2018 Dances Taught

20.02.18 NO PANIC (Niels Poulsen) Good track and a reasonable dance with no tags or restarts, just 7 walls and a simple ending, I think the class appreciated this one especially after a couple of more challenging dances over the previous two weeks. Enough to keep your interest without being too taxing.

No Panic step sheet

Also danced tonight: Islands In The Stream, Tell The World, My First Love, Side By Side, Glitter and Gold, All The Kings Horses, Bloodstone, Story Of A Heart, You Don’t Know Love, In Our Blood, Forget Me Not, To The Moon & Back, Wandering Hearts, Delilah, Tightrope, Sweet Hurt, Woman Amen, and Hearts On Fire.

13.02.18 BLOODSTONE (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) 32 counts but the combination of consecutive turns in the middle of this dance made it directionally challenging. The more we did it, the easier got it got but a few dropped out along the way.

Bloodstone step sheet

Also danced tonight: Bittersweet Memory, Perfect, Came Here For Love, Crybaby, Knee Deep, Tightrope (twice), Everybody’s Got A Secret, Hurts Like A Cha Cha, Love On The Weekend, Attention, All The Kings Horses, In Our Blood, Hearts On Fire, To The Moon & back, Sweet Hurt and Woman Amen.

For dances previously taught…..

06.02.18 TIGHTROPE (Maggie Gallagher) This was quite a long teach, especially for a waltz but it is a fast one and zips along. An easy enough tag and restart and then the beat in the music drops out a bit on walls 5 and 6 but it seemed easy enough to keep dancing at the same tempo. After they’d danced it a couple of times, I think  the class were enjoying it. 

Tightrope step sheet

I also did a quick teach of Wandering Hearts at the beginning of the class. A couple of people wanted to learn this but many already knew it.

30.01.18 WOMAN AMEN (Rob Fowler) Nothing too challenging in this 64 count, 4 waller which has one restart with a slight step change. It flows fairly well and was an easy teach. I know it’s being taught at quite a few places in and around the area and likely to be one the live bands may well play on the circuit.

Woman Amen step sheet

23.01.18 No Class

16.01.18 IN OUR BLOOD (Robbie McGowan Hickie) I first learnt this dance at Robbie’s weekend in Harrogate last July. I liked it then but decided to wait till the step sheet was released before teaching it. Have to be honest I didn’t think it would take till January for it to appear! I like this track and I think the dance went down quite well with the class. Plenty in it to keep you thinking plus a couple of easy tags.  This should do well round here.

In Our Blood step sheet

09.01.18 TO THE MOON & BACK (Gary O’Reilly & Debbie Rushton) The slower nightclub two-step style dances aren’t always a hit with everyone at my class. But, everyone was up all 3 times when this one was played. That doesn’t mean everyone loved it but I was pleased with the response. There are three easy restarts on walls 1,3 and 5 which mean you never dance the final 4 counts of the dance facing the back wall. I think its a lovely track and great dance especially when you’ve done it a few times and got used to the tempo.

To The Moon & Back step sheet

09.01.18 SWEET HURT (Ria Vos) I taught a 2nd new dance as this is isn’t too much of a challenge. Again, I really like the track (Jack Savoretti) and the dance flows well. It was an easy teach with no tags, restarts or “&” counts.

Sweet Hurt step sheet

02.01.18 ALL THE KING’S HORSES (Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs) Wanted to start the year off with something that wasn’t too tricky and this is a straightforward 2 wall 64 count dance with no tags or restarts. Decent track but at 4 minutes and 20 seconds it feels like it goes on for just a little too long, so might have to start fading it out.

All The King’s Horses step sheet

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