2019 Dances Taught

15.01.19 MY ANGEL AND ME (Karl-Harry Winson) There are several dances of different levels out to this track but this was ideal for my intermediate class. Nothing too tricky but enough to keep it interesting for everyone and with a decent tempo. It was a definitely a big hit.

My Angel And Me step sheet

Also danced tonight: Before The Devil, Be Strong, Scared Of the Dark, Crybaby, Freak Out, Get it Right, All The Kings Horses, Hourglass, Waves Of Love, Its Your Moves, Taps, Graffiti, Hearts On Fire, Feel Alive, Sweet Sweet Smile, Clueless, Oh Me Oh My Oh, All I Am Is You, I Close My Eyes, All I Am is You, I Close My Eyes, What Ever, Lots Of Love and Eurodance.

08.01.19 HOURGLASS (Maggie Gallagher & Gary O’ Reilly) I think this may well be another hit dance for Maggie & Gary. A different opening 8 counts and then some more familiar sequences later in the dance adapted from Cry Baby and The Thing About You. I think everyone got the dance but getting comfortable with the restarts may take a bit longer!

Hourglass step sheet

Also danced tonight: Vanotek Cha, Delicate, Damn, All The Kings Horses, Forget Me Not, Lots Of Love, Taps, Waves Of Love, Texas Time, Its Your Moves, Graffiti, Clueless, Feel Alive, The Yellow and Green, Oh Me Oh My Oh, All I Am Is You, Sweet Sweet Smile, Soldier, The Thing About You, Raining Glitter and Jump Right In.

For dances previously taught see Dances Taught 2018.



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