In My Heart

If you watch this video by Shane Filan (formerly of Westlife) you might just spot Maggie Gallagher in a red dress.  Would have preferred to see a little more of Maggie and a little less of Shane!

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Big dance for January 2014???

You may or may not like it the first time you hear it, but I have a feeling this is going to be one of those tracks that gradually gets under your skin.  Expect to see it on dance floors in the New Year.



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Double the dance

There’s a lot of good music about at the moment but this has unfortunately highlighted another longstanding problem for the line dance world.  More than once dance to the same track by established choreographers.

Not so much of a problem when the dances are different levels.  Not so easy to choose when dances are similar levels.  Take for example the new song “One Way Ticket” by Billy Currington.  Peter & Alison have a 64 count, 2 wall improver level level dance coming out to it called ENJOY THE RIDE.  Robbie McGowan Hickie has a 64 count, 2 wall dance coming out called JOYRIDE.

My current dilemma is the song “I Hope You Find It” by Cher.  Niels Poulsen has a dance by the same name out to it and Kate Sala, Craig Bennett & DAP, have released one called PARADISE CITY.  Niels is Intermediate/Advanced and 32 counts plus tags – the other is Intermediate and 48 counts plus extras.  I like them both and already know of other instructors who have taught one, and some who have taught the other.  Decisions decisions!  I think its likely we will see both danced around and about and possibly need to split the floor.

And less than a week after the above was written, Kim Ray has also brought out a dance to this track.  Her dance is called KEEP LOOKING.

Kath Dickens has a 64 count, 2 wall intermediate dance out to the track DETROIT CITY by Texas.  In the same week, Kate Sala’s released her dance which is 64 counts and 4 walls but to the same track and with the same dance title.

Its not just the big name choreographers.  I’ve recently come across a very catchy track by Sushy from last year called “Don’t Kiss Me, Just Eat Me.” Mike Parkinson has just released an interesting looking intermediate dance called JUST EAT ME.  But then I discover Rep Ghazali-Meaney released a similar level dance in April of this year.

Bonfire Heart is the new song from James Blunt. Hazel Pace has her dance out already but I know Peter & Alison will also soon be releasing theirs.

Do I take the plunge and just pick one out of a hat, teach the one I like the best, teach the one most suitable for my class or avoid teaching any of them??

That’s the question but what is the answer?

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Just out and coming soon

Last weekend was the World Dance Masters weekend event at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool so after a few quiet weeks, there’s likely to be a few more new line dances trickling out soon.

Already released is LET THE BEAT GO by Ria Vos to the track “Boom” by Natalia.  One of my favourite dances from last year was POINT OF NO RETURN and this has a similar sort of feel.

Maggie G has a country one coming out soon called SILVER LINING, track of the same name by Kacey Musgraves. See Maggie dancing it here: –

Be aware though, that Kate Sala has also choreographed to this track. Her dance is 64 count and easy intermediate.

While on the country side, Adrian Churm, who had a hit with VOODOO JIVE, has a total change of style and music for his new nightclub two-step called LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING – nice track from Keith Urban, which you can hear here: –

Craig Bennett, Dee Musk, Kate Sala and Robbie MacGowan Hickie have got together to bring out an intermediate dance to the Stooshe track “See Me Like This” – the dance is called UP ALL NIGHT.

Rachael McEnaney has a couple of new ones called REMEMBER THAT and THE GOOD LIFE due out soon.

Gaye Teather has a new improver dance called BABY LOVES LOVIN’ to a track by Dr Victor & The Rasta Rebels who we’ve all danced to before.

Sorry I can’t help you with step sheets for the unreleased dances as I don’t have them myself.

Speno – 22/08/13

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Nostalgia Night

Had a good night at The Landmark Centre, Pleasley with Chris Mellors playing a pre-planned list of oldies plus a few last minute requests and the occasional new dance.  The 4 dances revised/retaught were Rollercoaster, Shopping, Alive & Kicking and Not Like That. 

Think we just about managed to remember all the tracks played apart from J Ho!


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Sorry due to problems with Spam I’ve had to close down the guestbook for a while.

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