On The Bookshelf (not line dance related)

For anyone interested, here’s a list of what I am or have been reading.

CURRENTLY READING –  Killshot – Elmore Leonard


Stoner – John Williams

The Eye Of The Leopard – Henning Mankell

Whiskey Galore – Compton MacKenzie

Crash – J G Ballard

All He Ever Wanted – Anita Shreeve

So Disdained – Nevil Shute

Snowdrops – A D Miller

That Close (Autobiography) – Suggs

Homage To Catalonia – George Orwell

The Dwarves of Death – Jonathan Coe

Sun Dog – Monique Roffey

The Quiet American – Graham Greene

Starlight – Stella Gibbons

Uneasy Rider – Mike Carter

Shuttlecock – Graham Swift

Crow Lake – Mary Lawson

Sweet Tooth – Ian McEwan

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2014 Dances Taught

09.12.14 UPTOWN FUNK (Rob Fowler) This would be my last new teach of 2014 so I was trying to guess what people might be dancing in a month’s time when classes resume. Didn’t want anything too hard and although its a 64 count, 4 wall dance with a restart, it didn’t take that long to cover. It has a great dance beat but may take another couple of listens to grow with some people.  My only criticism is that the track at four and a half minutes is too long – need to find a shorter version for when we return.


Also did a brief revival recap of IT’S UP TO YOU (Kim Ray) – virtually everyone was up for this so obviously a popular oldie that is featured in the latest Linedancer Magazine.

Also danced tonight: Everybody’s Someone, Say Geronimo, All I Can Say, Superheroes, I Lived, Cecilia, 911, So Wrapped Up, Last Call Boys, Alcazar, Cheesecake, Paint The Town Green, The Remix, Eternal Secret, Samira, Angel In Blue Jeans, and Not The Only One.

02.12.14 SAMIRA (Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie) A bouncy little samba which opens with a couple of sections borrowed from I Just Want To Dance With You.  The class appeared to find the last two sections the hardest but it fell into place with a little practice. Played it twice and half the class sat down the second time.  I thought they didn’t like it, but then when I played it again at the end of the night, virtually everyone was back up for it?


Also danced tonight:  Bittersweet Memory, Alcazar, Ball & Chain, Cecilia, Cheesecake, Fireball, Superheroes, Not The Only One, Paint The Town Green, I Lived, Last Call Boys, Eternal Secret, The Remix, Bailando Amor, and Wonder Train.

For dances previously taught…..

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LJ’s Hemsby

What a shame that after 13 great years, these weekend linedance events at Seacroft, Hemsby have now come to an end.  We’ve had some great fun times down there, the dressing up, the laughs, the friends we’ve made and the dances we’ve learnt. Plus of course for me I was kindly invited to teach for them – something I greatly appreciated and really enjoyed. Great to know that Johnny & Maria will continue to run the monthly socials at Brinsley. Thanks for all your hard work.