Top 10 Dances of 2012

This is the time when many look back and review the year that is just ending so here’s my personal selection of favourite dances chosen only from the ones I’ve taught in 2012.  These are the ones I’ve enjoyed dancing the most at some point of the year.  Ask me tomorrow though and the list might be different!

2. YOU & ME (Robbie McGowan Hickie)
3. REALITY CHECK (Ria Vos, RM Hickie & KH Winson)
4. ROCK DA BOAT (Neville Fitzgerald &Julie Harris)
5. HELELE (Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs)
6. DANCE AGAIN (Ria Vos)
7. HAD A BAD DAY (Rachael McEnaney)
8. NIGHT NURSE (Dee Musk)
9. CREEPIN’ UP ON YOU (Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs)

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2012 Dances Taught

11.12.12 THROW AWAY THE KEY (Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs) With a 4 week break, it was tempting just to give them a simple little dance but instead I tried to choose one that people might be doing when we return on 22nd January. Have to say that this dance got the best response from the class for quite sometime with a round of applause after dancing it for a second time and again when played at the end of the night! We practised sections 5 & 6 and into 7 quite a few times and this seemed to pay off when the music went on. Three restarts but easy to spot from the music when they are coming up, and all on the front wall.  Will be suprised if this is not a future top 10 dance.  Nice to finish the year on a high!

Also danced tonight:  Rumba Ride (Christmas Cookies) Just A Kiss(Last Christmas), Gotcha Where I Want Ya, Brand New Day, Drive By, Not Going Home, Better WithYou, Can’t Shake You, Boys Will Be Boys, Everybody Dance, Can’t Let Go, Windy City Waltz, Dance Again, Point Of No Return, Its In The Air, Dancing With Cupid, Helele, Disconnected, 50  Ways, and Let The Sky Fall.

11.12.12 IT’S IN THE AIR ((Robbie McGowan Hickie) Only one more class before an extended Christmas/New Year break so didn’t want anything too hard. This got  a reasonable response with being challenging enough and yet not too hard.  As always, Robbies steps flow so easily.  64 count, 4 wall with one easy tag.

Also danced tonight:  Jai Du Boogie, Pot Of Gold, I’m In Love, 1929, Not Going Home, Gotcha Where I Want Ya, His Only Need, Windy City Waltz, Night Nurse, Boys Will Be Boys, Better With You, Can’t Shake You, Lucky Strike, Helele, You & Me, Black Heart, Everybody Dance, Disconnected, and Let The Sky Fall.

  For dances taught previously…..

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New dance – Spread It Around

<<<<<<<<My latest dance called SPREAD IT AROUND to Darryl Worley’s track Spread A Little Love Around is now on site.  Just click on the title of the dance to the left. <<<<<

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I’ve added a couple more videos of people dancing my dances – click on the “videos” heading or use the link below.

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Ironstone Festival Whitby

Just back from our first visit to this weekend line dance event held at The Pavillion Complex in Whitby. Great views from the dancefloor through the portholes looking out to sea!

Yvonne Anderson was the guest choreographer and among the dances she taught were 99 Years, Got My Country On and one of her older ones City Limits – this was my favourite as it was more funky and had lots of arm movements.  She also co-choreographed a new country waltz with Steve Mason during the event which I believe may be called Ironstone Waltz. Her new one A Mess Of Blues to the Jeff Healey track had a real bluesy feel and looked good.

Steve Mason was DJ throughout the weekend but he also taught a couple of Peter & Alison dances – Be Mine Tonight (Chris Isaak’s version of the old Elvis song Its Now Or Never) and Hotter Than Fire (music by Eric Saade) which I really liked.

Hazel Pace taught a number of dances including her own Flames Of Love which sounded good, but unfortunately I missed the teach, Maggie G’s Rock, Paper Scissors and Daniel Whittaker’s Pop.

Click on the link below to see a few pictures from the weekend…

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Coventry Select Leisure Weekend Report

Last weekend we were at The Royal Court Hotel in Coventry.  Mark Caley was the DJ for the weekend and played a good mix of oldies and current hits as well as frequent floor splits to ensure the floor was never empty.  Nice to meet up again with our friends from the Burn Valley club in Malmo.  26 dancers had travelled over from Sweden. The three choreographers each taught 2 dances.

Kate Sala taught A Lovers Place (Whitney Houston) – I’m not a Whitney fan but quite a few seem to be covering this one so could be heading up the dance charts soon.

She also taught Heart Of My Mind – a waltz to an old fashioned sounding country track by The Sweetback Sisters. Some will like it but sorry not my kind of thing.

 Charlotte Macari taught Robbie McGowan Hickie’s Everybodys Sweetheart – an uptempo toe-tapper from Vince Gill.  No dance video for this yet but here’s Vince playing the song live.

Charlotte also taught Dance Again by Ria Vos. I’ve already taught this and just love the track by Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull.

Finally Craig Bennett taught a bouncy little 32 count easy intermediate dance Call Me Baby (which he wanted to rename Call Me Craigy!)

His other dance was Right About Now, a slower nightclub two-step with a good beat from Nichole Scherzinger.

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