2010 Dances Taught

Latest Dances taught….

30.11.10 NO CLASS due to snow.

23.11.10 TONIGHT I’M LOVING YOU (Ria Vos) Not the easiest of teaches but it is marked on the step sheet as intermediate/advanced.  I just love this Enrique track featuring a rap by Ludacris.  It took a few plays though for some of the class to feel the same way.  In the dance we found it quite hard to do the hip rolls while unwinding half a turn in section 4.  Some also didn’t want to do the step together after the rolling vine (and before the cross shuffle) that links sections 6 and 7.  But after 3 plays though, I think we’d just about mastered it and the class appeared to be enjoying it.


 16.11.10 YOU’RE AMAZING (Guyton Mundy) Don’t be put off by thinking this is a newline dance, the music by Bruno Mars is very much mainstream pop – it was no 1 in the pop charts a while back, and the dance is very “do-able” for most intermediate classes.  I  expected them to struggle more with the opening two sections but they actually picked them up fairly quickly.  I also gave alternatives for those who prefer not to do all the turns. Note from the choreographer’s video below, the 3 ball cross steps travel on the diagonal (not to the side).  Good reaction from the class.


09.11.10 AMBITIONS (Karl-Harry Winson) This was the choreographer who worked alongside Robbie McGowan Hickie to bring us Unpredictable, currently sitting inside the Top 10. This dance is equally good – straightforward, no nonsense steps and once you get past the high-pitched vocals, its a very catchy track and very danceable. 64 counts with a restart and a tag and its all finished in just under 3 minutes! Music from Joe McElderry.


09.11.10 BLUE NIGHT CHA (Kim Ray) Have to admit, I’d missed this one until I saw at the weekend how it was filling the floor at Hemsby.  Only a very quick teach of under 5 minutes needed and another one that can be used as a gentle break from the harder stuff. Music from Michael Learns To Rock.


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02.11.10 THE PULSE (Kate Sala) Another dance to an upbeat Miley Cyrus track and like last week’s dance this one is also very nifty.  Some had already learnt it elsewhere but after two weeks it seems to be going down pretty well.


02.11.10 WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD (Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs) Did a quick teach of this 32 count dance to a Maroon 5 track. Lots of “&” counts to keep up the tempo of the dance. A fairly catchy chorus but perhaps would have been better if the song was 3 minutes long rather than three and a half.


26.10.10 ANOTHER HEARTBREAK  (Robbie McGowan Hickie) Two tracks for this one, a Toby Keith country one and a faster pop one by the Sugababes.  I taught it to the Sugababes track although we danced it to both versions. I was surprised that only one person in my class preferred it to the country track, especially as the pop track needs a tag and a restart. The steps aren’t hard, but its pretty quick and there’s a couple of nice combination turns. It certainly got a good reaction. 64 counts and 4 walls.

Links below to the song videos: –



19.10.10 KNEE DEEP (Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs) A jolly little country song and a 32 count improver level dance with one tag and one restart that will also keep most intermediates happy. 95% got up to dance it again when played later in the night and it won’t be too hard to remember in weeks to come.  Should soon be filling floors and no doubt will be played by all the live bands on the circuit.


19.10.10 BABY PLEASE (Geri Morrison) Great track from the X Factor’s Olly Murs.  An easy enough 48 count dance but there’s quite a lot of hip bumps in it and so it is possible to lose track of where you are in the dance. Again, this dance also has one tag and one restart. Some are sitting it  out.


12.10.10  NO CLASS

05.10.10 NOTHIN’ BETTER (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) A gentle smooth kind of mainstream 8&1 cha-cha.  Keeping it as a 2 wall dance makes it a lot more manageable although it was still a challenge for some.  The turns to the left and point followed by the sailor full turn right and cross into the last 8 counts took some by surprise. I’m certainly going to enjoy this one!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Shhi lx9j7zA&feature=related

28.09.10 WE BELONG (Robbie McGowan Hickie) This is Robbie’s brand new waltz to “Secret” by Seal.  Lovely track, a good mix of turns and easier steps that most, but not all enjoy.  They don’t seem to want to do the rolling turn to the left after the diamond steps and before the final twinkle half turn though.  Perhaps its just one turn too much for some.  Nice demo of the dance in the video below.


21.09.10 DRIP DROPPIN’ (Kate Sala) I held off from teaching this originally as I decided to wait and see if it was going to take off.  I initially had my doubts due to the tag and the various restarts but from the reaction it got tonight, I should have done it sooner. Catchy track  and Kate has done an excellent job in matching the steps to the music even if the restarts make it look a bit of a nightmare at first. Certainly worth the effort but you need to prepare well before teaching it.  Having said all this, there’s nothing advaanced or hard about the basic 48 count dance, just get to know the sequence inside out from the 32 count tag to the end of the dance.


21.09.10 PLAN B (Kate Sala & Rob Fowler) This was one of the dances I taught at an extra class held last weekend and I decided to carry it over into the main class with a late teach at the end of the night. Its been out quite some time but its now played at a lot of local socials so I decided to cover it.  I like the little section of kicks before the slow coaster step. 64 count dance with 2 tags.


14.09.10 NIGHT WORK (Jo & John Kinser and Mark Furnell) Big success this one as the dance isn’t very difficult especially once you’ve got used to the progressive restarts on walls 2, 3 and 4.  They come in a little bit later through each wall.  I wasn’t sure how many would like the Scissor Sisters track but I needn’t have worried, as once you get dancing to it, it feels really good.


07.09.10 HEY SOUL SISTER (Bracken Ellis Potter & Ruben Luna) Just the one 32 count dance tonight with no tags or restarts either. Mixed response after the first time of dancing it but a definite grower after a couple more plays. Takes a couple of goes to master the timing and changes of direction. Had seen this doing very well in the States and its now currently top of the world line dance survey chart.  Should do well over here too as I think its a cracking little dance. 


31.08.10 UNPREDICTABLE (Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl- Harry Winson) A straightforward teach of this 64 count 2 wall intermediate dance with a tag danced twice and one restart (all on the back wall). Seemed to go pretty well and not one they struggled with.


31.08.10 I RUN TO YOU (Rachael McEnaney)  Very much along the lines of Quarter After One musically and the dance is on the easier side of intermediate once you have got used to the direction of travel on the diagonal sections.  Personally I’m not keen on the way you dance through the phrasing of the music without any restarts but I’ve a feeling it will soon  follow Quarter After One towards  the top of the dance charts.


24.08.10 SNAP YOUR FINGERS (Rachael McEnaney) This is a 2 wall 64 count int/advanced dance and it was a long hard teach. Some different step movements and as its a west coast swing rhythm a change of beat from normal for most.  Some struggled at first with the transition into the faster steps and especially the final two sections.  It did prove easier on week two.


Oldie recapped – WE’RE ALIVE (Masters in line)- Celine Dion.

17.08.10 HAYWIRED (Rob Fowler) A 64 count 4 wall, fast country improver level dance. Great track by Josh Turner, maybe the dance isn’t quite challenging enough for some in my intermediate class though.  A shame that the beat drops out briefly just before the end.


17.08.10 UNBROKEN (Neville & Julie) A challenging teach at first but after a couple of dances, the class seemed to have it mastered and they agreed its not really that hard by the end!  Some big turns to keep the hardcore dancer happy although others decided to leave these out.  The music gets a little screechy towards the end and its probably not going to be a class favourite but some enjoy  the nightclub two-steps so its a case of finding something for everyone.


10.08.10 NIGHTSHIFT (Kath Dickens) A summery sounding re-working of the old Commodores song that bounces along nicely.  The turning touch and hip bumps in section 3 took a bit of explaining and just the transition from the end of section 5 into the start of 6 caught a few out at first.  No problem at all with the restarts though and very well received by the class.  I’m sure this will follow San Francisco into the dance charts.


03.08.10 ONE STEP LEADS TO ANOTHER (Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs) This dance seems to have been missing from a lot of the teaching reviews that I’ve read just lately.  Big shame as it went down a storm at mine. 64 counts and 2 walls with one easy restart – easier to teach than I’d expected.  Vanessa Amorosi sounds a little like Anastacia on this track but it makes a great dance track.


03.08.10 HAUNTED (Paul McAdam) The slowest dance I’ve taught for a quite sometime. Had expected only about 50% of the class to like this because its a nightclub two step with just a piano and vocals on the track and because the dance has a number  of turns.  BUT it seemed more like 90% were prepared to dance it again.  One of those that takes a few times to really get into  the feel of it and because of the slower tempo you can put plenty of styling into it.


27.07.10 MAKE YOU SWEAT (Ria Vos) Had promised the class only one new dance and something easier this week so this 32 count, 4 waller with 1 restart was ideal.  Must be honest and admit I forgot to ask them whether they actually liked the dance, but it seemed to be well received.  Some joined in with the optional arm movements but not all.  Definitely an upbeat, feel good sort of dance.


20.07.10 BIG BLUE WALL (David Spencer) This is one of my own new dances, 64 count intermediate 4 walls to an Agnes track.  They did give the dance a round of applause after the 2nd time of dancing it but perhaps they were just being kind to me!  Video now added – thanks Kath!


20.07.10 PACK UP (Craig Bennett) Also taught this easy intermediate, 64 count, 2 waller to the Eliza Doolittle track. Several dances out to this but this one has been taught locally and we also learnt it ourselves at a weekend event in Cumbria. Not everyone got up again when it was played later on and after three weeks only around half the class were up for it.


13.07.10 APHRODITE (Dee Musk) Had something of a double-Dee night with two dances by the same choreographer, rather unusual at my class.  This one is to the title track of Kylie’s new album, with rock steps cleverly matched to the directions mentioned in the song’s lyrics.  A 64 counter, 4 waller with 2 restarts but it wasn’t a hard teach. At first, some weren’t sure about the music but the more they danced it, the more it grew on them.


13.07.10 MESSED UP IN MEMPHIS (Dee Musk) Hadn’t done a country one for a few weeks, and I liked this track and knew that while some in the class had already learnt this dance, others were keen to cover it after seeing it danced at a local social. I taught it at the end of the class thinking some may want to leave early if they already knew it, but they all stayed and danced it at least once. Great guitar based track and some neat turn touch, turn scuff sections that keep it interesting.


06.07.10 UP UP UP (Peter Metelnick & Alsion Biggs) 64 count, 2 waller choreographed to Jason Derulo’s The Sky’s The Limit. Quite a good response but for some the jury is still out on the music. I like the combination of heel and toe touches and turns with holds towards the end of the dance.


29.06.10 FOR THE LOVERS (Craig Bennett) Craig’s new one to Kylie’s latest single.  The script is a bit of a nightmare to work from and make sure you have the newer version as the original has the rock 1/4 turn in the final 8 counts going to the right when the turn is actually a 1/4 left.  Although 64 counts and 4 walls with one restart it seemed fairly straightforward to teach.  To be honest I personally don’t find the dance that interesting but it got a good response from the class which is more important, and it filled the floor at a local social last weekend.


29.06.10  COMMANDER (Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs) Learnt this from the choreographers at a recent weekend event and was keen to bring it back to class. Most entered into the spirit and included the hand movements that accompany the first 6 counts.  At first doing arms and feet together is like rubbing your stomach while patting your head at the same time but it made for some good fun. Think this went down quite well with most of the class although one or two not so sure about the music by Kelly Rowland.  the dance is 64 counts, 2 walls and no tags or restarts.


22.06.10 NO CLASS

15.06.10  IN LOVE (Francien Sittrop) Lots of long drag steps in this  dance to a distinctly latin flavoured song by Enrique Iglesias, which he sings in Spanish. The three full turns in the middle of the dance means it travels a long way in the same direction – this causes a bit of a problem in a rectangular hall when you are facing the narrow sides! The dance seemed to be fairly well received without getting a fantastic response. Although 64 counts, there aren’t many “&” counts and no tags or restarts so its not a hard teach.


08.06.10  JE NE SAIS QUOI (Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs) Two reasons why I chose this dance to teach.  Firstly I wanted something slightly easier after some more testing dances recently and secondly the track was one of my favourites from the latest Eurovision song contest.  This was the Icelandic entry song by Hera Bjork (who also sings on the track for the dance You and I).  The dance is 2 wall, 64 counts and high improver/easy intermediate level. There’s a 2 count tag and restart on wall 5 but before the end of wall 6 its all over as the song is only 3 mins long. The class liked it and perhaps welcomed something a bit easier, and with some repeated sections they found it easier than I did!


Also this week, I recapped an oldie, Neville Fitzgerald’s dance to Peter Andre’s MYSTERIOUS GIRL.  Have always liked this and it seems most of the class did too.


01.06.10 RAH RAH OOH LA LA (Jo & John Kinser And Mark Furnell) Had held off teaching this due to the problems about the music and getting the right version to fit the 24 count tag. But this is now starting to appear at some local socials and so I took the decision to cover it.  Glad I did because after a longer than normal teach it seemed to get a really good reaction and several commented that it fits the music really well.


25.05.10  LATIN CRAZY (Dee Musk, Craig Bennett, Fred Buckley & Vivienne Scott) A 64 count, 4 wall Anglo-Canadian intermediate dance with one restart.  This went very well, better than I’d anticipated in fact as I was a bit worried that some of the sections had a similar feel to last week’s dance.  Good fit to the music, and I especially like the long step forward and drag and also the final little kick on count 64.


25.05.10 PEOPLE ARE CRAZY (Gaye Teather) Something of a “crazy” night as both new dances had crazy in the title! This was taught right at the end of the class as a cool down/chill out type of dance. After several more testing intermediate dances to upbeat pop tracks, it was great to have a lovely country track at a far more lesiurely pace.


18.05.10 TEARS I CRY (Kate Sala) Quite a catchy mainstream pop track for this 64 count intermediate dance.  The first half seemed quite easy but the diagonal sections in the 2nd half proved a little more tricky.  Some felt there were too many Wizard/Dorothy steps especially when the 2nd tag doubles them from 4 to 8 with a half turn in the middle. Overall a rather mixed or muted response on week 1 but got a better reaction the 2nd week.


11.05.10 PUSH IT UP Neville Fitzgerald &  Julie Harris) Wow!, this was a big hit as I didn’t hear any negative comments when I asked whether the class liked it, only nods of approval.  Enough to get your teeth into in this 64 count, 4 wall intermediate dance with two restarts.  Love the stomp and hold in the middle of the dance, fits  really well to the music so happy customers tonight!


04.05.10 INVISIBLE GIRL (MaggieGallagher) Don’t think everyone liked the music (by Gabriella Cilmi) but they were all up to dance it again.  Ideal level for my class, intermediate but with some easier sections and other parts where you have to think a bit more timing wise. Hopefully this will be one they can all remember after a few weeks, without too many recaps.


04.05.10 QUARTER AFTER ONE (Levi Hubbard) Something a little easier to give the brain a rest. 56 count flowing dance to a popular track by Lady Antebellum with one easy tag.


27.04.10 HYPNOTIZED (Shaz Walton)  A funky and slightly testing 64 counter with some different step patterns to what we’ve been doing just lately.  I love this one and so do some of the class but not all.


20.04.10  FIESTA  (Robbie McGowan Hickie)  Robbbie’s latest latin offering.  Some had learnt this a few weeks back at a local weekend event. Others had seen it played at socials and wanted to learn it so tonight I covered it.  A couple of opening sections with plenty of turns and an easier 2nd half. A longish track – over 4 mins but most enjoyed it I think – some not yet sure about the music. A video for it can be found on the website below.


13.04.10 I WANT THAT MAN (Jo & John Kinser & Simon Ward) An upbeat dance to a Deborah Harry track of the same name from the late 8o’s.  Saw this taught by the choreographers at the weekend and the people from my class who were at the event wanted me to to teach it, so I did!  Went very well, 2 wall dance, 64 counts and 2 restarts.


13.04.10 BOBBI WITH AN I (Rachael McEnaney) Needed an easier dance for a change, and this is a good country track with some amusing lyrics. 48 counts, 2 walls and only a quick teach required.


06.04.10 HERO (Peter Metelnick & Alsion Biggs) A phrased dance classed as intermediate/advanced. The steps aren’t difficult, and the pattern is a simple dance section A (the slow music) twice, and then section B to the end with a short 2nd wall and a tag at the end of wall 4.  A lot to take in at first but they seemed to pick it up fairly quickly. Someone in the class asked me to teach this as it was their favourite dance from a recent weekend event.


06.04.10 UNDERCOVER (Robbie McGowan Hickie) A classic Robbie dance, 48 counts and 4 walls, 2 restarts and a simple 4 count tag. Flows well and a catchy upbeat track so should be another big hit.  First taught at my extra class last weekend but carried over into my regular weekly class – went down very well.


30.03.10  AMOR PASIONAL (Ria Vos)   Yet another excellent dance from this Dutch choreographer who is becoming a favourite with my class.  Several teachers in the area have taught this dance, and it deserves to do well.  A 64 count, 4 wall dance with one restart and a track that although sung in Spanish is definitely catchy and bounces along quite nicely.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXt93sd_MW0

23.03.10 NO CLASS

16.03.10 SOMETHING GOOD (Maggie G)   A re-worked version of the old Herman’s Hermits song – a mainstream 48 count, 4 wall dance with one restart.  No real problems with it, and I think most of the class enjoyed it.  Being taught a lot in this area at present.


16.03.10 MURDER MY HEART (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) A nightclub two-step and although its a slowish track, there’s plenty of “&” counts to keep the pace up. By their own standards, not one of the harder dances from these choreographers. I was surprised that the whole floor was back up to dance it again – had expected one or two to drop out so pleased with the response. A 48 count, 2 wall dance with one restart – music by Michael Bolton.


09.03.10 BABY BABY BABY(Dee Musk)   A neat dance, 64 counts, 2 walls and no tags or restarts.  Everyone seemed to like the dance but some not so sure about the music, although everyone was back up when it was played again at the end of the night. I gave an alternative for the last 4 counts of the final section for the ones who like to leave out the turns . Went a lot easier on week 2.

As there seem to be very few new waltzes about at present, we revised an old one this week – Maggie G’s WHAT IF WE FLY.  A lovely track from Chely Wright and the dance isn’t too hard.

02.03.10 GAVE IT ALL AWAY (Maggie Gallagher)   Lovely track from the latest Boyzone album.  And a dance to match.  Just 32 counts with one tag but it fits like a dream and is surely going to be a top 10 dance in the near future.  Don’t miss it!  Mine loved it!


02.03.10 TENNESSEE WALTZ SURPRISE  (Andy Chumbley) The surprise being that its not a waltz at all.  A 2 minute teach for this beginner dance with a catchy track in a weird sort of way.   Quite a few welcomed a dead easy throw in for a change.


02.03.10 C U AGAIN (Jonathan Williamson) Taught this at an extra class last Saturday where it got an excellent reaction. I did a quick teach of  it the end of tonight’s class for those who couldn’t make it on Saturday.  Not too hard despite the 64 counts so check it out.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoPjOyuzL8c&feature=related

23.02.10 FEEL RIGHT (Robbie McGowan Hickie) A 68 count, 2 wall improver level dance to a Tanya Tucker track.  Flows effortlessly and nothing too challenging so after 3 weeks we should be able to put the music straight on and just dance it without a recap. Well that’s the hope anyway!


23.02.10 PARACHUTE (Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs) Had been wondering whether or not to teach this. I personally like the track but several others I’d spoken said the opposite.  As I felt the tango style of the dance really fitted the music, I decided to go for it.   I expected some in the class may not like it and several only danced it once, but I believe its one you need to dance several times before making a decision on as it could be a grower!


16.02.10 AMERICAN COWBOY (Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs) I love the way the step sheet clearly states “the song is NOT country” a bit like a public health warning.  At least there can be no confusion for anyone who might think this a problem.  Its quite a catchy mainstream pop track and the dance is  2 wall, 64 counts with one restart.  Fairly easy teach just the half turn step back into the coaster step caused a bit of confusion at first.    The class appeared to enjoy it.


09.02.10 WILD (Craig Bennett) 64 count 2 wall intermediate dance that apparently is being taught by the world and his wife at present.  Not really sure why as the dance is OK but doesn’t really have the “wow” factor for me personally. Most of the class enjoyed it but some didn’t like it.  A remixed version of Susan Boyle’s “Wild Horses”, originally recorded by The Rolling Stones.


09.02.10  YOU’RE MY SUNSHINE (Ria Vos)  A drifty dreamy kind of country track from Steve Avar. Just the change from turning right at the end of section 3 to turning left in section 4 caught a few out.  The 1/4 turn, cross, 1/4 turn in section 4 also proved a little tricky – a shuffle 1/2 turn is an easier option!  This made a welcome change to the sort of dances I’ve been teaching lately.


02.02.10 MARTINI MOMENTS (Francien Sittrop) A 64 count intermediate dance with a couple of restarts and a little tag but don’t let these put you off as they soon fall into place and are easy enough to spot from the change in the music.  A nice track too, and a little different from the some of the pop tracks we’ve been dancing to recently – I love the tinkly piano. I think the class really enjoyed this tonight.            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEtcwgbWQrY

26.01.10 KINDA BUSY (Craig Bennett) Wanted something easier for this week after a harder dance last week. This is only 32  counts with no tags or restarts.  Not sure everyone liked it, possibly the music (Telephone by Lady Gaga) put some off.  However, they did all get up again when it was played later in the night. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPncnI8fdYM

19.01.10 DREAM OF YOU (Teresa &Vera) A 64 count easy intermediate dance to a catchy track by Michael Buble.  Nothing hard, the first section is repeated and there are a lot chasses and rock steps, no tags or restarts. Seemed to go down well with most.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqM4bfyZ77o

 19.01.10 NY CHA (Neville & Julie) This was an after class teach for those that wanted a 2nd dance, and most did stay behind for it.  Classed as int/advanced, its 64 counts and 2 walls with a tag and restart.  Quite a few turns so I gave alternative steps for those who like to leave them out, but a steady pace so you do have a bit of thinking time.  Some not sure about the track at first but the dance fits really well and it ended up being easier to teach to the class than it was to learn myself.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWtqApEdZ4o

12.01.10   NO  CLASS – gone skiing!

05.01.10  NO CLASS –  bad weather!

29.12.09  LOVE YA (Robbie McGowan Hickie & Kate Sala) My last teach of 2009 was this 64 count, 2 wall dance – no  tags or restarts.  The section after the scuff out-out needed a bit of practice but apart from that, no real  problems and it flows well.  There’s a bit in the middle of the song that’s been borrowed from an older track – Love Fool by the Cardigans (thanks Sue D!).   Should do well this one, my class seemed to like it. Link to video attached but we aren’t doing the arm movements they have chosen to include. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2fFRnxm3wk

15.12.09 ASKIN’ QUESTIONS (Larry Bass) Last class before our Xmas break so this 32 count dance with no tags or restarts was perfect.  I really like the track by Brady Seals although one or two commented that its a bit on the long side for a short dance.  Not everyone liked it.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyrctCFvGO0

15.12.09 SENORITA (Craig Bennett) 48 count, 2 wall improver level dance.   Straightforward steps with 2 tags but nothing too hard.  Seemed to be well received.   Make sure you have a correct step sheet – the tags are after wall 3 and wall 6.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUC2G3OMTXs&feature=related

08.12.09 I NEED YOU NOW (Ria Vos) Ria is having a good year as we’ve covered several of her dances just lately. This one seemed to be very well received. We danced it to the pop track by Agnes but also tried it once to the Reba McEntire track. I liked both but I think the majority preferred the pop option.  64 counts, 4 walls and just one easy restart if you use the Agnes track.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mE9la47VlNY

01.12.09 HANDS UP (Craig Bennett) A 32 count dance with no tags or restarts –  they cheered!  But never have a few hip bumps proved so hard to get right – I think its the timing of them in section 2 that people struggle with.  Most had got it mastered by the time it was played again though towards the end of the night, and a few were putting their hands up when its sung in the music.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BC_wYB3vySI

01.12.09 I LIED (Andrew & Sheila) When I first heard this, I didn’t like the music but took another look after seeing it danced at a social in Yorkshire, as I liked the look of the dance. It took me longer to learn it and get the restarts and tags sorted in my head than it did to teach it. Left it till the end of the class so those who didn’t want another dance, could go home. A lot stayed to learn it and they all remained on the floor for the 2nd play too. The steps aren’t particularly hard but it takes a bit of concentration to remember where you are in the dance.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AH0Ehv91EQ

24.11.09 ABOUT A GIRL (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) Enough to think about but not so hard it puts people off.  Personally I love the  track (by The Sugababes) and the dance and the rest of the class seemed very keen on it too. 64 counts and 2 walls altough the three restarts, which are easy to spot, mean you have a few shorter walls.

17.11.09 GOT WHAT IT TAKES (Robbie McGowan Hickie) Originally choreographed to a John Dean track of the same name, we are dancing this to the pop alternative (Up by Amy Diamond) which has now been added to the step sheet.  This was the preferred track when the dance was recently taught at Hemsby and my class agreed. Nothing hard but went down well.

17.11.09 B.C.O. BABY COME ON (Rachael McEnaney) From  the same CD single as Chill Factor and with a very similar feel.  48 counts, 4 walls and 1 restart. Again not hard but some weren’t keen on section 3 with the heel jack and heel switch combinations. Can see this filling the floor at socials though.

17.11.09 SAN FRANCISCO (Kath Dickens) This was a late teach at the end of the night. Having already taught two new ones, everyone took up the option to learn another one although I did tell them it wasn’t too difficult. In fact it was an easy teach as the dance flows well and has no tricky footwork or complicated timing. Has been a while since we danced to the Olsen Brothers but this is the sort of track that you’ll be singing along to after a couple of plays.

10.11.09 PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM (Ria Vos) I’ve a feeling this could well be a great follow up to Ria’s no 1 dance Sister Kate.  At 64 counts, 4 walls plus a tag, and with a lot going on in the first few sections, I’d class it as solid intermediate.  The swivet turns proved a bit of a struggle for some. But its got a good samba-ish feel and everyone was back on the floor when I played it later in the night.

03.11.09 ALL I WANT IS YOU (Maggie G) 48 count/2 waller. Wanted something a bit slower and not so funky this week.  Some didn’t like the timing in section 2 and the final section also took a bit of practice to get used to. Took me a few dances to get into the feel of it and went better with the class on week 2.

27.10.09 PLAYING WITH FIRE(Craig Bennett) Some had already done this one at other local classes. Thought I’d better cover it as the dance is getting played now at local socials and is surely heading to to the top of the dance charts.  I’m stil a bit undecided about it, but most of mine seemed to enjoy it and its on the easier side of intermediate.

27.10.09 CELEBRATION (Mark Furnell & The Kinsers) This was a quick teach as its only a 32 count improver level dance to Madonna’s recent single. Nothing to hard, just section 3 gives you something to think about. A little too long a track for a short dance so I’m fading it out early.

20.10.09 STRAIGHT THRU (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) For Nev and Julie, this is one of their easier ones with nothing too hard. It does move onto the diagonal for the latter sections but no big turns or tricky timing and a catchy mainstream track from the Backstreet Boyz. 64 counts and 2 walls. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJDPJPEo-_w

13.10.09  NO CLASS

06.10.09 MEXICALI  (Robbie McGowan Hickie)  A 64 count dance on the easier side of intermediate. No “and” counts and plenty of holds made this a fairly straightforward teach.  Not everyone’s cup of tea but its a decent country track.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kdHwHhi9ug

06.10.09 WHY SO SERIOUS  (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) Love the track but the dance took longer to teach than I first anticipated. It starts as a 48 count/2 wall dance but after a 4 count tag at the end of wall 3 it becomes a 32 count/4 wall dance!  Fits the music fine but its fairly quick and took a few dances of it before people were really comfortable with it.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3EsIjb3qVA

For details of dance previously taught, click below..

29.09.09 FEEL YOUR LOVE  (Robbie McGowan Hickie)  Lots of shuffles and turns in this 64 count, 4 wall dance to a pop track by Kim Sozzi. The class picked it up on the front wall fairly easily but then started to lose their bearings a little as we took around the other walls.  Flows well once you get to know where you are heading for next.   http://www.yipee.sg/video.asp?unique_id=15133&video=choreo_demo_video

22.09.09 MAMBOTASTIC (Kate Sala)  Learnt this at a line dance event down in Norfolk where it was the hit  dance of last weekend.  Not quite the same reaction in my own class but all of those who danced last weekend and again tonight love it!  Perhaps a grower then?  Only 32 counts, similar sort of feel to Simplemente/Heaven Sent and to a track I love by Neil Sedaka but with a distinctly latin feel.   Ooh and it has a “progressive” tag, which gets longer each time you dance it, (3 times in total).  http://www.yipee.sg/video.asp?unique_id=15125

15.09.09 WHY DON’T WE JUST DANCE  (Peter & Alison)  Josh Turner has a great deep voice, ideal for country and this is a pleasant track to dance to.  The dance seemed to go alright despite me messing up the teach in the middle sections- whoops!!!   Its not perfectly phrased but this didn’t seem to spoil anyone’s enjoyment of the dance.  2 wall, 64 count with an easy tag at the end of wall 4 and a nice little finish at the end of the first section on wall 6.

15.09.09 PAINTED WINDOWS (Neville & Julie)  Did this as a late teach so those who didn’t like the music could get off. Must admit when I first heard the track (by the Pussycat Dolls) I wasn’t keen but after hearing it played at a couple of socials, I’ve grown to like it.  Although taught at the end of the class around 90% stayed behind to learn it and it seemed to go very well. Some different moves with heel lifts and swivels and some funky dippy back touch steps. By Nev & Julie’s standards, the dance isn’t that hard. 2 walls and 64 counts but no tags or restarts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUnLEqjrgw8

o8.09.09 YOU AND I  (Oli Geir & Hugrun)  Wow, its been a long time since a new dance got a round of applause at my class but this one managed it.  Its really two dances rolled into one with an 8 count bridge/tag. The sheet looks a bit daunting on first sight but do the dance to the music a few times and it quickly falls into place – great track and the dance does it justice. Recommended!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?

o1.09.09 LOVE LOVE LOVE (Maggie G)  Wanted something easier this week after doing 2 new dances last week.  This is only 40 counts, 4 wall with one restart and a tag. Went OK but didn’t seem to have the “Wow” factor. Music by Agnes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mairKIJ5e54

01.09.09 UNSUNG HERO (Alan Haywood) Recapped/re-taught this late on for those who had first learnt it at the recent Burgh le Marsh workshop day. Nice little dance and we are dancing it to the Michael Jackson track which has no tags. http://ldv.fliggo.com/video/UsizTeIz

25.08.09 BEAT AGAIN (Kate Sala) Had expected a few directional problems with this as parts are danced on the diagonal and the 2nd restart changes the dance onto the other 2 corners!  But, it turned out slightly easier to teach than I expected and seemed to be a big hit. The side shuffle after the back rock at the start of section 7 caught a few out at first. We found the track finished about 4 counts too early so couldn’t do the ending that is mentioned on the step sheet??  Music is by JLS, last years X Factor runners up.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exqOF1AzEao

25.08.09 LOVE ME (Robbie McGowan Hickie)  Robbie’s dance to VV Brown’s track is quite nifty – Peter & Alison also have a dance out to it but it will be Robbie’s that is danced in this area. Its 48 counts but then there’s about 40 “& “counts as well so lots of extra scuffs, sweeps and kicks to remember.  Love the Stitch It Up bit in the middle of the dance!

18.08.09 HEADS UP (Teresa & Vera)  Really wasn’t sure what to teach this week. In the end I went with this one as I know other instructors in neighbouring counties have taught it. Its an easy intermediate 64 counter with one tag and one restart that seems to grow after a few listens/dances.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad3w9Onhq FI

11.08.09 WHAT DO YOU SEE (Robbie McGowan Hickie)  Not many choreographers seem to produce good solid intermediate dances to country these days. Peter & Alison and Robbie certainly do though.  This has a good twangy banjo sound, its upbeat and easy to dance to and my favourite part is the stomp on the end of the tag.  Being a 2 waller and having an almost  repeated couple of sections in the middle stops it getting too hard.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUi-dAf4N0I

o4.08.09 EVACUATE THE DANCEFLOOR (Craig Bennett)  States Intermediate/Advanced on the  step sheet but I wouldn’t call this advanced. Craig’s follow up to Poker Face although slightly easier I think. Being only a 2 wall dance without tags or restarts helps.  Big hit with the class and could do well!  Music by Cascada. http://www.copperknob.co.uk/viewsheet.aspx?StepSheetID=78038

04.08.09 ARGENTINA (Maggie G) an upbeat version of Don’t Cry For Me Argentina.  Not many took up the option to include the Spanish arms and overall I’d say the dance received a mixed reaction.  Some weren’t keen on it at all but others said they really liked it.                 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWMynpbsbSM

28.07.09  BULLET PROOF (Rob Fowler) Very quick opening sequence of vaudeville steps and a very slow-motion 2nd tag make for an interesting 48 counter. Catchy track from La Roux after a couple of listens too.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8U0c-GiY_I

28.07.09 JIG IT UP 09 (Maggie G) a reworking of Maggie’s own LINe UP AND JIG from 10 years ago. Only 32 counts but a fair few and counts as well. Music “Toss The Feathers” by The Corrs. Not sure how long this will hang around for.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNbnQvldpJU

21.07.09 ROOMBA (Guyton Mundy) Haven’t done a phrased dance for a while but this has 40 counts in part A and 32 in part B. It is on the funky side and has a few arm movements at the start of part B. Very catchy track when you get into the music but may not stay around long. Music “I Know You Want Me” by Pitbull. Most seemed to enjoy it.

21.07.09 SIN CITY SWING (Gary Lafferty) Originally taught this at a one-off extra Friday class. Its now in the Linedancer magazine and has been taught elsewhere locally so decided to include it in the main class. Only a quick teach needed and a good bit of fun

14.07.09 COOCHIE BANG BANG (Scott Blevins) Well after a week off for our holiday, I thought I’d hit them with a hard one! This was a long teach (about an hour on the first week) to cover a 64 count dance, and two tags -one of 16 and one of 20 counts to another swing type track. The timing on the 2nd tag was the hardest to master but I think most really liked it. Much quicker teach on week 2.

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