Do I need a website?

Just wondering how many people regularly visit this website?  As times change it seems more and more people can access information about dances taught etc on Facebook. I tend to put on Facebook what I’m going to be teaching beforehand whereas I only update this site once I’ve taught something.

I’m thinking about possibly closing down the website at some point but continue to update what I’m teaching on Facebook. Would this be a problem for you? Please let me know by commenting below or email me via the Contact section.

8 Responses to “Do I need a website?”

  1. Dawn Warren says on :

    I always check on here every week to see what you have taught & how the dance was received.
    I would miss your post but i could find you on Facebook but things get lost on there amongst all the dross.
    So, i would be sorry if you stopped posting, by the way thanks for posting every week.I do miss the old message board we used to rely on.

  2. Speno says on :

    Thanks Dawn.

  3. Dangerous Johnny says on :

    Always look on your website weekly for your dances taught and for the comments you make regarding each dance or music. I do follow you on Facebook, but would it be possible to check back over the collection of dances as I can on your website?

  4. Speno says on :

    Cheers Johnny.

  5. Fran Harper says on :

    Hi Speno, yes I too look to see what you are teaching as so very often we teach the same dances.
    Over the last 22 years or so the way we communicate our dances-workshops-weekends etc has changed so much. Almost out of all recognition from the very early days of Linedance mag. It is so easy now to communicate on our mobiles-iPads etc.
    Personally I don’t use FB-Twitter. Though I realise most dancers do. We only have to look in class at some of our dancers. 🙂 Yes, I will miss you, but time moves on. Thank you for all your comments & opinions of the dances you have chosen to teach.
    I enjoyed reading them. Fran

  6. Speno says on :

    Thanks Fran, nice to hear from you again. maybe I should keep the website as I obviously have a few regulars!

  7. Sheila Walmsley says on :

    Hi David,
    I don’t do Facebook, so I would miss you a lot. Over the years you have help me so much with different things. I love reading what you have been teaching and your comments.

  8. Speno says on :

    Thanks Sheila, think I’ll keep the website going at least for a bit longer then. Seems it is still useful to people.


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