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Bethlehem Child is an interesting one.  A basic 28 count dance which gradually builds with a few extra steps every rotation. I’m sure when it takes 10 separate lines to describe the extended sequence, some will be put off from teaching it. But, I’ve also no doubt that it’ll probably be a lot easier to dance than it might first look. It’s choreographed by a triplet of Dutchmen. Just not sure whether I want to be dancing to this type of gospel track though.

OK so this next one has now slipped just outside the top 20 but still worth a further look. Classed as advanced or maybe just higher intermediate, I love the track which is from the same band that brought us Vanotek Cha. My kind of music but possibly not one for everyone. as the dance looks a bit nippy and just a little tricky in places.  I’m hoping this is one that Maggie G will teach at her Coventry weekend at the end of this month. 


This is the first in an occasional series of blogs looking at what’s currently in the Top 20 on the  (Copperknob) website. Of course the site is based purely on the number of views a step sheet has been opened/downloaded and doesn’t mean that a particular dance has been taught more than others, or that it is anymore popular than another dance. 

This time I’m going to look at a couple of dances by slightly lesser known choreographers. Currently sitting proudly at No 1 is a dance called Groovy Love and I can see why. Both the music and the dance are that little bit different. It’s only 32 counts, Improver level but the dance captures the slightly funky feel of the track. And I’ll let you into a little secret, I love any dance with backward stepping toe fans in! Did these in Robbie McGowan Hickie’s Don’t Hold Back and they are in this dance too.

The dance is an international collaboration between Fred Whitehouse (Ireland), Daniel Trepat (Holland) and Jonas Dahlgren (Sweden).

Next up is an Intermediate dance called Festikiss. The track One Kiss by Dua Lipa ft Calvin Harris has been top of the pop charts and works well as a fairly fast cha-cha. It’s choreographed by Jef Camps of Belgium (we are currently enjoying his dance Meet Me There to the George Ezra track Paradise) together with Esmeralda van der Pol. I like her dance Capital Letters although I didn’t get chance to teach it at my own class. By coincidence this dance also contains backward toe fan steps!

Feel free to comment if you’ve done any of these dances and let me know how they were received, or indeed if you want to learn them.

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