Workshop Review – Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs

Here’s a review of a workshop and dances taught in Hull on Sunday 20th October 2007.

Had a great day at Grrowler’s latest Sunday Showcase in Hull with Peter Metelnick and Alison Biggs along with “unknown” guest choreographer, Ami Walker.

The dances taught were YOU’RE MY DESTINY (music Mark Medlock) a basic 64 counter with tags on the first 3 walls. Its one of those scripts which goes onto two pages so may put a few off at first glance, but this is well worth checking out. Lovely mainstream pop track which you can sing-along to from a person who I understand was the winner of the German equivalent of Pop Idol. I’d already been learning this one in readiness to teach in the coming week, as we’ve started to see it being danced when out at a couple of socials recently. For those who follow the Linedancer magazine charts, I’d be surprised if this doesn’t make an appearance in weeks to come.

Next up KNOCK KNOCK ,a west coast swing to Shakin’Stevens’ version of I Hear You Knockin’. Wasn’t too keen on this after the first play but after several dances it was definitely growing on me. 48 counts and no tags or restarts.

I loved their next dance which they’d actually choreographed a few months back but not released immediately. Can’t think why as for me this is another with a lot of potential. Music from a band/artist called Arash who are Scandinavian and it reminded me of some of the tracks we’ve danced to from Helena Paprizou with more than a touch of Eastern promise – just my sort of thing! 48 counts with 12 count tag after 4 walls and includes a neat little touch-touch-step sequence a couple of times in the main dance. I’m sure I’ll be covering this sooner or later. The dance (and the song) are called TEMPTATION.

Ami taught 2 dances, I was chatting for the first one and sorry didn’t catch the details but her second was a 72 count waltz (inc 3 count hold and restart) called WILD PONIES that I really enjoyed, music by Kellie Pickler. Contains most of the usual waltz type steps but they were combined well and it includes a diamond basic pattern that I’ve not seen in a dance recently. Flowed nicely and hope it does well for her.

Peter & Alison gave us a nightclub 2 step next with a basic 36 counts but with “bonus” steps on some walls and a restart too. This was a classy dance to a ballad from the same Mark Medlock CD as You’re My Destiny. It’s the opening track called Now Or Never. I liked this but it took a while to fully master the timing and probably falls somewhere around the intermediate/advanced boundary. One some will call a “dancer’s dance” but as my class aren’t that keen on many nightclub 2 steps, I’m not sure at this point whether I’ll actually teach this one. This was so new there were no sheets and Peter didn’t seem 100% of the title. Obviously it can’t be called Now Or Never , so I think the working title was COULD IT BE FOREVER.

Step sheets are likely to be on Peter & Alison’s website later in the week

In the evening social Alison did a quick teach of ASPIRE, a beginner/improver dance from Bracken & Linda Ellis. Music – Born To Be Alive by Patrick Hernandez which took me back a bit but possibly more suited to improvers than the solid intermediate class I have.

Had a great 8 hours dancing which seemed to fly by and well pleased to come away with several to teach. Thanks to all for a day and evening

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