Coventry Weekend

We had a good time at Maggie G’s Coventry weekend. Apart from one on Sunday morning  we didn’t stay in to learn the dances as we went out walking instead. Had a fun Saturday night when the theme was Down Under – as the guest choreographer, Simon Ward, is from Australia.

Here’s a link to one of the dances taught – Sexy Beaches – great to watch but probably won’t be teaching it myself!

3 Responses to “Coventry Weekend”

  1. Bill Blackhat says on :

    Well if this is what line dancing has become it is no wonder the village halls and local clubs are empty.

  2. Speno says on :

    Line dancing is now a broad church, there’s room for everyone from those who prefer to “Keep it Country” or do beginner dances, through to those seeking more of a challenge and who may (or may not) want to “Funk It Up”. As long as everyone is enjoying what they are doing, good luck to them!

  3. Kate Jones says on :

    I quite agree… this isn’t my kind of dance either but it was fun watching those who did enjoy it. As David says, line dancing has many different faces and as long as we’re all having fun and enjoying what we do, who are we to criticise what others find enjoyable!


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