zag Girl – Elly Griffiths

Sweet Caress – William Boyd

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2016 Dances Taught

11.12.16 LOVE ON THE WEEKEND (Gary O’Reilly) One of those tracks that may not grab you the first time you listen to it, but after dancing it a few times tonight, people seemed to agree that yes they were starting to enjoy dancing to it. Flows nicely and I like the hinge turn and rock sequence although the final 16 counts proved to be the  hardest for my lot. Hope this dance doesn’t get overlooked due to the Christmas and New Year break that many classes will be having now.

Love On The Weekend step sheet

Also danced tonight:  Lamtarra Rumba-Ribbon Of Highway-Tell The World to Christmas tracks, The Lone Ranger, Harden Up Princess, Jealousy, Sofia, Human After All, Say It Again, Love On The Weekend, Brand New Chick, Funky Love, Kiss The Sky, What  About Tonight, You Don’t Know Love, Grow Up, So Good, I Came To Love You, Blame It On My Heart, Where My Love Goes and Rated R.

04.12.16 No class due to fog.

29.11.16 HUMAN AFTER ALL (Ria Vos) This is the sort of the dance I used to cover at the end of the class just for those who wanted to stay and learn an extra one.  But I decided that it was asking a bit much to expect them to start learning a dance like this after a hard night of dancing. So I did it early, but not surprisingly it wasn’t for everyone. Those who like a bit more of a challenge enjoyed it but some not keen on the track. With the turns in the dance and the timing, higher intermediate is probably a fair description. Needed a more in depth teach so we lost a little general dancing time.

Human After All step sheet

29.11.2016 FUNKY LOVE (Maggie Gallagher) This was a dance I brought back from our weekend away at Coventry. A total contrast to Human After All, this one has simplish steps but its fast and furious with plenty of tags and restarts to remember, and is more of a mainstream dance. Not a long teach despite the 72 counts.

Funky Love step sheet

Also danced tonight: Just A Kiss, Gypsy Queen, Tough Love, Save The Day, Blame It On My Heart, Suite 16, Brand New Chick, Meteorite, I Came To Love You, So Good, Where My Love Goes, and Rated R.

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Guyton Mundy

So I hear Guton Mundy is leaving the line dance scene.  Who?  I might hear some of you ask.  Well Guyton is a well established Florida based choreographer who has been on the international line dance circuit for over a dozen years.  He may not be well known to many mainstream line dancers or those who prefer dancing to country music, but he is much appreciated by those who lean to the more funky side of line dancing.  His own website and club is even known as Funk-N-Line.  I’ve fond memories of seeing Big Dave Gas Tap dancing in his own particular crazy style to Guyton’s dance LOSE IT – an Eminem song.  At Newline events many of his dances fill the floor.

His hip-hop style moves don’t always transfer over to the line dances that top the mainstream charts but you may well have come across one of his dances without even knowing it (especially if you enjoy the more solid intermediate or advanced dances).  For example he had a hand in the recent hit dance, Ain’t Misbehavin.  Although a few years old now, I also taught his phrased dance ROOMBA choreographed to a Pitbull track “I Know You Want Me” that was improver /low intermediate level.  I taught another dance of his, YOU’RE AMAZING to a great Bruno Mars track of the same name.

I’m not sure why he’s leaving the line dance scene but guess he’s looking for a new challenge elsewhere.  He’s still going to fulfil his line dace bookings through to October 2017 so if you want to catch him in the UK, there’s still a chance.  He’s at Newcastle in September and coming to Stoke on Trent a couple of times after that.

Its always a little sad when an established name decides to call it a day. I just hope it doesn’t start a trend and other big names in the choreography world decide to follow suit.