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This is where you’ll find some of the dances I’m currently considering teaching or just like the look of.  There always seems to be many more dances coming out than I can ever hope to cover with just one class a week!

August 31st

ETERNAL SECRET – Could this be Bittersweet Memory 2 for Ria Vos, I think it could, although after dancing it, it reminds me more of Language Of The Heart. If you like Nightclub two steps, definitely worth checking out.


THEY CALL ME THE BREEZE – (Gaye Teather, Andrew & Sheila Palmer) Classic song that a lot of the live bands are likely to play on the circuit. Personally I prefer Lynyrd Skynrd’s more rocky version. A two step dance that’s a bit nippy in places.


MAKITA (Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie) – Another catchy country two step. Straight forward improver level dance.



July 16th

GHOST – Already heading up the dance chart for Nev and Julie.


HE’S ITALIANO – The music might carry this improver level dance from Wil Bos.


EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE – Nev and Julie’s nightclub two-step. Decent track.


SHOTGUN MAMBO – Kate Sala. Again catchy music, easy enough dance, not too fast.


SUCH A FOOL – Niels Poulsen. Beginner/easy improver tag-free dance to Jason Donovan’s reworking of the old Elvis classic


I GOT IT EASY – Rob Fowler’s easy intermediate waltz to a Michael Buble track.


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They had 30 choreographers and over 50 workshops across this three day event!

Some of the dances taught….

Masquerade – music Eric Saade – choreographed by Karl-Harry Winson
Eurodance & Ramzi – Robbie McGowan Hickie
Daisy Chain & Red Hot Love – Christina Aguilera – Kate Sala
Midas Touch & Rise To The Top – Peter & Alison
Free My Soul – Garth Brooks – Rob Fowler
Doo Wacka Doo & Get My Name – Guyton Mundy
Almost Doesn’t Count & Enigma – Dee Musk
P-51 (Ricky Martin)  & Suicide Waltz -Niels Poulsen
Live The Life & This Is How We Roll  (Luke Bryan) & AK Freak – Rachael McEnaney
Big Night & Really! (Demi Lovato) – Craig Bennett
If I Don’t & Walking Through & Zee Zee – Ria Vos

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Fun dance alert – Oops Upside Your Head

Watch out there’s another “fun” dance on the loose.


I managed to avoid The Fox one and intend do the same with this.

Mr Grumpy!

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Video of the month

FEBRUARY – Got a head for heights?  Don’t try this at home!


DECEMBER – Happy Christmas, hope its not too woof.


NOVEMBER Funky flight safety announcement.


SEPTEMBER – Weird world of cats – I like the last one best.


For previous months….

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Linedancer Magazine 18th Crystal Boot Awards 2014

It was the 2014 Crystal Boot Awards last weekend.

So the winners were….

Absolute beginner dance – LDF Lets Dance Forever – Alison & Peter

Beginner dance of the year – Got My Baby Back – Maggie Gallagher

Improver dance of the year – Wagon Wheel Rock – Yvonne Anderson

Intermediate dance of the year – Wow Tokyo – Kate Sala & Ria Vos

Advanced dance of the year – Blurred Lines – Rachael McEnaney & Arjay Centeno

Dance Of The Year 2013 – Wow Tokyo – Kate & Ria

Female personality – Rachael McEnaney

Male personality – Craig Bennett

DJ of the year – Dave Baycroft

Hall of fame inductee –  Chris Hodgson

International choreographer – Ria Vos

UK choreographer – Rachael McEnaney

UK instructor – Rachael McEnaney

Dedicated Artist Of The Year – Natalie Thurlow

Some of the new dances taught were:


NEW YORK 2 LA (NY2LA) – Rachael McEnaney

CRAZY SYMPHONY  – Robbie McGowan Hickie

COULD IT BE MAGIC – Alison & Peter

FALL IN LOVE – Pat Stott

STEP THAT STEP – Yvonne Anderson


FUNKY STRUT – Rob Fowler

SHOW TIME  –  Kate Sala

OVER YOU – Craig Bennett

TATTY BYE – Liz Clarke


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2013 Dances Taught

17.12.13 THE STORY OF MY LIFE (Craig Bennett) My last teach for 2013 and last class for 4 weeks so no point in doing anything too hard. This is more improver level than intermediate and they seemed glad to have something like this to wind down with. A more gentle paced dance but a decent enough track and everyone was up all 3 times it was played. Might become a little boring after they’ve all danced a few weeks though.


Also danced tonight: Rumba Ride (to Christmas Cookies), Smokey Places (to Holly Jolly Christmas)  Just A Kiss (to Last Christmas), Jump On A Ride (to Jingle My Bells), Sexy Lady, There You’ll Be, Liquid Lunch, A Little Bit Gypsy, In My Heart, Wow Tokyo, People Like Us, Dream Lover, Jumpin’ Up, Riptide x 2, Something In The Air, Let The Beat Go, Waiting For Superman, City Of Pain, Fly High, Knockin’ On Wood, and One Shot.

10.12.13 RIPTIDE (Kate Sala) A basic 48 count one wall dance that travels around the 4 walls due to the restarts.  One of those that sounds a bit daunting when first looking at the step sheet but after just a couple of dances of it, things quickly fall into place.  Love the neat little tag and especially the ending.  Bouncy pop two-step track from Emma Stevens. Just one more class before our Christmas break!


Also danced tonight: A Gigolo, Knee Deep, Night Nurse, Jump On A Ride, Girl Power, Jumpin’ Up, Fly High x 2, Knockin’ On Wood, Waiting For Superman, City Of Pain, Dance Away The Pain, My First Love, In My Heart, Inspiration, One Shot, Dream Lover, Little Bit Gypsy, There You’ll Be, Sexy Lady, Over the Years.

03.12.13 FLY HIGH (Maggie Gallagher) Wasn’t too keen when I first heard this track by Gary Barlow but over the last few week’s I’ve grown to really like it.  The dance isn’t too hard but the tags and restarts keep it interesting by giving you a bit more to think about. I think the class liked it and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it topping the dance charts early in the New Year, if not before.


Also danced tonight: Jealousy, Jambalaya, Crank It Up, Disconnected, There You’ll Be, No Man’s Land, One Shot, The Good Life, City of Pain, Dream Lover, Bruises, Waiting For Superman, A Little Bit Gypsy, Let The Beat Go, In My Heart, Jumpin Up, Girl Power, Sexy Lady and Knockin’ On Wood.

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