2018 Dances Taught

11.12.18 LOTS OF LOVE (Maggie Gallagher & Gary O’ Reilly) For me this was a similar style of dance to last week’s. But with it being the last class of 2018 and just before a 3 week break, I only wanted an easy one. Although with the tags and restarts it might not be as simple as it first looks. Seemed to go down fairly well and wasn’t a long teach.

Also danced tonight: Lamtarra Rumba (Christmas Coco Jamboo), Rumba Ride (Christmas Cookies), Ribbon Of Highway (Merry Christmas Everyone), Second Hand Heart, Forget Me Not, Taps, All the Kings Horses, Oh Me Oh My Oh, Waves Of Love, Those Were The Nights, I Close My Eyes, No Chering, Soldier, Feel Alive, Damn, Graffiti, All I Am Is You, It’s Your Moves, Sweet Sweet Smile, Get it Right, Clueless, Hearts On Fire, The Thing About You and Meet Me There.

04.12.18 OH ME OH MY OH (Rob Fowler) This is an upbeat, happy clappy type of song with a dance to match. Not normally the sort of thing I usually go for but its nearly Christmas and we needed something a little easier. Fairly straightforward with just the last 8 counts going into Michael Flatley terrirtory.

Oh Me Oh My Oh step sheet

Also danced tonight: Vanotek Cha, Commitment, Groovy Love, Superheroes, Texas Time, The Yellow & Green, No Chering, The Eurodance, All I Am Is You, Waves Of Love, Its Your Moves, The Thing About You, Graffiti, Clueless, Get It Right, Taps and Delicate.

For dances previously taught…..

27.11.18 NO CHERING! (Ross Brown) Quite a long teach this. It has a 32 count intro that you dance 3 times and a 64 count main dance with one easy 4 count tag. We learnt the intro and practised that a few times before moving on to learn the dance. Goes well to the music and I think it was well received by the class. The dance is called No Chering! because the old Abba track (The Winner Takes It All) is sung here by Cher.

No Chering! step sheet

20.11.18 CLUELESS (Daniel Whittaker & Tina Argyle) Time for something a bit easier this week which I think some people in the class were quite happy about. 64 counts but no and counts so an easy quick teach and just one simple restart. They soon picked it up and liked the track by Olly Murs.

Clueless step sheet

13.11.18 GRAFFITI (Karl-Harry Winson) One of those that might look a bit of a nightmare on first sight but when you start to dance it, it all comes together fairly quickly. Yes there are two tags, similar but different, and two restarts – almost at the same  point but not quite! Despite all this, its a fairly straightforward 32 count dance and the class picked it up without too much problem. Seemed to be well received and could be a big hit nationally.

Graffiti step sheet

06.11.18 WILD FIRE (Ria Vos)  This new dance was taught at the recent Maggie G Coventry weekend. There’s a couple of tricky bits like the ball step after the spiral turn and it’s a bit quick in places. It seemed to split the class with some liking it but others not keen on the dance or track. A 64 count higher intermediate 2 wall dance with one tag and one restart.

Wild Fire step sheet

30.10.18 ITS YOUR MOVES (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris)  This one is perhaps a little more funky than the typical Olly Murs track due to the presence of Snoop Dogg on it. A basic 32 count dance with an additional 16 counts only on walls 1 and 3.  It was the final 8 counts that proved slightly more  tricky. I like the fact that the length of the song is under 3 minutes – I prefer a shorter track for a 32 count dance.

Its Your Moves step sheet

24.10.18 SOLDIER (Jose Miguel Belloque Vane) Just a 32 count 4 wall dance with no tags or restarts but even though it says improver on the sheet I think its more of an intermediate dance. My class didn’t find it that straightforward and needed a bit of practice to get the timing spot on – some parts you’d expect to be 7&8 are actually &7-8. Went down better than I’d anticipated with a full floor when we danced at the end of the night. It’s also been taught at plenty of other places in the East Midlands.

Soldier step sheet

16.10.18 SANGRIA SUN (Tina Argyle) This  is an  easy  dance, perhaps a bit too easy for some in this intermediate class but sometimes you need to have one or two that you can just put on after a couple of weeks, without a walk through. 3 restarts on walls 3,6 and 9 that conveniently arrive when you are facing the 3.00, 6.00 and 9.00 walls but if anything these make the dance more interesting.

Sangria Sun step sheet

16.10.18 TAPS (Darren Bailey) The main dance for the night was a fair bit harder than Sangria Sun. I’ve been wanting a slower dance for a few weeks and this one has a few different step sequences in it. Of course not everyone likes “different” – some prefer to dance what they are already comfortable with. Having said that, I think this one went down slightly better than I expected although it wasn’t a hit with everyone. Personally speaking it may well be my new favourite dance.

Taps step sheet

09.10.18 THOSE WERE THE NIGHTS (Ivonne Verhagen, Kate Sala, Daniel Trepat, Rob Fowler and Giuseppe Scaccianoce).  Hard to believe it took 5 choreographers to create a dance of just 48 counts! This was the second week running that I taught a dance to a Canadian country artist, This one is a bit trickier than last week’s and you need to concentrate to know which wall you are heading for at times.  But it seemed to go down pretty well with the class.

Those Were The Nights step sheet

02.10.18 WAVES OF LOVE (Gary O’Reilly) Upbeat track with a dance that flows well and best of all, it’s not that hard! Well received by the class and not a long teach. Had considered teaching another one in addition to this, but decided to quit while I was ahead. So we ended up getting through a lot more of the dances I’d previously taught.

Waves Of Love step sheet

25.09.18 ALL I AM IS YOU (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) Pretty good response to this one which has a few different step sequences or at least some familiar steps danced to slightly different timing! The class picked it up fairly quickly and they were all on the floor when we danced it again at the end of the night. It has been taught quite a lot in the East Midlands. I had learnt another improver dance ready to teach tonight but felt this one was enough for this week.

All I Am Is You step sheet

18.09.18 Didn’t have a class last week and there was no new dance this week.  Went over dances from the previous few weeks – Make No Promises, The Thing About You, All Yours and The Yellow & Green plus Tough Love, Vanotek Cha, Texas Time, Dirty Little Secret, Glitter and Gold, Darling Hold My Hand, Get it Right, Feel Alive, The Drifter, Raining Glitter, Delicate, Sweet Sweet Smile, The Eurodance, What Ever, Groovy Love, Jump Right In and Hearts On Fire.

04.09.18 MAKE NO PROMISES (Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Jef Camps) This was a hard teach and took longer than I’d anticipated. There is a lot to take in at first with 64 counts of the dance, 16 counts of the tag plus an ending and the tempo if fairly quick. Some didn’t stay on the floor to dance it a second time. But it is definitely one of those that the more you dance it, the easier it feels. If you are at looking at teaching the dance, the step sheet doesn’t make it very clear that you dance the first 8 counts of the tag before going into the ending. Personally I love it but it won’t be one that everyone does at my class.

Make No Promises line dance

29.08.18 THE THING ABOUT YOU (Maggie Gallagher) I’ve had this on the “to-do” pile for a couple of weeks now. Perhaps I should have done it earlier as it seemed to go down very well with the class. Even with the two restarts and tag it flows well and the class picked it up quicker than I expected. 

The Thing About You step sheet

22.08.18 ALL YOURS (Kate Sala) First of all a big thank you to all who came out to class tonight. The first time I’ve moved it to a Wednesday night but luckily I had the same number of people as last Tuesday. I didn’t want anything too hard this week and this is a catchy track from Jason Mraz that most seemed to enjoy. 48 counts, 4 walls and one simple restart.

All Yours step sheet

14.08.18 THE YELLOW AND GREEN (Alison and Peter) I love this track by George Ezra and although there were other dances out to it, I thought this 2 wall 64 count intermediate best suited my class. Fair to say that on week 1 some found  it a bit tricky in places – there are quite a lot of ball cross steps in the dance but it fits the music well and there are no tags or restarts. Generally pretty well received I think. On the 2nd week, everyone seemed a lot more comfortable with the dance and I think it could well soon become a class favourite.

The Yellow and Green step sheet

07.08.18 SWEET SWEET SMILE (Dee Musk) It was a hot night and a few were elsewhere at a live music event so good to have something that was a little easier tonight. An easy enough improver level dance 64 counts and no tags or restarts and choreographed to The Carpenters track of the same name.

Sweet Sweet Smile step sheet

Stella also taught GROOVY LOVE (Fred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat and Jonas Dahlgren) for me. This has a nice funky feel but is only 32 counts and didn’t seem too testing.

Groovy Love step sheet

31.07.18 FEEL ALIVE (Robbie McGowan Hickie) This was the dance that Robbie taught at his own Harrogate weekend last week. Choreographed to the Australian Eurovision entry albeit a slightly different version of the song. The track is We Got love by Jessica Mauboy.     I was a bit concerned some may find parts of it a bit top heavy on turns but it seemed to be well received. 64 counts, 2 walls and 1 easy restart. Step sheet and video to follow in due course.

Feel Alive step sheet

24.07.18 Boy it was a hot night tonight in the hall so big thanks for everyone who came out and nice to see another couple of new faces. New dances tonight were: –

THE EURODANCE (Team Eurodance with Dee Musk) I really like this one and although it was a longish teach I think everyone had more or less got it. Might take another week before we all get comfortable doing the part with both arms and footwork though.  But the choreography fits the track perfectly, one simple restart and a little ending.

The Eurodance step sheet

GET IT RIGHT (Maddison Glover)  An improver dance but with all the “&” counts, a restart and a tag danced twice, there’s plenty to keep the intermediates thinking. Nice little country track that people can soon get the hang of.

Get It Right step sheet

17.07.18 SWEET LULLABY (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) The steps in this aren’t particularly complicated but you do have to think about them a bit. In places where you’d expect a shuffle or weave to be 7&8, they are spread over three whole counts – 6,7,8. The opening section of 8 counts took a bit of practice and for some reason seemed harder when facing the back wall! Two restarts in the same place but the 2nd is one that isn’t easy to spot until you should have done it. Think it might be  popular when we’ve got a bit more used to it.

Sweet Lullaby step sheet

10.07.18 DIRTY LITTLE SECRET (Karl Harry Winson) Nothing too hard in this with just section 4 being a little tricky. The final 8 counts as described on the step sheet don’t appear to exactly match how Karl Harry does the dance on the video. Only minor things like whether you are facing the diagonal or the front wall when doing the heel bounce. Have to say it didn’t go down as well as I expected. Although I personally like the syncopated beat, and feel the dance fits the track really well, some prefer a more constant steady beat.

Dirty Little Secret step sheet

03.07.18 HOLD TIGHT (Robbie McGowan Hickie) It was a hot night with the England game on TV so had a few people missing tonight. But even though this is a fast dance it got a big thumbs up from the people there. The last section with the half turn where you keep the weight back on the left caused a few issues to start with. I’m sure this will do very well in this area with several other teachers having already covered it. If you remember the dance Say Geronimo, this track is by the same Australian band – Sheppard.

Hold Tight step sheet

26.06.18 No class

19.06.18 WHAT EVER (Kate Sala) I did have another dance lined up but thought as I don’t have a class next week, this one was a little bit easier at 48 counts and definitely a lot slower than my other choice. It does feel a little slow at first but when the syncopated steps come in, the tempo picks up.  Two easy restarts and a track that sits somewhere between country and pop in my mind. Seemed to be received alright.

What Ever step sheet

12.06.18 TEXAS TIME (Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax) Its been a while since I’ve taught a dance to a Keith Urban track. This has a nice steady pace which is good as the track is almost five minutes long! No tags or restarts just a simple little ending.

Texas Time step sheet

Also taught at the end of the class I CLOSE MY EYES (Hazel Pace). This was in response to a request by a class member. Quite a few had already learnt it but for those that hadn’t done it before I think they enjoyed it.

I Close My Eyes step sheet

05.06.18 TIL I’M DONE  (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) Was struggling to find anything I really liked for this week’s new dance so went back a few months and covered one I’d never quite got round to before. It turned out to be a little harder teach than I first thought and probably wasn’t helped when I prematurely announced “last wall!” I think it was fairly well received by the class although this week I had a few people missing. A good strong beat in the track by Paloma Faith.

Til I’m Done step sheet

29.05.18 DELICATE (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) Some may be put off when they first view the step sheet for this. It looks a lot harder than it really is because of the restarts but it wasn’t a hard teach. For me it took a few listens to get into the track but the dance fits well. You never do the last 16 counts facing the front wall and the couple of slight step changes on walls 5 and 6 make total sense. Went down pretty well.

Delicate step sheet

22.05.18 TAKING CHANCES (Ria Vos)  Only 32 counts but  not a quick teach as the last half of the dance needed a bit of practice for everyone  to get the timing and direction correct. But for those who like a good nightclub two-step I’d definitely recommend this. Two easy enough restarts and a decent track from Tina Arena.

Taking Chances step sheet

22.05.18 RAINING GLITTER (Rob Fowler & Kate Sala) This was another dance that was taught at the recent Ironstone dance weekend in Whitby although I’d looked at both of these dances beforehand. Even though this is 64 counts, it proved a much easier teach than Taking Chances and I was able to cover 16 counts at a time without too many problems. A bouncy feel good track from another Australian singer – this time Kylie – with just one simple restart.

Raining Glitter step sheet

15.05.18  NO CLASS

08.05.18 VANOTEK CHA (Gary O’Reilly) Initially, the music for this one didn’t particularly grab me but it certainly has a good steady beat, isn’t too fast, and the choreography flows well with typical 8&1 cha-chas steps. Went down pretty well with the class. One restart on wall 5, and then you only complete one more wall. have a feeling this could become very popular with intermediate dancers.

Vanotek Cha step sheet

01.05.18 SAMBARITO (Kim Ray, Pat Stott and Tina Argyle) Not too keen on the wall when they are doing the rap in the song but apart from that I like this track and its a great one to dance too. The only problem was people getting to know where they were heading to in section 4 – the diamond fallaway into the rock step. I think the step sheet should read a 1/4 turn rather than an 1/8 on counts 3& in this section. Went down pretty well with most an could take off.

Sambarito step sheet

24.04.18 SEE YA CECILIA (Rob Fowler & Laura Sway) One of those feel good upbeat country tracks. I started the teach by covering the final two sections of the dance with all the switch steps in. This helped to get possibly the hardest part of the dance in their minds first. Then went back and started at the beginning so when we we’d done the first 56 counts, they were well practised with the ending. Wouldn’t say everyone was foot perfect but it helped and the dance was definitely a hit tonight. 

See Ya Cecilia step sheet

17.04.18 ON THE LOOSE (Ria Vos)  This is described as a high beginner dance. I think most beginners might struggle with it but for intermediates it doesn’t present too much of a challenge. I just liked the track and needed something easier this week. You do need the shorter “alternative” version of the song.

On The Loose step sheet

10.04.18 HOLD A CANDLE (Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson ) Only a small class tonight because of a live music event elsewhere, fog, and the Easter holiday. Finished a little bit earlier than normal but still got through the usual amount of dances. New dance was only 34 counts and 2 walls (rolling count dance) and those who were there enjoyed it. Section 2 and into section 3 contains nearly all the turns but it feels good when you master the timing.

Hold A Candle step sheet

03.04.18 MEET ME THERE (Roy Verdonk, Kevin Deelen, Anja Hauge & Jef Camps)  Love this track, Paradise by George Ezra. The steps feel a little fast and furious at first but you soon get used to the speed. Dance itself isn’t too hard and has one easy tag. I think it went well with the class.

Meet Me There step sheet

27.03.18 WHAT I MISS MOST (Maggie Gallagher & Gary O’Reilly)  Overall this turned out to be a bit easier than I expected although there were a couple of parts that took a little longer for some to master – like the Side Touch & Side Rock in section 5 and the final section of the dance. But I think it went down pretty well with the class. The two restarts didn’t cause any issues. The dance is dedicated to the late Audrey Watson and section 4 borrows some steps from her dance Be Strong.

Also taught THE DRIFTER (Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell) This is a high beginner dance to a  very pleasant track by Offenbach and only needed a quick teach. If you’re expecting a country dance from the title, its actually a mainstream pop track and for me it’s perfect in length at just under two and a half minutes.

20.03.18 NO CLASS

13.03.18 JUMP RIGHT IN (Alison And Peter) This is quite a nippy little dance but it was actually easier to teach than I’d expected and seemed to go down quite well with the class. I like the jumps in the dance that match the words in the song and the cross unwind at the very end of the dance fits perfectly. Just one tag and only six walls to dance in total. Nice one!

06.03.18 FREAK OUT (Robbie McGowan Hickie) A simple enough 64 count intermediate dance with no tags or restarts. Most seemed to like it, some not so keen on the track perhaps. I like the way the full turns forward and then back fit the lyrics about “spinning you round”.

Freak Out step sheet

Also taught DOWN ON YOUR UPPERS (Gary O’Reilly) A very quick teach of this little easy one. Nothing hard but its quite nippy. Had fun at first with a few getting their fit in a tangle on the opening twists and heel hooks and taps!

Down On Your Uppers step sheet

27.02.18 NO CLASS (Cancelled due to weather)

20.02.18 NO PANIC (Niels Poulsen) Good track and a reasonable dance with no tags or restarts, just 7 walls and a simple ending, I think the class appreciated this one especially after a couple of more challenging dances over the previous two weeks. Enough to keep your interest without being too taxing.

No Panic step sheet

13.02.18 BLOODSTONE (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) 32 counts but the combination of consecutive turns in the middle of this dance made it directionally challenging. The more we did it, the easier got it got but its not being danced by everyone.

Bloodstone step sheet

06.02.18 TIGHTROPE (Maggie Gallagher) This was quite a long teach, especially for a waltz but it is a fast one and zips along. An easy enough tag and restart and then the beat in the music drops out a bit on walls 5 and 6 but it seemed easy enough to keep dancing at the same tempo. After they’d danced it a couple of times, I think  the class were enjoying it. 

Tightrope step sheet

I also did a quick teach of Wandering Hearts at the beginning of the class. A couple of people wanted to learn this but many already knew it.

30.01.18 WOMAN AMEN (Rob Fowler) Nothing too challenging in this 64 count, 4 waller which has one restart with a slight step change. It flows fairly well and was an easy teach. I know it’s being taught at quite a few places in and around the area and likely to be one the live bands may well play on the circuit.

Woman Amen step sheet

23.01.18 No Class

16.01.18 IN OUR BLOOD (Robbie McGowan Hickie) I first learnt this dance at Robbie’s weekend in Harrogate last July. I liked it then but decided to wait till the step sheet was released before teaching it. Have to be honest I didn’t think it would take till January for it to appear! I like this track and I think the dance went down quite well with the class. Plenty in it to keep you thinking plus a couple of easy tags.  This should do well round here.

In Our Blood step sheet

09.01.18 TO THE MOON & BACK (Gary O’Reilly & Debbie Rushton) The slower nightclub two-step style dances aren’t always a hit with everyone at my class. But, everyone was up all 3 times when this one was played. That doesn’t mean everyone loved it but I was pleased with the response. There are three easy restarts on walls 1,3 and 5 which mean you never dance the final 4 counts of the dance facing the back wall. I think its a lovely track and great dance especially when you’ve done it a few times and got used to the tempo.

To The Moon & Back step sheet

09.01.18 SWEET HURT (Ria Vos) I taught a 2nd new dance as this is isn’t too much of a challenge. Again, I really like the track (Jack Savoretti) and the dance flows well. It was an easy teach with no tags, restarts or “&” counts.

Sweet Hurt step sheet

02.01.18 ALL THE KING’S HORSES (Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs) Wanted to start the year off with something that wasn’t too tricky and this is a straightforward 2 wall 64 count dance with no tags or restarts. Decent track but at 4 minutes and 20 seconds it feels like it goes on for just a little too long, so might have to start fading it out.

All The King’s Horses step sheet

2 Responses to “2018 Dances Taught”

  1. Helen Porter says on :

    Hi David, just been looking at your Lincoln Lone Stars site. Periodically, I take a look to see what you’ve taught over the weeks but I don’t look regularly because, as you’ve said, you advertise what you’re going to teach, on Facebook. Some people don’t use Facebook, so they may miss your website if you close it down. Last night, I told Stella, that I’m thinking of coming to your class tonight, so, I decided to look up what dances you’ve taught over the last few weeks. I like reading your comments about each dance. I noticed your message about maybe closing your site. If you do close it, will you advertise your lessons on Facebook? It’s important for dancers to be able to find out where venues are for classes and what time classes start etc. I think I’d miss your site even though I don’t use it regularly. Hope to get to your class tonight. Helen

  2. Speno says on :

    Thanks Helen, nice to see you (and Barbara) at my class tonight. Thanks for coming over. I’ve taken on board what people have said about the website and have decided to keep it going for now. I’ve just paid for another 12 months so it will be around for at least a while longer. Thanks for your feedback.


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