Playlist from February Social

Full playlist below from my request social held at Walesby, Notts, 19.02.11.
Ten of the dances that filled the floor the most were…
Bittersweet Memory
Dancing Tonight
Disappearing Bubbles
Looking For A Girl
Missing Link
Night Work
Plan B
Wrong Side Of the Road
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2011 Crystal Boots – The Results

This weekend is the Linedancer Magazine Crystal Boot Awards in Blackpool.



 Dedicated Dance Artist

Paul Bailey

 Line Dance DJ

                           Gary Lafferty

 Male Dance Personality

Craig Bennett

 Female Dance Personality

Rachael McEnaney

 International Instructor

Niels Poulsen

 International Choreographer

Ria Vos

 UK Instructor

Rachael McEnaney

 UK Choreographer

Rachael McEnaney

 Absolute Beginner Dance

Mamma Maria by Frank Trace

 Beginner Dance

Tennessee Waltz Surprise by Andy Chumbley

 Improver Dance

Rhyme Or Reason by Rachel McEnaney

 Intermediate Dance

Quarter After One by Levi Hubbard

 Advanced Dance

Drip Droppin’ by Kate Sala

 Dance Of The Year


 Hall Of Fame

Robbie McGowan Hickie

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2010 Dances Taught

Latest Dances taught….

30.11.10 NO CLASS due to snow.

23.11.10 TONIGHT I’M LOVING YOU (Ria Vos) Not the easiest of teaches but it is marked on the step sheet as intermediate/advanced.  I just love this Enrique track featuring a rap by Ludacris.  It took a few plays though for some of the class to feel the same way.  In the dance we found it quite hard to do the hip rolls while unwinding half a turn in section 4.  Some also didn’t want to do the step together after the rolling vine (and before the cross shuffle) that links sections 6 and 7.  But after 3 plays though, I think we’d just about mastered it and the class appeared to be enjoying it.

 16.11.10 YOU’RE AMAZING (Guyton Mundy) Don’t be put off by thinking this is a newline dance, the music by Bruno Mars is very much mainstream pop – it was no 1 in the pop charts a while back, and the dance is very “do-able” for most intermediate classes.  I  expected them to struggle more with the opening two sections but they actually picked them up fairly quickly.  I also gave alternatives for those who prefer not to do all the turns. Note from the choreographer’s video below, the 3 ball cross steps travel on the diagonal (not to the side).  Good reaction from the class.

09.11.10 AMBITIONS (Karl-Harry Winson) This was the choreographer who worked alongside Robbie McGowan Hickie to bring us Unpredictable, currently sitting inside the Top 10. This dance is equally good – straightforward, no nonsense steps and once you get past the high-pitched vocals, its a very catchy track and very danceable. 64 counts with a restart and a tag and its all finished in just under 3 minutes! Music from Joe McElderry.

09.11.10 BLUE NIGHT CHA (Kim Ray) Have to admit, I’d missed this one until I saw at the weekend how it was filling the floor at Hemsby.  Only a very quick teach of under 5 minutes needed and another one that can be used as a gentle break from the harder stuff. Music from Michael Learns To Rock.

  For details of dances previously taught, click below….

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Extra class – dances taught

Here’s a brief summary of the dances taught at the extra class held at Canwick Village Hall on Saturday 18th September 2010.

FIRE WITH FIRE (Maggie G) Takes a couple of walls before the music fires on all cylinders, but  seeemed to go down quite well.  Music – Scissor Sisters

PLAN B (Kate Sala & Rob Fowler) A bit of a marmite one this as some had already learnt it and didn’t like the dance.  Others who were learning it for the first time, did seem to enjoy it.  Music – Plan B.

LUCKY PUNCH (Robbie McGowan Hickie) Nice little improver level dance to a catchy Lou Bega track.  Easy teach.

MISSING LINK (Hazel Pace) This has been taught at another class in the area and I liked it enough to cover it at mine. An easy intermediate nightclub two-step to a great track by the former lead singer of Smokie.

Thanks to all who were able to come along and support the extra class.

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Come and try my Dixie Biscuit….

You can’t lose so why not risk it?

Just love this track!  Not aware of any line dances to this yet but Kate Sala has a dance out to a similar track called Pantaloons off the same album.  Retro and yet contemporary!

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Social playlist – August

I don’t have another social at Walesby until Saturday, 4th December 2010.   Stella’s next social at the same venue is on Saturday 4th September. Thanks to all who support both our socials there.

For the full playlist from my social held on 7th August 2010, click below.


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