2019 Dances Taught

19.03.19 SUCKER (Julia Wetzel) This was a bit easier than some of the recent dances we’ve covered and like last week’s dance, Keep it Simple, the first half of the dance is easier than the latter half. Its not a smooth flowing dance, as the track has a slightly staccato feel but the steps fit the music very well. Not sure it was a massive hit with the class, but its easy enough to just get up and dance after a couple more weeks, without a lengthy recap.

Sucker step sheet

Also danced tonight: Pretend, Wandering Hearts, Get It Right, Feel Alive, Timezone, The Thing About You, Texas Time, Desert Wind, Keep It Simple, Waves Of Love,  Graffiti, We’ll Be Dancing, Candlelight, My Angel And Me, Vanotek Cha, Jessie, I Am Giant, Oh Me Oh My Oh, You & Me Together, All I Am Is You, and Love Is Loud.

12.03.19 KEEP IT SIMPLE (Karl-Harry Winson & Dwight Meessen) There are two dances to this track – Maggie G also has a beginner dance but I went with this intermediate one. The first half of the dance is easier than the second but it couldn’t have been too difficult as it got a good response from the class.

Keep it Simple step sheet

Also did a quick teach of LOVE IS LOUD (Robbie McGowan Hickie) at the end of the class. Many had already learnt this elsewhere but a few still wanted to do it so by covering it at the end of the night, it allowed those who didn’t want to stay to have an early night.

Also danced tonight:  Deeply Completely, Shakatak, Dizzy, Love Me A Little Bit Longer, Mysterious Girl, Waves Of Love, The Yellow & Green, Whatever, The Thing About You, Codigo, You & Me Together, Sweet Sweet Smile, My Angel & Me, I Am Giant, Delicate, Graffiti, We’ll Be Dancing, Clueless, Candlelight, and Desert Wind.

05.03.19 YOU AND ME TOGETHER (Ria Vos) 64 count dance with two restarts and a 32 count tag. Might sound a little daunting at first but it was actually an easier teach than I expected. Both the dance and the tag fit the music perfectly and although it’s only March, this is my favourite teach of the year so far. The class seemed to appreciate it too.

You and Me Together step sheet

26.02.19 I AM GIANT (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris)  Have heard this track a lot on the radio and there’s at least one other dance out to it. This has three restarts but flows fairly well once you’ve got used to a couple of quirky bits in it. I’m really not sure how well it went down. Possibly not for everyone.

I Am Giant step sheet

19.09.19 WE’LL BE DANCING (Maggie Gallagher) Well it’s been a while since we’ve had a dance with no tags or restarts and for an intermediate one, this isn’t too hard. The only slight complaint is that the heavy beat sort of comes and goes every so often within the song, but generally the dance was a hit with the class.

We’ll Be Dancing step sheet

12.02.19 CANDLELIGHT (Rob Fowler) Great new single from Jack Savoretti – sounds like a spy movie theme. The dance is only 40 counts with a repeated final 8 counts on 2 walls. Some weren’t keen on doing two complete diamond rotations (with the tag) or the twisty bit in section 3 but generally it was pretty well received. Remember this dance is choreographed to the 3.36 version and not the longer 4.31 one which is generally available from Amazon and iTunes.

Candlelight step sheet

05.02.19 CODIGO (Pat Stott) Dead simple three minute teach to a catchy song about tequila by George Strait. One easy restart.

Codigo step sheet

05.02.19 DESERT WIND (Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie) This was the main dance tonight and I think it went down quite well with most of the class. Three restarts on walls 1, 3 and 5 mean you never get to dance the whole 64 counts when facing the back wall. Sections 6 and 7 of the dance seemed to prove the hardest to get across.

Desert Wind step sheet

29.01.19 JESSIE (Rachel McEnaney-White & Simon Ward) A nice dance but not the easiest to get across on the first night. I have a feeling it probably won’t be a big hit at mine as several people said although they liked the track, they found it hard to get used to the turns in the dance. Its difficult to take out some of the turns without spoiling the dance.

Jessie step sheet

22.01.19 No Class

15.01.19 MY ANGEL AND ME (Karl-Harry Winson) There are several dances of different levels out to this track but this was ideal for my intermediate class. Nothing too tricky but enough to keep it interesting for everyone and with a decent tempo. It was a definitely a big hit.

My Angel And Me step sheet

08.01.19 HOURGLASS (Maggie Gallagher & Gary O’ Reilly) I think this may well be another hit dance for Maggie & Gary. A different opening 8 counts and then some more familiar sequences later in the dance adapted from Cry Baby and The Thing About You. I think everyone got the dance but getting comfortable with the restarts may take a bit longer!

Hourglass step sheet

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