Dances Taught Tuesdays 2024

16/07/24 Having been unwell for several days after picking up some kind of gastric bug, my Monday classes were cancelled and Tuesday was the first day back on my feet. I decided to go ahead with the class, but my energy levels weren’t quite back to a 100%.

I did have a harder dance planned but switched to something easier that would be a quicker teach for this week. I went with TAILGATE 88 (Karl-Harry Winson). This might look a bit more daunting than what it actually is, with several tags and an ending to remember, but once you’ve done the sequence a couple of times, it soon falls into place. I’d say the dance is correctly labelled as being on the easier side of intermediate. The class picked it up quickly and the bonus is that it’s to a country- style version of a well-known track.

Tailgate 88 step sheet

We also danced: 3 Tequila Floor, 45 Degrees, 5 Leaf Clover, Get Moving, Jesse James, Straight Line, Ain’t No Angels, Full Throttle, Liquor Talking (twice), Drinkaby, Breathe, Drop It Down, Ghosted, Thunder In My Heart, Wage A War, Marakaibo, I’m Haunted, Islands In The Stream (to Cake By The Ocean), I Showed You The Door, One On One, Seasons Over, Diamonds In A Whiskey Glass, Love Somebody, In Walked You, Vibe Check, and Do It With Passion.

09/07/24 LIQUOR TALKING (Maddison Glover) After doing 2 new dances last week, I didn’t want anything too hard this week so went with this 48 count, 2 wall dance. Although it still has a restart, one wall where you only dance the last 16 counts, a little ending and a slight step change on walls 2, 4 and 6! But once you’ve done it a couple of times, it’s not as hard as it might first appear. I think this went down pretty well.

Sorry that the floor wasn’t perfect to dance on – I think this was caused by the high moisture levels due to the very humid weather. Thank you for another great turnout.

Liquor Talking step sheet

We also danced: Space In My Heart, Lamtarra Rumba (Here Comes My Baby by Mavericks), The Real World, Country Touch, The Way, Little Heartbreak, Full Throttle, One On One, Wage A War, Dark Side Of The Moon, Smoke Me, Till You Can’t/Take It, Right Time Wrong Girl, Seasons Over, Made Of Gold, Do It With Passion, Memory Lane, Vibe Check, Versions Of You, Love Somebody, and Tiger Hips.

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Dances Taught 2024 Monday 12.00

15/07/24 Sorry there was no class this week – I was laid low for several days with a gastric bug. Classes will be back to normal next week.

08/07/24 After checking with the class, we decided not to continue with the dance I’d taught last week to a new version of the old hit by Abba – Dancing Queen. Instead, I taught BROKEN SOUL (Niels Poulsen & Simon Ward). With turns in each of its four sections, two tags, and one restart, it took a bit of practice to perfect, but I think they liked this one better.

Broken Soul step sheet

Also danced: Islands In The Stream, Two Lane Highway, Space In My Heart, Cross My Heart, Eyes Like Diamonds, Something In The Water and I Close My Eyes.

01/07/2024 Thought I’d give them something a bit easier this week, but not sure the dance DANCING QUEEN (Alexis Tait) was that well received by the improvers. Might just try it again next week to give it one more chance.

Dancing Queen step sheet

Also danced: Shania’s Moments, Cold Heart, Glass Of Wine, Memory Lane, Impossible Love, Eyes Like Diamonds, Things and Dark Side Of The Moon.

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Dances Taught 2024 Mondays 1.10pm

15/07/24 Sorry there was no class this week – I was laid low for several days with a gastric bug. Classes will be back to normal next week.

08/07/24 A lot of people missing this week due to holidays or health issues. In fact of the half a dozen who did turn up, a couple hadn’t been for a number of weeks. So we practised Monterey Turns and had another go at last week’s new dance DANCING QUEEN. I probably won’t teach anything new next week either, so those who are away, don’t get too far behind.

Also danced: Stand By Me, Skinny Genes, Electric Slide, Ain’t No Mountain, Go Cat Go, Waltz Across Texas and Rocket To The Sun.

01/07/24 This week I thought I’d introduce Monterey Turns to the beginners. So we tried DANCING QUEEN (Alexis Tait) to a rebooted version of the Abba classic. It’s classed as an Absolute Beginner/Beginner dance but I don’t think many Absolute Beginners would be able to cope with it. We ended up leaving the rolling vine turn out of the first section to concentrate on the Monterey turns.

Dancing Queen step sheet

As promised in the class, here is a link that demonstrates how to do a Monterey Half Turn. Remember, you don’t have to point the foot out as far as they do in this video – a little touch to the side, before the turn might help to keep your balance better.

Also danced: Ah Si, Grundy Gallop, Ain’t No Mountain, Black Coffee, Some Kind Of Wonderful and Stroll Along Cha Cha.

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Classes at AGE UK in May & June 2024


Sorry there will be no classes on the following Mondays…

MAY 6th, 13th and 27th  

JUNE 3rd and 10th

On Monday 20th May, there will be an intermediate class as normal from 12.00 to 1.00pm but no class for the beginners.

Instead, I will be doing a class for the beginners on FRIDAY 17th and 24th May starting at 11.40pm.

All classes will be back to normal from Monday 17th June.

I’ll be handing out some slips at the remaining classes in April that you can take home to show when the classes will be on in May and June.