Some new ones that look good!

Just returned from a week away and found a few new ones I need to catch up with!

DUTY FREE  by Robbie McGowan Hickie – A nice upbeat latin one.

YOU KNOCK ME DOWN by Niels Poulsen – Great dance to another catchy track from Olly Murs.

LIQUID LUNCH by Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs – Several dances out to this but I prefer the choreography in Peter & Alison’s.

STARING BACK AT ME – Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris – Nev & Julie doing what they do best to Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors.

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New dance – Downtown

I’ve just uploaded my latest dance to the track Downtown by Lady Antebellum.  Its a 40 count intermediate dance with one tag and one restart.

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New dance & music watch

One track you’ll be hearing a lot of on the radio and possibly seeing on the dance floors is the new one by Stooshe called SLIP. There is a choice of intermediate dances with both Maggie Gallagher (80 counts) and Pat & Lizzie Stott (64 counts) releasing a dance each. Pat & Lizzie also have an easier version for beginners called SLIP 32.  The choice is yours!

Robbie McGowan Hickie was recently in the county at Skegness for the Double H weekend event.  The new dances he taught included, MY FIRST LOVE (music by Eden ft Lainie May), HOLD A MEMORY (Shane Powell), ON THE ROCKS (Bridgit Mendler), DREAMS I DREAM and SUGAR MAMA.  I didn’t attend the weekend so I can’t help with sheets.

Caro Emerald’s new CD “The Shocking Miss Emerald” is about to be released in the UK and there’s bound to be a number of dances choreographed to tracks from it.  Being a Dutch artist its no surprise that choreographers from Holland are leading the way in getting their dances out.  There are two already available to the standout track LIQUID LUNCH – one by Francien Sittrop and another by Sebastiaan Holtland.  Of course, Neville & Julie already have a dance called FAKING IT heading up the charts to Caro’s single “Tangled Up.”  A little easier than some of their more funky choreography so it deserves to reach a wider audience.  Finally, Peter & Alison have one coming out called COMPLETELY to the song of the same name.

Talking of Dutch choreographers, Ria Vos, has managed to find another Bittersweet Memory style haunting track.  Her 32 count higher intermediate dance called ALL THOSE YESTERDAYS to the track by Jennifer Hanson should do well.  If you want something completely different music wise, take a look at her CLAP FOR THE DJ dance which is more of a Rock This Party type of dance although possibly not for everyone.  We are still enjoying her recent dance THE BASS – takes a bit of getting, but well worth the effort.  For something classed as advanced check out her QUESTION OF DOUBT dance.

Olly Murs has proved very popular on local dance floors and his latest single is Dear Darlin’.  If you haven’t already checked out Kate Sala’s dance to this track, its time to take a look.  The dance came out a few months back but somehow seems to have got overlooked. Although perhaps not an instant “Wow!” dance its one that most mainstream dancers will enjoy after a few plays.

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Walesby Social Playlist 20/04/13

To see the full 64 dance playlist from my latest social, click the link below.  Many thanks to all who supported the event.

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2013 Socials

Stella’s social at Walesby has moved forward a night from Saturday 23rd to Friday 22nd February.  My next social is due to take place at Walesby on Saturday 20th April.

A full list of our socials for 2013 is now available on the link below.

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2013 Linedancer Magazine Crystal Boot Awards

Award  Winner
Dedicated Dance Artist Natalie Thurlow
Dedicated Dance DJ Dave Baycroft
 Male Dance Personality Craig Bennett
 Female Dance Personality Rachael McEnaney
 International Instructor Ria Vos
 International Choreographer Ria Vos
 UK Instructor Kate Sala
 UK Choreographer Rachael McEnaney
 Absolute Beginner Dance Gold Digger by Rachael McEnaney
 Beginner Dance Come Back My Love by Juliet Lam
 Improver Dance Rock Paper Scissors by Maggie Gallagher
 Intermediate Dance 50 Ways by Patricia Stott
 Advanced Dance Back In Time by Rachael McEnaney & Guyton Mundy
 Dance Of The Year 50 Ways by Patricia Stott
Hall Of Fame Rachael McEnaney
Hall Of Fame Pedro Machado


Quite a few new dances were also released over the Awards weekend including RUNAWAY TRAIN (Craig Bennett), HURT ME CAREFULLY (Ria Vos) HIPPY HIPPY SHAKE (Pat Stott), and REFLECTION (Alison Johnstone). The sheets for all these are in the new edition of the Linedancer Magazine, along with the (long awaited) script for Robbie McGowan Hickie’s MEXICOMA which is the Daffodil Dance for this year.

 But going back to the Awards, another couple of dances to look out for are GLEEFULLY THERE (Rachael McEnaney) and THE STORM (Maggie Gallagher) which will no doubt appear in the magazine at a later date.

If you are looking for something a little easier check out SHATTERED DREAMS (Karl-Harry Winson) or SING SING SING (Simon Ward).


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