2014 Dances Taught

22.04.14 ONE TRACK MIND (Alan Birchall) Another track from the latest Enrique CD and yet another one featuring Pitbull.  I chose to teach this as others in the area are also covering it and it’s starting to get danced at socials around here.  Plenty of turns in this one but being 2 walls with no tags or restarts it wasn’t too much of a challenge.  This was even after I’d messed up the teach by somehow managing to leave out an entire 8 count section! As the dance still flowed, I only remembered just before reaching the final section.  Must do better next week!


Also danced tonight: Sexy Lady, Knee Deep, Liquid Lunch, My First Love, One Shot, Rather Be, Jumpin’ Up, Celtic Heartbeat x 2, Dream Lover, Ritmo, Running Scared, Hit The Road Jack, Could It Be Magic, Keep It Groovin, Hit The Floor, I Just Can’t Let You Go, Love’s Highway, Adrenalina, Evergreen and Make You Sweat.

 15.04.14 CELTIC HEARTBEAT (Maggie Gallagher)  I believe this is the Irish entry for Eurovision.  It’s a mainstream pop track with just a touch of the Irish sound.  Takes a short while for the beat to really kick in but then it has quite a catchy chorus. The class picked up the dance quite quickly and even the restarts are fairly easy to spot from the music. Everyone up to dance it all 3 times it was played.  I suggested they change the coaster step on the final wall to a coaster half turn left to finish facing the front wall.


Also danced tonight: Holding Back The Ocean, There You’ll Be, A Little Bit Gypsy, In My Heart, All I Can Say, Hit The Floor x 2, No Man’s Land, Riptide, Story Of My Life, New York 2 LA, Fly High, Timber, Keep It Groovin, Could It Be Magic, Love’s Highway, Adrenalina, Walk Alone, Hit The Road Jack, and Evergreen.

For dances previously taught…..

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On The Bookshelf (not line dance related)

For anyone interested, here’s a list of what I am or have been reading.
CURRENTLY READING - Bandits – Elmore Leonard
Getting Rid Of Matthew – Jane Fallon
Stonemouth – Iain Banks
Death Row – Mark Pearson
Scarface – Armitage Trail
Unknown Man No 89 – Elmore Leonard
The Cement Garden – Ian McEwan
The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim – Jonathan Coe
Shrine – James Herbert
Last Stand at Saber River – Elmore Leonard
Salmon Fishing In The Yemen – Paul Torday
The Graduate – Charles Webb
Death Of A Dustman – M C Beaton
Hotel Babylon – Imogen Edwards-Jones
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon – Stephen King
The Lady In The Lake – Raymond Chandler
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New Dances

Maggie Gallagher has already released her intermediate dance to the current James Blunt single “Heart to Heart” – her dance is called EYE TO EYE and I think it will do well.  Personally I’m not a big fan of James Blunt’s music but I do like this track. See the step sheet here….


Maggie also has an advanced dance to Katy B’s CRYING FOR NO REASON and a beginner dance to the Overtones song “It Had To Be You”, plus another intermediate dance to Christina Perri’s new single Human. See the video of the song here. Be aware though that Neville & Julie have already released their own dance to this track.


Ria Vos has a couple of newies. HIT THE FLOOR to the Kique Santiago single “Hit The Ground” – you need the original FM Cut for the dance.  If you need any help with the music, drop me a line.  Have a listen here – http://youtu.be/UDhbbcss3EA  Great track if you like the more funky stuff.

She also has an easy intermediate dance to the new single by Ricky Martin featuring Jennifer Lopez & Wisin called ADRENALINA. Both dances are 64 counts.  Don’t forget to check out her country cha MOST OF ALL if you like your music a little softer.  This is already starting to head up the dance charts.

If you like to keep it country check out TRUE BELIEVERS new dance by Karl-Harry Winson, music by Darius Rucker.

Another dance being talked about is BRAVE choreographed by Richard Palmer, Laura Hilbert and Lorna Dennis. Richard has now added this to his playlist so if you are seeing him in the near future, it might be worth checking out the dance.

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Fun dance alert – Oops Upside Your Head

Watch out there’s another “fun” dance on the loose.


I managed to avoid The Fox one and intend do the same with this.

Mr Grumpy!

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Video of the month

FEBRUARY – Got a head for heights?  Don’t try this at home!


DECEMBER – Happy Christmas, hope its not too woof.


NOVEMBER - Funky flight safety announcement.


SEPTEMBER – Weird world of cats – I like the last one best.


For previous months….

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Linedancer Magazine 18th Crystal Boot Awards 2014

It was the 2014 Crystal Boot Awards last weekend.

So the winners were….

Absolute beginner dance – LDF Lets Dance Forever – Alison & Peter

Beginner dance of the year – Got My Baby Back – Maggie Gallagher

Improver dance of the year – Wagon Wheel Rock – Yvonne Anderson

Intermediate dance of the year – Wow Tokyo – Kate Sala & Ria Vos

Advanced dance of the year – Blurred Lines – Rachael McEnaney & Arjay Centeno

Dance Of The Year 2013 – Wow Tokyo – Kate & Ria

Female personality – Rachael McEnaney

Male personality – Craig Bennett

DJ of the year – Dave Baycroft

Hall of fame inductee -  Chris Hodgson

International choreographer – Ria Vos

UK choreographer – Rachael McEnaney

UK instructor – Rachael McEnaney

Dedicated Artist Of The Year – Natalie Thurlow

Some of the new dances taught were:


NEW YORK 2 LA (NY2LA) – Rachael McEnaney

CRAZY SYMPHONY  – Robbie McGowan Hickie

COULD IT BE MAGIC – Alison & Peter

FALL IN LOVE – Pat Stott

STEP THAT STEP – Yvonne Anderson


FUNKY STRUT – Rob Fowler

SHOW TIME  -  Kate Sala

OVER YOU – Craig Bennett

TATTY BYE - Liz Clarke


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