Lone Stars on tour – Slough 27-29 April 2007

My review of a linedance weekend in Slough with Robbie McGowan Hickie & Kate Sala.

Just back from a Judith Godleman weekend at the Copthorne Hotel in Slough
with about 90-100 people present, coming from England, Wales, Holland and
Germany and probably elsewhere. Not only a great weekend of dancing but
very lucky with the weather too, perfect for a little excursion into Windsor
Saturday afternoon and a quick trip on the River Thames.

Mark Caley was DJing the whole weekend and played a good mix of old an new. Unusually for us I was glad to be finishing at 1am Friday night as my legs were aching from dancing so much. There seemed to be more oldies played Saturday night but the dancing finished an hour later so we still got our fix and the dances taught earlier that day were all played again at night.

Both choreographers taught 3 dances Saturday and one more each on Sunday morning. Kate Sala taught THIS SWING (Glen Rogers), TIME 2 FLY (Luice Silvas), THIS OLD HEART (Isley Brothers) choreographed with Dee Musk, and BIG CHILL (Vince Gill).

This Swing and This Old Heart are probably more suited to improver level, I taught the waltz Time 2 Fly a few weeks ago and its going well at my class who generally like a good waltz, but we do fade it out before the end. I was surprised to see Kate teaching Big Chill on the Sunday morning. I covered this one back in early December when it first came out and never really saw it danced in this area and it fell by the wayside by the end of January. Perhaps sometimes you can teach a dance too soon? I still like the dance but not sure if the track is strong enough for it to take off big time but you never know? If you like country with a strong bluesy feel guitar riff, its well worth checking out.

Robbie taught A GIGOLO (Helena Paparizou), NOT LIKE THAT (Ashley Tisdale) CRAZY FOR YOU (Clay Walker and a latin track which I preferred but forgot to pick up a step sheet so can’t confirm the artist) and OH MAMA (Miko Marks/Men Of Distinction). Having seen both Robbie and Kate at Hemsby at the end of March, I knew most of the dances they were likely to be covering at Slough, would have already been taught at Hemsby. After Hemsby I taught both A Gigolo and Not Like That and both have been big hits, I can’t decide which one I prefer. I might well cover the others at a later date.

The one dance I saw on the floor that I’m pretty certain I will be teaching
soon is Stand By Me Cha (Paul McAdam). Not seen much of it in this area
except at a social in Doncaster the other week and I know its not brand
new but there were a healthy number dancing it and it did look and sound good. When I got home and checked the step sheet out I wondered if the
intermediate/advanced description may have put some off teaching it – don’t
see much in the 32 counts that really warrants an advanced label! The only
other one I saw danced and wish I had taught was Nev’s Look The Other Way.
We do quite a few of Nev’s but somehow this one slipped the net and we’ve
seen it out at a few socials recently.

As for the hotel, I couldn’t really fault it apart from the usual exorbitant
prices for drinks (£6 for two cafe lattes), although the alcholic drinks
had been reduced at the bar serving the linedancers function room. The other slight moan would have been the dance floor which had a few trip hazards where the temporary flooring joined together. But its a handy location right on the motorway network and we were back up to Lincolnshire in just under three hours. Great place for plane spotters too being on the final approach flightpath to Heathrow!

Would certainly go back again dependent on the DJ and choreographers.

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