2016 Dances Taught

03.05.16 CORAZON DIAMENTE (DIAMOND HEART)   (Roy Verdonk, Maggie G & Gary O‘Reilly) Great Spanish track from Enrique and a dance that everyone can soon master. Not sure we look like the choreographers when they dance it but even without all the styling it still feels a great little dance. Went down well.

Corazon Diamente step sheet

Also danced tonight:  Islands In The Stream, Quarter After One, Quicksand, Slam Goes The Door,  Dangerzone, Save The Day, Tangled Up, About Feelings, Tell The Worls, Magical Mystery Ride, Extreme Love, Foot Play, Here We Go, Dirty Mind, I Never Knew, The Night We Met, Gold Watch, and Do What You Do.

26.04.16 MAGICAL MYSTERY RIDE (Alison & Peter) A more dance friendly reworked version of the John Legend song All Of Me. Sections 3 and 4 twist and turn but are followed by a couple of more or less repeated sections which make them a little easier to remember.  The dance flows well once you’ve got used to the fairly quick tempo.  Some of mine thought it felt like a workout, appropriate as its the workout mix of the D’Macy song you need for the dance.  A bit long at four and a half minutes but it was quite well received.

Magical Mystery Ride step sheet

Also danced tonight:  Eternal Secret, Rock This Factor, The Boy Can Dance, Have Fun Go Mad, Better When I’m Dancing, Dirty Mind, Ain’t Misbehaving, About Feelings, I Never Knew, The Night We Met, Stand by You, Dangerzone, Tangled Up, Some Kind Of Heaven, Here We go and Gold Watch.

19.04.16 DIRTY MIND (Daniel Whittaker) If you enjoyed Hit The Base or Rock this Factor, you may well like this one too. I was a bit  unsure about the music at first but I liked the dance and it does fit well.  More solid intermediate than advanced although it takes a few goes to get used to where the tags and restarts pop up!  Not for everyone but fairly good response.

Dirty Mind step sheet

Also taught DANGERZONE (Ria Vos) which is described on the sheet as easy intermediate.  Yes, its only 32 counts with no tags or restarts but it is on the busy side when it comes to the footwork.  To be fair, the teach was a bit easier than I expected with things falling into place quite quickly.  Again one or two weren’t so keen on the track but most seemed to be back up to dance it again.

For dances previously taught…..

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On The Bookshelf (not line dance related)

For anyone interested, here’s what I am and have been reading.


Cold Comfort Farm – Stella Gibbons


At Last – Edward St Aubyn

Frozen Grave – Lee Weeks

The Enchanted April – Elizabeth von Arnim

The World Is Full of Married Men – Jackie Collins

The Burning Sky – Jack Ludlow

Some Hope – Edward St Aubyn

The House At Sea’s End – Elly Griffiths

Bad News – Edward St Aubyn

Never Mind – Edward St Aubyn

The Stud – Jackie Collins

We Have Always Lived In The Castle – Shirley Jackson

Shame The Devil – George Pelecanos

The Stepford Wives – Ira Levin

The Good Father – Noah Hawley

Looking For Alaska – John Green

Oscar Wilde and The Candlelight Murders – Gyles Brandreth

The Beginner’s Goodbye – Anne Tyler

Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink – Elvis Costello

The Janus Stone – Elly Griffiths

No Highway – Nevil Shute

Memoirs Of A Geisha – Arthur Golden

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2016 Linedancer Magazine 20th Crystal Boot Awards – all the winners here…..

Award Winner
Dedicated Dance Artist  RICHARD PALMER
Female Dance Personality  JO THOMPSON SZYMANSKI
Male Dance Personality  KARL HARRY WINSON
International Instructor  RIA VOS
International Choreographer  NIELS POULSEN
Absolute Beginner Dance  CLAIRE & STEVE RUTTER – Lipstick Powder & Paint
Beginner Dance  NIELS POULSEN – Ticket To The Blues
Improver Dance  KIM RAY – The Bomp
Intermediate Dance  ROB FOWLER – Uptown Funk
Advanced Dance  ROB FOWLER – Shades Of Passion
Dancers’ Choice  WALT CHOU
Dance Of The Decade  SIMON WARD – Beautiful in My Names
Linedancer Star Award  JEAN CARR
Dance Of The Year  ROB FOWLER – Uptown Funk


Black (Colin Vearncombe) 26.01.16 aged 53

Glenn Frey (ex Eagles) 18.01.16 aged 67

David Bowie 11.01.16 aged 69

Ed Stewart 09.01.16 aged 74