More photos added

Visit the gallery section of the website to check out a few photos taken at Chris Mellor’s 40th birthday party. It was a masked ball theme.

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Happy Christmas

 Merry Christmas to all who read these pages and may I wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous and dance filled 2012. 


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Top 10 Choreographers for 2011

This list of favourite choreographers is based purely on the number of their dances I taught during 2011.
10 dances taught – Maggie Gallagher
8 dances taught – Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs
6 dances taught – Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris/Robbie McGowan Hickie
5 dances taught – Niels Poulsen
4 dances taught – Craig Bennett/Rachel McEnaney/Ria Vos
3 dances taught – Dee Musk/Kate Sala

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2011 Dances Taught

06.12.11 READY STEADY GO (Gaye Teather) My last class before a slightly extended Christmas break so wanted something on the easier side of intermediate without being too simple.  This fitted the bill perfectly and received a good response. I like the double heel, triple toe tap bit and also the way the rolling vines connect the end of the dance with the start of the next wall. Good track with a strong beat as well.

Also danced tonight:  Prince Charming, Good Girl, Just A Kiss (to Last Christmas by Wham), There She Goes, If You Were Mine, One More Night, Caribbean Pearl, On The Edge, Rock The House, Live This Life, The Rush, She Comes To Me, Lady Luck, Mr Mysterious, No Llores, & Mr Wonderful.

29.11.11 ONE MORE NIGHT (Robbie McGowan Hickie) Seems a little early to be teaching the Daffodil Dance for 2012 but I only have one more class before the Christmas break.  This dance is bound to do really well, its a sprightly pop track by Inna although there is an alternative by Bouke (who is an Elvis/John Dean soundalike) if you prefer something a little gentler on the ear. Classic Robbie steps in this 64 count, 4 wall dance.  I’m  gonna enjoy this one and it looks like the class will too.

29.11.11 NO LLORES (Ria Vos) A funky latiny little dance this. Just 32 counts but a nippy little 3/4 turn in the middle followed by another 3/4 turn & point.  There is also a 3/4 sailor at the end of the dance. Didn’t like the track the first time I heard it but it fits the dance well even if it is a little too long for a 32 count dance.  Not too hard once you know which walls you should be heading to!  Made a little error when first teaching it, so had to correct that before we danced it again.  Possibly not for everyone but quite a few are teaching it.

Also danced tonight:  All Of Me, Devotion, Jealousy, The Stomp, There She Goes, If You Were Mine, Rock Your Body, mr Wonderful, Inspiration, Caribbean Pearl, Wet, Live This Life, The Rush, What About My Dreams, and Don’t You Remember.


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Dances taught at extra class – Sat 30th July

Had a good turnout for this extra class with some of my own regulars and others who had travelled from further afield.  Thanks for your support.

The dances I taught were as follows:

TAKE IT FROM THERE (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) Easy intermediate, 2 wall 48 count 8&1 cha cha to an easy on the ear country track by Chris Young.  Nothing too challenging to start the night off – no tags or restarts.

GOOD GIRL (Craig Bennett) For some reason this dance has only taken off in this area after the success of Craig’s On The Edge, even though it was released back in March.  Most seemed to enjoy it, 64 counts and 2 walls and again no tags/restarts. Music by Alexis Jordan.

TOMORROW (Peter Metelnick & Alsion Biggs) This one went better than I expected. Slow country nightclub two-steps aren’t always a hit with everyone but 95% seemed to like this. Don’t be put off by the “advanced” mention on the step sheet, even with the tag/restarts its not that hard.  Another hit track by Chris Young – this time a power ballad.

The last dance I had planned on coverning was NOT WITHOUT US (Ria Vos) but as several had turned up who weren’t at my class on Tuesday and wanted to learn another of her dances, I did  MOVE A LIKE (Ria Vos) instead. As its my current personal favourite dance I was happy to oblige! Once again, it was well received.

For the night’s playlist……

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Dances taught at Hemsby

Here’s a list of the dances taught at LJ’s weekend at Seacroft in Hemsby near Great Yarmouth over the weekend of 1st to 3rd April.  If you are interested in attending any future events, check out their club website using the links section on this website. Dee Musk is the guest choreographer at their next event in November 2011.

1-2-3-4 (Niels Poulsen) taught by Jim Grice
SHAKE THE BOM BOM (Ria Vos) taught by me
MESSY LITTLE RAINDROPS (Craig Bennett) taught by Jules Langstaff
DR WANNA DO (Maggie G) taught by Lynn Davey
CATCH A GRENADE (Ria Vos) taught by Lynn Davey
I GOT YOU (Robbie McGowan Hickie) taught by Jim Grice
ROCK THE HOUSE (Dan Morrison) taught by me
WAKIRA (Maggie G) taught by Jules Langstaff
NOT TOGETHER NOW (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) taught by Lynn Davey

So plenty of dances to choose from, ranging from easy country and mainstream pop through to a more advanced nightclub two-step.

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