2015 Dances Taught

*** NO CLASS on Tuesday 3rd February – back on the 10th Feb***

27.01.15 LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO (Ria Vos) One of several dances choreographed to songs from the upcoming Fifty Shades Of Grey soundtrack. This isn’t a full on dance track with a heavy beat – its far more subtle but makes a welcome change of tempo to our recent music.  Some tricky timing in the middle sections of the dance to work on. Not everyone was over keen on the track but most seemed to like it and I think it will do well over the coming weeks and months.

Also danced tonight: Throw Away The Key, Rather Be, Masquerade, I Lived, Run Away With You, Wonder Train, Superheroes, The Remix, Paint The Town Green, Cheesecake, Bailando Amor, Vroom Vroom, We Only Live Once, Up, Uptown Funk, Not The Only One and Fireball.

20.01.15 RUN AWAY WITH YOU (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) Finally got round to covering this one that I first learnt back in November. On the higher intermediate side with its twists and turns but a strong dance beat in the song from Ed Sheeran.  Easy enough to remember the restarts with full walls (64 counts) alternating with a shorter wall (32 counts).

20.01.15 VROOM VROOM (Alison & Peter) This is an easier intermediate, high improver dance. Not sure it went down so well as some weren’t keen on the rapping in the music. Easy enough dance to what I think is quite a powerful Pitbull track so could well be a hit.

Also danced tonight: This Is Me, All I Can Say, Ain’t Wot U Do, Alcazar, Wonder Train, Eternal Secret, Angel In Blue Jeans, Cecilia, I Lived, Up, Not The Only One, So Wrapped Up, Fireball, Uptown Funk, Paint The Town Green and The Remix.

For dances previously taught…..

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On The Bookshelf (not line dance related)

For anyone interested, here’s what I am and have been reading.


 Morvern Callar – Alan Warner


Swag – Elmore Leonard

Revolutionary Road – Richard Yates

The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plath

The Dinner – Herman Koch

The White Woman On The Green Bicycle – Monique Roffey

Dolly – Susan Hill


Pied Piper – Nevil Shute

Lolita – Vladimir Nabakov

Our Man In Havana – Graham Greene

Killshot – Elmore Leonard

Stoner – John Williams

The Eye Of The Leopard – Henning Mankell

Whiskey Galore – Compton MacKenzie

Crash – J G Ballard

All He Ever Wanted – Anita Shreeve

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New Dances

Not much teaching likely to be happening over the festive period but still some dances to check out. None of these is too challenging.

From Kate Sala…..

And from Ria Vos….

And from Peter and Alison….

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2014 Dances Taught

09.12.14 UPTOWN FUNK (Rob Fowler) This would be my last new teach of 2014 so I was trying to guess what people might be dancing in a month’s time when classes resume. Didn’t want anything too hard and although its a 64 count, 4 wall dance with a restart, it didn’t take that long to cover. It has a great dance beat but may take another couple of listens to grow with some people.  My only criticism is that the track at four and a half minutes is too long – need to find a shorter version for when we return.


Also did a brief revival recap of IT’S UP TO YOU (Kim Ray) – virtually everyone was up for this so obviously a popular oldie that is featured in the latest Linedancer Magazine.

Also danced tonight: Everybody’s Someone, Say Geronimo, All I Can Say, Superheroes, I Lived, Cecilia, 911, So Wrapped Up, Last Call Boys, Alcazar, Cheesecake, Paint The Town Green, The Remix, Eternal Secret, Samira, Angel In Blue Jeans, and Not The Only One.

02.12.14 SAMIRA (Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie) A bouncy little samba which opens with a couple of sections borrowed from I Just Want To Dance With You.  The class appeared to find the last two sections the hardest but it fell into place with a little practice. Played it twice and half the class sat down the second time.  I thought they didn’t like it, but then when I played it again at the end of the night, virtually everyone was back up for it?


Also danced tonight:  Bittersweet Memory, Alcazar, Ball & Chain, Cecilia, Cheesecake, Fireball, Superheroes, Not The Only One, Paint The Town Green, I Lived, Last Call Boys, Eternal Secret, The Remix, Bailando Amor, and Wonder Train.

For dances previously taught…..

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On the radar

This is where you’ll find some of the dances I’m currently considering teaching or just like the look of.  There always seems to be many more dances coming out than I can ever hope to cover with just one class a week!

August 31st

ETERNAL SECRET – Could this be Bittersweet Memory 2 for Ria Vos, I think it could, although after dancing it, it reminds me more of Language Of The Heart. If you like Nightclub two steps, definitely worth checking out.


THEY CALL ME THE BREEZE – (Gaye Teather, Andrew & Sheila Palmer) Classic song that a lot of the live bands are likely to play on the circuit. Personally I prefer Lynyrd Skynrd’s more rocky version. A two step dance that’s a bit nippy in places.


MAKITA (Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie) – Another catchy country two step. Straight forward improver level dance.



July 16th

GHOST – Already heading up the dance chart for Nev and Julie.


HE’S ITALIANO - The music might carry this improver level dance from Wil Bos.


EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE – Nev and Julie’s nightclub two-step. Decent track.


SHOTGUN MAMBO – Kate Sala. Again catchy music, easy enough dance, not too fast.


SUCH A FOOL – Niels Poulsen. Beginner/easy improver tag-free dance to Jason Donovan’s reworking of the old Elvis classic


I GOT IT EASY – Rob Fowler’s easy intermediate waltz to a Michael Buble track.