Big Blue Wall Video

Many thanks to Kath Dickens for not only teaching my new dance Big Blue Wall, but also for kindly recording this demo video.  I hope to have a video available for my other new dance, My Own Kind Of Hat in the next week or so.

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Walesby social playlist June 2010.

Here’s the full playlist from my June social held at Walesby Social Club.  Nice  to have a couple of beginner ladies come along who were attending their first ever social.

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Dances taught at extra class – 22nd May

I taught 3 new dances at the latest extra workshop style class held this weekend.  Unfortunately it was held on the sunniest and hottest day of the year so far, so numbers were down slightly on last time. Thanks to all those who did come out and dance on what would have been an ideal barbie night!

First dance I taught was DON’T KILL THE DJ by Kate Sala – music Timbaland featuring Miley Cyrus. A 64 count dance with no “and” counts and no tags or restarts so not too hard although the last couple of sections took a bit of practice. At the end of the music, it just seems to finish all of a sudden so could do with a neat ending to match in my opinion!

Next up I taught Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris’ AMERICAN HONEY – music by Lady Antebellum. This is a 32 count dance with a couple of tags and in a nightclub two step style. Timing was a bit harder with this one and it wasn’t as popular as the first dance. I think its more of a dancer’s dance and to do it justice, you need to dance it several times at least to really get the feel of it.

Last teach of the night by me was Johnny Two-Step’s ACAPELLA – cracking pop track by Kelis and to start off with a combination of straightfoward shuffles, rocks, coasters and cross shuffles. But the last 2 or 3 sections are more interesting and there’s also a couple of restarts to remember too. This a 64 counter but on the easier side of intermediate.

Finally, for those that hadn’t already learnt it, a fellow teacher who attended (many thanks Stella) kindly agreed to do a quick teach of RHYME OR REASON.  I never got round to covering this myself – mainly because I’m not a Gretchen Wilson’s fan, but have to say this is a really good dance to an upbeat track.

Also briefly recapped a few dances from previous extra class nights such as SUGAR CANDY, UNDERCOVER, UPSIDE DOWN and QUITTER.

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A guestbook has now been added to the website. Please take time to drop me a note with any comments you may have!

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Coventry weekend

Just returned from a Select Events weekend at the Royal Court Hotel in Coventry. Charlotte Macari taught her own dance In This Life and one by Geoffrey Rothwell called Summer Fly.  Kate Sala taught Don’t Kill The DJ and Blame It On The Girls while Frankie Cull covered Hypnotize (Shaz Walton) and the Kinsers & Mark Furnell’s fun contra dance, Abidi-hi-bidi hop hop! Mark Caley was DJ for the weekend.

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Mundesley weekend

Just back from a line dance weekend in Mundesley, Norfolk. Maggie G taught Something Good, Quitter, her waltz called Loving U (Not Like Loving You by Nell Bryden) and a brand new dance that was still work in progress so no step sheet yet to a Gabriella Cilmi track called Invisible Girl – think along the lines of Womaniser and you get a rough idea of it.

Jo and John Kinser taught I Want That Man to the Deborah Harry track of the same name and Rah-Rah Ooh La La to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. They were also starting to teach a 3rd dance as we left for home on the Sunday.

Big Dave quickly covered a few dances during lunch breaks and at the end of one or two sessions. He taught Faith & Desire, Ooh Ruby and Get On Down. He was also DJ for the weekend along with Andrew Palmer who did a session on Saturday night.

Overall a good weekend with a mix of newer dances and classics.

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