MONDAYS 12 noon to 1pm

I take a couple of classes for AGE UK in Park Street, Lincoln. This isn’t suitable for people with no previous line dance experience or who haven’t been dancing in the last few years. We do mainly improver level dances with some easier and some slightly harder ones. I don’t teach a new dance every week  and they aren’t always the very latest dances. Brand new dances to the class are taught in depth, many older ones I give a brief reminder and some I just put on with a walk-thru first.

MONDAYS 1.10 to 2pm

I started a new class for absolute beginners at the Age UK site in Lincoln (36 Park St, Lincoln LN1 1UQ) in September 2023.  They’ve progressed really well since then and do a mix of older classics like Waltz Across Texas, Stroll Along Cha Cha and Grundy Gallop along with newer beginner dances such as Rocket To The Sun, Stand By Me and Glass Of Wine. It’s probably no longer really suitable for absolute beginners but if you have some experience of line dancing previously, it may be suitable. If you are interested in coming along, you can contact Age UK on 0345 556 4144 or just turn up and complete some paperwork with them at reception, before coming up stairs to the dance hall. While you can join the class at anytime, please bear in mind that it started at the end of September 2023. As the weeks and months go by, the existing class members will gradually get to know more and more dances so you may be playing catch-up at first.

If I start a new absolute beginner class in the future and you’d like me to let you know when I do, please drop me and email or send a text – my details are on the “Contact” tab of the website homepage.


Canwick Village Hall, Montagu Road, Canwick, Lincoln, LN4 2RW

7:45pm official start, although often a little earlier when I put on a few oldies. We finish at 10pm with a short break around 9pm.

Mainly intermediate level dances with some improver level and occasional advanced level so a fairly intensive night. Music, often pop, sometimes country, a little bit of the more funky stuff on occasions, Irish, Latin, etc etc, in fact a bit of everything!

Sorry the class is NOT suitable for beginners.

In addition to the above, I also sometime run the occasional extra “catch-up” classes to cover any dances I might have missed in my Tuesday class.