Back to the (obscure) 80’s (not line dance related)

Hard to believe this one is getting on for 30 years old already!  One of ABC lesser known hits from their Alphabet City album in 1987 – made No1 in France but only reached 31 in the UK.

Kon Kan were a Canadian duo who rather liked sampling earlier hits from the 70’s including Lynn Anderson’s Rose Garden. This was their only UK top 40 hit and it reached No 5 in 1988.

And finally, following the unfortunate early death of David Bowie, here’s a track he recorded with The Pat Metheny Group for the film The Falcon & The Snowman. It made no 14 in the UK in 1985.

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Maggie G at Coventry

Had a great time at Coventry last weekend. Excellent mix played by Big Dave from the easier ones through the more intermediate and some I’d never even heard of! Maggie G taught Locklin’s Bar, Sax, Second Hand Heart and a brand new one to Lawson’s Up In Flames.  They were the band who recorded the song for her recent dance, Roads.

First time we had seen Daniel Trepat from Holland. He taught I Don’t Want To Go To Bed and Grown (Little Mix). Sheets for these are now on the Copperknob website.

Have already booked to return next November.

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Crystal Boot Nominations

You can find out who and which dances have been nominated for a Crystal Boot Award for 2016 by following the link below.  Good luck to everyone, it’s time to get voting.

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Cup Of Tea?

Love this from the new Kacey Musgraves CD.

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What’s New?


Looking for an easy upbeat country one?  Then check this one out called WEDDING PROSPECT from Ria Vos.

Also in a similar vein is TRUCK STOP a joint effort by Kate Sala and Robbie McGowan Hickie.

For the intermediate/advanced crowd, take a look at BROKEN WINGS by Dee Musk. A classy NC2 step. I’m not normally a big fan of Anastacia but I do like this track – one of her more softer ones.

And this one is already well on the way to being another big hit for Maggie Gallagher. The dance is called ROADS and its a catchy track by Lawson although the dance does feel very quick in places.

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I’m pleased to say that the Links section of the website is now working again. These will take you direct to step sheet and popular choreographer websites.  Hope they are useful.

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