2019 Dances Taught

20.08.19 RESTORING FAITH (Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick) Solid intermediate dance to Kelly Clarkson with plenty of rocks and shuffles. A welcome change to a fairly steady pace after a few more upbeat tracks just recently. I somehow forgot to play it again before the end of the class (sorry!) but with next week being a recap night, we’ll have a plenty of chance to dance it again then.

Restoring Faith step sheet

Also danced tonight: Dizzy, American Pie, Tumbling Rush, Hourglass, Replay, Legend, Get You Some, My Angel and Me, We’ll be Dancing, Saluti, I Guess, She Ain’t Me, Young Love, Gone West, Lonely Blues, Diamond Wings, Shot of Tequila and Dance On My Island.

13.08.19 GONE WEST (Maggie Gallagher & Gary O’Reilly) I slipped this one in as a little extra one tonight. Nice and easy even with a couple of simple tags. Ideal as a warm-up dance.

Gone West step sheet

13.08.19 GET YOU SOME (Dee Musk) Learnt this from the choreographer at Harrogate a few weeks back. A nippy dance with a Brazilian Samba type feel – and lots of & counts. A bit frantic but built them up gradually and I think we got there without too much of a problem.

Get You Some step sheet

Also danced tonight: The Thing About You, Meet Me There, Its Your Moves, I Came To Love You, Get It Right, I Am Giant, Water On The Flames, You and Me Together, Young Love, Shot Of Tequila, Taps, Get Wild, Just A Phase, We’ll Be Dancing, Diamond Wings, Dance On My Island, Saluti and She Ain’t Me.

06.08.19 YOUNG LOVE (Karl-Harry Winson & Tina Argyle) A 64 count, 2 wall, dance with no tags or restarts. No particular troublesome bits but I spent a little longer than normal to try and give everyone a chance of getting it before the music went on. Most seemed to like it although one or two said the music could with a bit more oomph! Like last week’s dance, this is being taught locally so bound to see it out.

Young Love step sheet

30.07.19 DIAMOND WINGS (Ria Vos & Dee Musk) This was a hit dance when taught in Harrogate last weekend. I think it transferred over to a class context pretty well. First half of the dance was reasonably straightforward but the latter half proved a bit more tricky. Tag and restart are simple enough too. I know its being taught elsewhere in the East Midlands this week so we are sure  to see it on the local dance floors sooner or later.

Diamond Wings step sheet

23.07.19 DANCE ON MY ISLAND (Gary O’Reilly & Shane McKeever) This one came out a couple of months ago and I wasn’t sure at the time how much i liked the track. Its more radio 1 than radio 2 shall we say?  But the dance fits the music perfectly and I didn’t think it really warranted being labelled as higher intermediate. It’s only 32 counts with one 8 count tag although it is a bit nippy. Probably fair to say that I liked it more than some of my class did but give it a few more goes and I think they will grow to appreciate it.

Dance On My Island step sheet

16.07.19 SALUTI (Karl-Harry Winson & Robbie McGowan Hickie) Had received some good feedback about this dance before teaching it and sure enough it was a big hit with my class. Tried not to rush the teach, as it takes a bit of getting in places at firs,t but we danced it 3 times in total and it was well received. Some were a bit hesitant about the turn in the middle of the cross shuffles at the start of section 3 and also with the quick behind 1/4 step at the beginning of the following section but with a bit of practice I think they fell into place. Good dance and sure to do well I think.

Saluti step sheet

09.07.19 GET WILD (Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson Szymanski)  I’ve been dancing this one for a couple of months but only just got round to covering it at class. An easy enough phrased dance that is filling floors around here. Quite a few had already learnt it elsewhere but not sure everyone who hadn’t done it before actually liked it although some certainly did enjoy it.

Get Wild step sheet

25.06.19 WILLPOWER (Robbie McGowan Hickie) With no class next week, it was good to leave them with a big hit of a dance. Typical flowing Robbie steps that moves along nicely and a track with a strong beat from Claire Richards (ex Steps).  This should do very well but no script released as yet so you’ll need to contact the choreographer.

18.06.19 SHOT OF TEQUILA (Fred Whitehouse) I liked the track for this one and thought the choreography really captured the Samba feel of the music. A couple of restarts with one simple tag. Everyone was able to pick it up fairly quickly and it seemed to go down pretty well.

Shot Of Tequila step sheet

11.06.19 WATER  ON THE FLAMES (Maggie Gallagher) This one only appeared on the internet this morning so it was a case of learning it quickly to teach tonight. I liked it and I think it went down pretty well with the class. The man beat kicks in around halfway through the first wall. Fairly straightforward once you’ve mastered the “in front*anchor steps, and got used to going backwards after the forward shuffle at the start of the final section.

Water On the Flames step sheet

04.06.19  No class

28.05.19 LEGEND (Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson) As this is dedicated to the memory of Lizzie Clarke, its bound to do well. The fact that this is  straightforward 64 count easy intermediate dance with no tags or restarts also helps. As usual with these choreographers, the dance flows well and I’ve feeling it will be a big hit.

Legend step sheet

21.05.19 HABIBI (Gary O’Reilly) An easy(ish) little 32 count dance with just one restart. Not sure everyone was keen on the music but I like the flow and tempo of the dance.

Habibi step sheet

Was asked to teach JUST A PHASE (Fred Whitehouse & Maddison Glover) quite some time ago but have only just found time to cover it. Some in the class had been doing it for a couple of months so this helped the others a bit when the music went on.

Just A Phase step sheet

14.05.19 LONELY BLUES (Rachael McEnaney- White)  I wanted something more upbeat after a few slower dances lately and I have’t done a country one for a while either. So this was ideal – my kind of country track too. A 64 count dance with  no tags or restarts, but a neat ending.

Lonely Blues step sheet

07.05.19 EVERYTHING I HAVE (Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher) Easy enough nightclub 2 step and not as fast as some we’ve covered recently. Two restarts and one simple tag. They like the track by Westlife and I think the dance itself was pretty well received.

Everything I Have step sheet

30.04.19 No new dance this week so we could recap the ones we’ve been doing just recently. If you think this makes for an easier night, think again! We got through 24 dances in total and I think it was still a pretty intensive workout.

23.04.19 SHE AIN’T ME (Maggie Gallagher) This was a bit harder to teach than I was expecting. In the main due to the combination of turns, the speed of the dance in places, and the fact that there’s not much beat to dance to on the opening wall. Not sure it was a hit with everyone but I think another week and people will be more comfortable with it. The two tags are easy enough.

She Ain’t Me step sheet

16.04.19 REPLAY (Daniel Whittaker) Great piece of music for this easy intermediate dance. Has enough in it to be interesting but a relatively easy teach.

Replay step sheet

Squeezed another new one in tonight and it was a bit of a squeeze as we ran a bit short of  time later in the night. The 2nd teach was I GUESS (Ria Vos). This is a higher intermediate dance and certainly took a bit longer.  I’d describe it more of a twisty dance than turny as the turns go one way and then the other. A nightclub two-step but by no means slow. One restart and a tag on walls 6 and 8 respectively.

I Guess step sheet

09.04.19 MAD CRAZY LOVE (Gary O’Reilly) A simple enough dance but with a rolling count and 4 slightly different tags . But the main issue seemed to be on wall 7 when the music fades to nothing and you keep dancing without a beat to guide you. Having watched the choreographer dance it on video it seems to go a little off beat for the last wall which feels a bit strange, certainly at first. But it seemed to be pretty well received.

Mad Crazy Love step sheet

02.04.19 ITS YOU AND ME (Maggie Gallagher) This was taught at Maggie’s weekend event in Southport last week. There’s no sheet out yet and I’ve been asked not to pass it on, but it should be released within the next couple of weeks or so. It’s a 64 count, 2 wall dance with 2 restarts and a brief short tag. there’s a couple of trickier sections but after dancing it a couple of times, the class picked it up fairly quickly.

26.03.19 Nothing new taught this week, we had a recap night. Great turnout, thanks everyone for your support including those who travel a long way (over an hour in some cases) to attend the class. Although there wasn’t a new dance, we still did a lot of dancing.

19.03.19 SUCKER (Julia Wetzel) This was a bit easier than some of the recent dances we’ve covered and like last week’s dance, Keep it Simple, the first half of the dance is easier than the latter half. Its not a smooth flowing dance, as the track has a slightly staccato feel but the steps fit the music very well. Not sure it was a massive hit with the class, but its easy enough to just get up and dance after a couple more weeks, without a lengthy recap.

Sucker step sheet

12.03.19 KEEP IT SIMPLE (Karl-Harry Winson & Dwight Meessen) There are two dances to this track – Maggie G also has a beginner dance but I went with this intermediate one. The first half of the dance is easier than the second but it couldn’t have been too difficult as it got a good response from the class.

Keep it Simple step sheet

Also did a quick teach of LOVE IS LOUD (Robbie McGowan Hickie) at the end of the class. Many had already learnt this elsewhere but a few still wanted to do it so by covering it at the end of the night, it allowed those who didn’t want to stay to have an early night.

05.03.19 YOU AND ME TOGETHER (Ria Vos) 64 count dance with two restarts and a 32 count tag. Might sound a little daunting at first but it was actually an easier teach than I expected. Both the dance and the tag fit the music perfectly and although it’s only March, this is my favourite teach of the year so far. The class seemed to appreciate it too.

You and Me Together step sheet

26.02.19 I AM GIANT (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris)  Have heard this track a lot on the radio and there’s at least one other dance out to it. This has three restarts but flows fairly well once you’ve got used to a couple of quirky bits in it. I’m really not sure how well it went down. Possibly not for everyone.

I Am Giant step sheet

19.09.19 WE’LL BE DANCING (Maggie Gallagher) Well it’s been a while since we’ve had a dance with no tags or restarts and for an intermediate one, this isn’t too hard. The only slight complaint is that the heavy beat sort of comes and goes every so often within the song, but generally the dance was a hit with the class.

We’ll Be Dancing step sheet

12.02.19 CANDLELIGHT (Rob Fowler) Great new single from Jack Savoretti – sounds like a spy movie theme. The dance is only 40 counts with a repeated final 8 counts on 2 walls. Some weren’t keen on doing two complete diamond rotations (with the tag) or the twisty bit in section 3 but generally it was pretty well received. Remember this dance is choreographed to the 3.36 version and not the longer 4.31 one which is generally available from Amazon and iTunes.

Candlelight step sheet

05.02.19 CODIGO (Pat Stott) Dead simple three minute teach to a catchy song about tequila by George Strait. One easy restart.

Codigo step sheet

05.02.19 DESERT WIND (Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie) This was the main dance tonight and I think it went down quite well with most of the class. Three restarts on walls 1, 3 and 5 mean you never get to dance the whole 64 counts when facing the back wall. Sections 6 and 7 of the dance seemed to prove the hardest to get across.

Desert Wind step sheet

29.01.19 JESSIE (Rachel McEnaney-White & Simon Ward) A nice dance but not the easiest to get across on the first night. I have a feeling it probably won’t be a big hit at mine as several people said although they liked the track, they found it hard to get used to the turns in the dance. Its difficult to take out some of the turns without spoiling the dance.

Jessie step sheet

22.01.19 No Class

15.01.19 MY ANGEL AND ME (Karl-Harry Winson) There are several dances of different levels out to this track but this was ideal for my intermediate class. Nothing too tricky but enough to keep it interesting for everyone and with a decent tempo. It was a definitely a big hit.

My Angel And Me step sheet

08.01.19 HOURGLASS (Maggie Gallagher & Gary O’ Reilly) I think this may well be another hit dance for Maggie & Gary. A different opening 8 counts and then some more familiar sequences later in the dance adapted from Cry Baby and The Thing About You. I think everyone got the dance but getting comfortable with the restarts may take a bit longer!

Hourglass step sheet

For dances previously taught see Dances Taught 2018.



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