Extra night in December

We were due to have our last class at Canwick in 2019 on Tuesday 10th December. But I’ve now booked the following week – the 17th December so we can have slightly more of a social night before the Christmas New Year break. I know a few are doing other things that night but if you can make it, I’ll be there.  I won’t be teaching a new dance but will recap the ones taught from the previous few weeks and will also be taking requests.

There won’t be a class on the 24th or 31st December so the first class of 2020 will be on January 7th. Wow 2020 – I can’t believe it!

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2019 Dances Taught

12.11.19 YOU GOTTA WORK (Ria Vos)  I love this one especially the heel toe swivels that fit perfectly to the music. Yes the last 5 counts of the first section are very fast but the rest of the dance is fairly simple. One or two weren’t keen but think most enjoyed this one.

You Gotta Work step sheet

Also danced tonight: Small Town Summer, Young Love, Keep It Simple, Saluti, We’ll Be Dancing, Sucker, My Heart Is Gone, Gone West, 3 To Tango, Faithful Soul, Up In The Air, Replay, Water On The Flames, Diamond Wings, Castle, Thousand Times, Moves, In Comes The Night, and Hey Now.

05.11.19 Quite a hard class this week with two new dances. First up was a 90 count waltz FAITHFUL SOUL (Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher). I don’t think there’s anything too hard in this, it’s more a case of being able to remember the order the steps come in as it’s a fairly long sequence.  As if one Maggie dance wasn’t enough I then did CASTLES (Maggie Gallagher). Some had already learnt this elsewhere but it was new for most. A phrased dance with a straightforward sequence AAB times 4 that was picked up fairly quickly. I think both dances were well received.

Faithful Soul step sheet

Castles step sheet

Also danced tonight: Clueless, You & Me Together,Dance on My Island, Love Is Loud, My Heart Is Gone, Replay, Willpower, Moves, Lonely Blues, Jessie, In Comes The Night, Up In The Air, and Hey Now.

29.10.19 NO CLASS due to illness

22.10.19 UP IN THE AIR (Rachael McEnaney-White & Simon Ward)  The tricky bits in this were section 3 of the dance and also the tag at the end of the 5th wall where you  have to get the weight in the right place while thinking about footwork and armography! Fortunately the 2 restarts are easier to deal with. Seemed to be quite well received by the class.

Up In The Air step sheet

Also danced tonight: Small Town Summer, Feel Alive, Vanotek Cha, Hourglass, I Am Giant, Legend, Dance On My Island, Young Love, Get It Right, Moves, Gone West, In Control, Lonely Blues, 3 To Tango, Thousand Times, Hey Now and In Comes The Night.

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On The Bookshelf (not line dance related)

For anyone interested, here’s what I am and have been reading.


The Pure In Heart – Susan Hill


Mythos:  The Greek Myths Retold – Stephen Fry

Written In Bones – James Oswald

Her Every Fear – Peter Swanson

Dark Angel – Elly Griffiths

Field Grey – Philip Kerr

The Good Thief’s Guide to Amsterdam – Chris Ewan

Gunshine State – Andrew Nette

The Various Haunts Of Men – Susan Hill

The Good Thief’s Guide to Venice – Chris Ewan

The End Of The World Running Club – Adrian J Walker

Bad Blood – Brian McGilloway

Fatherland – Robert Harris

Cold Killers – Lee Weeks

The Glass Cell – Patricia Highsmith

Hour Of The Wolf – Hakan Nesser

The Girl With A Clock For A Heart – Peter Swanson

Mrs Hudson & The Lazarus Testament – Martin Davies

This House Is Haunted – John Boyne

Dog On It – Spencer Quinn

The Secret Agent – Jospeh Conrad

The Damage Done – James Oswald

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd – Agatha Christie

A Tale Etched in Blood and Hard Black Pencil – Christopher Brookmyre

Well Of Ice – Andrea Carter

The Scandal (Beartown) – Fredrik Backman

This Book Will Save Your Life – A M Homes

How’s The Pain – Pascal Garnier

Anatomy Of A Scandal – Sarah Vaughan

Dead Men’s Bones – James Oswald

Love Is Blind- William Boyd

Canal Boat Cafe – Cressida McLaughlin

Every Night I Dream Of Hell – Malcolm Mackay

Masaryk Station – David Downing

The Absolutist – John Boyne

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Dances Coming Soon

Dances to Olly Murs music always do down well at my class so looking forward to the release  of Karl-Harry Winson’s new 64 count intermediate dance called Feel The Same to this track.

Neville Fitzgerald and Julie Harris have a new nightclub two-step to the Gavin James track “Always”. You can see Julie dancing it here or listen to the track here. They’ve also got a waltz on the way called Out of Love and a West Coast to this track from Guy Sebastian called Before I Go that looks pretty smooth. this is another 64 count intermediate level dance.

Maggie Gallagher and Gary O’Reilly have teamed up again to write a dance to the new song from Westlife called Better Man. Video below.

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Lizzie Clarke RIP

Very sad to hear that Liz Clarke (often know as Mad Lizzie) passed away  on Friday 26 April 2019.

Liz was there from the beginning of the line dance boom and certainly made sure the business of teaching line dancing remained an enjoyable activity with the emphasis very much on having fun. I remember her well from many weekends at Skegness and Hemsby dressing up in various costumes, banging through the dances she was teaching at a fair old pace but always cracking a joke and ending her teach with a cheeky giggle or smile. Her relaxed jovial style also came over when she appeared on an episode of the BBC show Pointless.

She actively encouraged new choreographers in the line dance world. Although she choreographed dances herself, like Scotia Samba and Kelly’s Cannibals, she always kept a look out at for newcomers or unknowns and keenly supported their efforts by teaching their dances on her travels. When I choreographed a few dances many years ago, she taught several of mine and actively encouraged others to check them out, as well asking me to send her any new ones I wrote.

At my own class we enjoyed several of her own dances. Watch Me Shine to a lovely track by Paul Simon was very popular as was The Long And The Short Of It that she so-choregraphed with fellow Scot Pete Harkness to a Keith Urban song.

My thoughts go to her family and in particular her husband Roger, (they’d just celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary the day before,) and her daughter Bev.  Liz will be sadly missed.

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New dances

Looking for a little improver dance to a nice country track, check this one out.

Across the County Line step sheet

Although personally I’m not a big fan of toe struts, this one does have some different footwork to many of the intermediate dances I’ve been doing recently.

Sucker step sheet

Want something a bit more testing? If you don’t mind a phrased dance with a split rhythm check out this intermediate/advanced one from Niels Poulsen.

Future Friends step sheet

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