2020 Dances Taught

No classes till further notice. Please stay safe in these most unusual times. Let’s hope we can get back to normal soon!


17.03.20 MY SUPERPOWER (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) A late change of mind to cover this one at what is likely to be my last class for some time. Numbers were down by about 50% but we still had a good night of dancing and this went down well.

My Superpower step sheet

Also danced tonight: Dance On My Island, Willpower, Just A Phase, Up In The Air, Water On The Flames, Replay, You & Me Together, Wintergreen, Darling That’s The Truth, The Chancer, Keep Young, Sweet Attraction, My Heart Is Gone, You Gotta Work, React, In Comes The Night and Can’t Control Your Feet.

10.03.20 No Class

03.03.20 REACT (Maggie Gallagher & Gary O’Reilly) This dance is to the latest single by The Pussycat Dolls. Not too hard a teach before the class have a week off although there is one section in the middle which feels very fast at first. I’m also not sure everyone liked the “torque” bit in the following sections but it does make the dance a bit different.

React step sheet

Also danced tonight: Jessie, We’ll Be Dancing, Graffiti, Thousand Times, Superheroes, Shot Of Tequila, Saluti, Darling That’s The Truth, Can’t Control Your Feet, Lonely Blues, In Comes The Night, Sweet Attraction (twice),Moves, Move A Like, Keep Young, The Chancer, Wintergreen, Gotta Get Up, Don’t Hurt and My Heart Is Gone.

25.02.2020 SWEET ATTRACTION (Kate Sala, Shelly Guichard & Dee Musk) I know not everyone is that keen on nightclub two-steps but really pleased with the response this got from the class. The non-turners seemed to get by alright just taking out the full turns and the change to the side walls didn’t cause much of an issue. Nice one!

Also danced tonight: Nothing To Hide, Walk Back To Me, Nothing But You, My Angel And me, Water On The Flames, 3 To Tango, Willpower, The Chancer (twice), Wintergreen, Castles, Can’t Control Your Feet, Young Love, Keep Young,Gotta Get Up, Don’t Hurt, I Got You Darling That’s The Truth and Stack It Up.

18.02.2020 Tonight’s week’s new dance was THE CHANCER (Ria Vos). Love this track and the dance fits really well. Some good use of “Holds” and although it needed a fairly patient first week teach everyone seemed to pick it up alright. Think the class enjoyed it . Last week’s dance Can’t Control your Feet also went better on the 2nd week.

Also danced tonight: Deeply Completely, Bittersweet Memory, Shakatak, Cooler Than Cool, Up In The Air, Not like That,Darling That’s the Truth, Replay, Can’t Control Your Feet (twice), Faithful Soul, Lonely Blues, I Guess, Extraordinary Waltz, Wintergreen, Gotta Get Up, Hey Now, Don’t Hurt, Keep Young, I Got You and You Gotta Work.

To see previous dances…

11.02.2020  I slipped in KEEP YOUNG (Maggie Gallagher) at the start of the class. An easy teach to a decent pop track. No problems picking this one up.

Keep Young step sheet

I then taught CAN’T CONTROL YOUR FEET (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) I love the track for this dance and was a little surprised that I hadn’t seen more people teaching it up to now. It turned out to be a bit more tricky for the class than I expected, especially the end of section 6 into section 7.  One or two not so sure about the dance, but others did like it especially after dancing it again and I think it will be a grower when they do it again next week.

Can’t Control Your Feet step sheet

Also danced tonight, Who Did You Call Darlin’, Side by Side, Slam Goes The Door, Willpower, Castles, I Got You, Faithful Soul, Darling That’s The Truth, Gotta Get Up, My Heart Is Gone, In Comes The Night, Hearts on Fire, Don’t Hurt, Senorita La La La, Wintergreen, My Angel & Me and A Thousand Times.

04.02.20 No new dance this week so plenty of time to recap the two new ones from last week, both of which are going well with the class. So we got through quite a few this evening.

Danced tonight: Damn, Nothing But You, Castles, Legend, Saluti, Sucker, The Thing About You, Lonely Blues, Gotta Get Up, Replay, Not Like That, Wintergreen, You Gotta Work. Water On The eFlames, Don’t Hurt, Stack It Up, Moves, Darling That’s The Truth, I Got You, In Comes The Night, Senorita La La La, Hey Now and Extraordinary Waltz.

28.01.020 GOTTA GET UP (Robbie MacGowan Hickie) Robiie was teaching this one on his travels for several months before his recent passing. The step sheet has only been released this month. Its another upbeat track that is fairly nippy. 64 counts, 2 walls and no tags or restarts but a fair few turns. I think the class liked it.

Gotta Get Up step sheet

I also taught DON’T HURT (Karl-Harry Winson & Kate Sala). I had announced last week I was going to cover this but then had a bit of a change of mind as I realised many in the class had already learnt it elsewhere. But then some who hadn’t said they did want to learn it, so in the end I decided to do 2 dances this week and not have a new dance at all next week. Hopefully this should help the people who couldn’t make it tonight as they won’t have 3 new dances to learn next week.

Don’t Hurt step sheet

Also danced tonight: Cooler Than Cool, Vanotek Cha, I Guess, All I Am Is You, Shot Of Tequila, Not Like That, In Comes The Night, Gone West, Everything I Have, I Got You, My Heart Is Gone, I Am Giant, Senorita La La La, Wintergreen, Faithful Soul, You Gotta Work and Extraordinary Waltz.

21.01.20 WINTERGREEN (Maggie Gallagher) This went down well with the class, its upbeat with a catchy tune and although intermediate there are some easier sections within it. Even at 64 counts and 4 walls with one restart, it’s not a hard dance.

Wintergreen step sheet

Also danced tonight: Real World, Dance On My Island, Clueless, You & Me Together, Keep It Simple, Up In The Air, Extraordinary Waltz, Hey Now, Castles, Willpower, Senorita La La La, Darling That’s The Truth, My Heart Is Gone, Young Love, You Gotta Work, Not Like That, In Comes The Night, I Got You, Faithful Soul, We Are Dynamite, and Stack it Up.

14.01.20 Another busy night. Starting off with a revival of an old Robbie dance. NOT LIKE THAT (Robbie MacGowan Hickie) probably isn’t one of his best known dances but it’s a neat little upbeat 32 count dance. Not exactly sure when this came out as there’s no date on the sheet but I think it  was around 2007. I seem to remember learning it from Robbie at an event in Slough and it was about the same time as his dance A GIGOLO. I’ve since had it confirmed that Robbie taught this at Hemsby in April 2007.

Not Like That step sheet

The main new dance was EXTRAORDINARY WALTZ (Mark Furnell & Chris Godden). This is a fairly steady, gentle waltz and didn’t seem to be that well received by everyone. The dance itself isn’t too hard but there are extras (restarts, a small tag and a bridge) to remember on walls 2, 5,6 and 7. Probably fair to say that in the battle of the waltzes, Faithful Soul has won but this is a little different and I think its a lovely track.

Extraordinary Waltz step sheet

At the end of the night I slipped in an extra teach of SENORITA LA LA LA (Julia Wetzel). This came out middle of last year but there were several different dances out to the track at the time and I decided to leave them all alone. Now, we keep seeing this one on the local social scene so thought I’d catch up with it as again I like the song.

Senorita La La La step sheet

Also danced tonight:Diamond Wings, Wandering Hearts, Legend, Tell The World, Just A Phase, In Comes The Night, 3 To Tango, Replay, Water On The Flames, She Ain’t Me, We Are Dynamite, Stack It Up, Moves, Up In The Air, I Got You, Faithful Soul, Castles, Love Is Loud, and A Thousand Times.

07.01.2020 Well first of all I can’t believe its 2020! Where have all the years gone? It will be 19 years ago this year since I first started teaching!

Just before the class started, we found out that Robbie McGowan Hickie had died – such sad news to start the New Year off. Our thoughts are with his partner Tony, and Robbie’s family and friends. We did a couple of his dances in his memory tonight.

I GOT YOU (Maggie G)  First teach of the year was an upbeat 64 count intermediate one. It went well with the class but from a personal point of view the first wall of the track is very quiet and then then the music booms out from wall 2 onwards so I have to nip across the stage and turn it down. The dance also travels a lot from front to back so I almost run out of room on the stage. It has a tag and  2 restarts.

Also danced tonight:  Small Town Summer, We’ll Be Dancing, Willpower. Saluti, Lonely Blues, We Are Dynamite, Moves, Castles, In Comes The Night, You Gotta Work, Faithful Soul, Diamond Wings, My Heart Is Gone, My Angel & Me, Darling That’s The Truth, Up In The Air, Hey Now, and Stack It Up.


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