2016 Dances Taught

23.08.16 BRAND NEW CHICK (Ria Vos) It was a hot night tonight so I was glad to have a dance that wasn’t too testing. Decent summery sounding track and a quick teach to boot. Maybe not challenging enough for some but most appeared to warm to it.

Brand New Chick step sheet

Also danced tonight: Save The Day, Everybody’s Someone, Brand New Day, Solo Amor, Here We Go, Harden Up Princess, Woman Up,  Maybe Tomorrow, The Lone Ranger, Some Kind Of Heaven, You Don’t Know Love, Slam Goes The Door, Girls Like, Sofia, Suite 16, The Night We Met, Manjaro, La Pompa and Maybe Tomorrow again.

16.08.16 MAYBE TOMORROW (Niels Poulsen & Malene Jakobsen) Its been a long time since we’ve done a waltz but its also been a long time since I’ve liked one as much as this!  Its one of those that looks and sounds long-winded when you first run through the dance plus tags and ending.  Yes, there’s a lot to take in at first but when we had danced it a few times, it seemed to fall into place.   At the end of the night everyone was back on the floor to dance it a third time which is always a good sign.  I think they like the track by Westlife.

Maybe Tomorrow step sheet

For dances previously taught…..

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On The Bookshelf (not line dance related)

For anyone interested, here’s what I am and have been reading.


Teeside Blues – John Nicholson


Fair Stood The Wind For France – H E Bates

Dying Fall – Elly Griffiths

The House On The Strand – Daphne Du Maurier

The Ministry Of Fear – Graham Greene

An Old Captivity – Nevil Shute

Mrs de Winter – Susan Hill

The Writing On The Wall – Gunnar Staalesen

A Room Full Of Bones – Elly Griffiths

The Dressmaker – Rosalie Ham

Junky – William S Burroughs

Listen To The Moon – Michael Morpurgo

The House Of Sleep – Jonathan Coe

The Lives of Stella Bain – Anita Shreeve

You – Caroline Kepnes

Teeside Missed – John Nicholson

Winter Men – Jesper Bugge Kold

Lonely Road – Nevil Shute

Starcrossed – AA Gill

A Man Called Ove – Fredrik Backman

Teeside Steal – John Nicholson

Oscar Wilde and The Ring Of Death – Gyles Brandreth

Cold Comfort Farm – Stella Gibbons

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Guyton Mundy

So I hear Guton Mundy is leaving the line dance scene.  Who?  I might hear some of you ask.  Well Guyton is a well established Florida based choreographer who has been on the international line dance circuit for over a dozen years.  He may not be well known to many mainstream line dancers or those who prefer dancing to country music, but he is much appreciated by those who lean to the more funky side of line dancing.  His own website and club is even known as Funk-N-Line.  I’ve fond memories of seeing Big Dave Gas Tap dancing in his own particular crazy style to Guyton’s dance LOSE IT – an Eminem song.  At Newline events many of his dances fill the floor.

His hip-hop style moves don’t always transfer over to the line dances that top the mainstream charts but you may well have come across one of his dances without even knowing it (especially if you enjoy the more solid intermediate or advanced dances).  For example he had a hand in the recent hit dance, Ain’t Misbehavin.  Although a few years old now, I also taught his phrased dance ROOMBA choreographed to a Pitbull track “I Know You Want Me” that was improver /low intermediate level.  I taught another dance of his, YOU’RE AMAZING to a great Bruno Mars track of the same name.

I’m not sure why he’s leaving the line dance scene but guess he’s looking for a new challenge elsewhere.  He’s still going to fulfil his line dace bookings through to October 2017 so if you want to catch him in the UK, there’s still a chance.  He’s at Newcastle in September and coming to Stoke on Trent a couple of times after that.

Its always a little sad when an established name decides to call it a day. I just hope it doesn’t start a trend and other big names in the choreography world decide to follow suit.


New dances

Nice summery sounding new one here from Ria Vos here called Brand New Chick. Just need the weather to improve and recognise that is actually Summertime!

This Simon Ward dance – Harden Up Princess has been top of the dance download charts for some time. Was always surprised we didn’t have a line dance to this One Direction track when it first came out as a single. The dance looks little a different too.

Hearing some good reports about this Kim Ray dance Over and Over.  Unfortunately in this region we still do another dance (Heaven Sent) from a few years back to this piece of music so unlikely to be teaching this one.

No class

Sorry no class on 21st June.  If you want some homework, here’s a routine to learn! (thanks Johnny). See you back at Canwick on the 28th June.

2016 Linedancer Magazine 20th Crystal Boot Awards – all the winners here…..

Award Winner
Dedicated Dance Artist  RICHARD PALMER
Female Dance Personality  JO THOMPSON SZYMANSKI
Male Dance Personality  KARL HARRY WINSON
International Instructor  RIA VOS
International Choreographer  NIELS POULSEN
Absolute Beginner Dance  CLAIRE & STEVE RUTTER – Lipstick Powder & Paint
Beginner Dance  NIELS POULSEN – Ticket To The Blues
Improver Dance  KIM RAY – The Bomp
Intermediate Dance  ROB FOWLER – Uptown Funk
Advanced Dance  ROB FOWLER – Shades Of Passion
Dancers’ Choice  WALT CHOU
Dance Of The Decade  SIMON WARD – Beautiful in My Names
Linedancer Star Award  JEAN CARR
Dance Of The Year  ROB FOWLER – Uptown Funk