Extra class – dances taught

Here’s a brief summary of the dances taught at the extra class held at Canwick Village Hall on Saturday 18th September 2010.

FIRE WITH FIRE (Maggie G) Takes a couple of walls before the music fires on all cylinders, but  seeemed to go down quite well.  Music – Scissor Sisters

PLAN B (Kate Sala & Rob Fowler) A bit of a marmite one this as some had already learnt it and didn’t like the dance.  Others who were learning it for the first time, did seem to enjoy it.  Music – Plan B.

LUCKY PUNCH (Robbie McGowan Hickie) Nice little improver level dance to a catchy Lou Bega track.  Easy teach.

MISSING LINK (Hazel Pace) This has been taught at another class in the area and I liked it enough to cover it at mine. An easy intermediate nightclub two-step to a great track by the former lead singer of Smokie.

Thanks to all who were able to come along and support the extra class.

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