2017 Dances Taught



12.12.17 No new dance as this was our last class before Christmas.  We got through 30 dances tonight though.

Played tonight: Commitment, Pretend (Let It Snow by Chely Wright), Second Hand Heart, The Trail, Pot of Gold (In Dulce Jubilo by Mike Oldfield), Life Without You, Black Coffee (Hey Mr Christmas by Showaddywaddy), Glitter and Gold, I Was Wrong, Scared Of The Dark, Hurts Like A Cha Cha, You Don’t Love, Rumba Ride (Christmas Cookies by George Strait), Hearts On Fire, Lonely Drum, Crybaby, Jesse James, Enough Is Enough, Forget Me Not, Attention, Open Your Eyes, Derailed, Story Of A Heart, Jealousy, Everybody’s Got A Secret, Side By Side, Refund To My Heart, One Night Stand, Darling Hold My Hand and Love On The Weekend.

05.12.17 I WAS WRONG (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) This one is a similar sort of level to Everybody’s Got A Secret by the same choreographers, possibly a bit easier. Bit of a mixed response to it this week and we’ve got one more class before our Christmas break. Has a restart on wall 2 and a tag/restart on wall 5 which aren’t hard.

I Was Wrong step sheet

Also danced tonight: Don’t Hold Back, Perfect, Just A Memory, Feet Don’t Fail Me Now, Dynamite, The World, Boombox, Crybaby, Hurts Like A Cha Cha, Light It Up, Story Of A Heart, Scared Of The Dark, Came Here For Love, Superheroes, Glitter And Gold, Hearts On Fire, Delilah, and Forget Me Not.

28.11.17 FORGET ME NOT (Pat Stott) After the challenge of last week’s dance, I wanted something a little easier this time. This is an easy intermediate gentle 64 count 4 waller that went down quite well. Ideal for winding down a bit as we head towards the Christmas break. Nothing too hard and I liked section 3 with the turn and hooks and section 4 with the spiral turn.

Forget-Me-Not step sheet

Also danced tonight: First To Last, Side By Side, Timezone, Black Horse, Refund to My Heart, Everybody’s Got A Secret, Hurts Like A Cha Cha, Diamond Dreams, Lonely Drum, Glitter and Gold, Boots, Crybaby, Attention, Came Here For Love, Hearts On Fire, Scared Of The Dark, Story Of A Heart, Open Your Eyes, and Wonder.

For dances previously taught…

21.11.17 HURTS LIKE A CHA CHA (Simon Ward, Daniel Trepat and Fred Whitehouse) This one is a bit harder than some I’ve been teaching recently. Important to concentrate on timing in places but once you’ve got the steps you can really start to enjoy how well the choreography fits the track. Perhaps not a dance for everyone with hip rolls and head moves but I was pleased with how well it was received.

Hurts Like A Cha Cha step sheet

14.11.17 HEARTS ON FIRE (Maggie Gallagher) This is one I learnt at Maggie’s recent Coventry weekend. the steps aren’t hard, possibly more of a high improver level dance, but its fast, and with 4 restarts (and a simple 4 count tag) it possibly just falls into the intermediate category. Music by Gavin James. Big hit at my class with everyone up all 3 times I played it. 

Hearts On Fire step sheet

07.11.17 BOOTS (Madison Glover) I feel this dance fits the track really well with the choreography (kicks, spins and holds etc) matching the lyrics perfectly. The restart and  tag/step change didn’t seem to cause too much of an issue. Not sure everyone liked the music though. Talking of which, you do need to ensure you have the clean version of the Kesha song – if not there is some explicit language in it although I doubt that many would actually notice while they are concentrating on learning the dance. If you need any help in finding the track, just let me know.

Boots step sheet

At the beginning of the class I did a quick revision of Everybody’s Someone (Maggie G). At the end of the class I also went over Rock This Party (Simon Ward).

31.10.17 STORY OF A HEART (Michelle Risley) Had this one on the pile for a while and unusually for me I’d even made reference to it at class as I know that dances to Steps tracks are usually well received. Went ahead and taught it this week and think it’s safe to say it was a big hit. Perhaps I should have done it sooner! The main dance is 64 counts and 4 walls but not too hard as its nearly all steps we’ve done before. On wall 4 you drop two counts in the middle of the sequence – this may sound odd but it ensures it fits the track perfectly. Before the main dance, you do an 8 count slower introduction 4 times which works well.

Story Of A Heart step sheet

24.10.17 EVERYBODY’S GOT A SECRET (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) Another dance to a track from the new CD by Pink. Its a 64 count 2 wall intermediate dance and by Neville and Julie standards it’s not one of their hardest. Still plenty to think about and section 6 seemed to be the part we had most difficulty with. Mixed reaction first week, hope it might be a little easier next week. If you intend learning the dance, I’d point out that there are a couple of quarter turns missing from the heading for section 8 – they are in the step description so read the sheet carefully.

Everybody’s Got A Secret step sheet

17.10.17 CRYBABY (Gary O’Reilly & Helen O’Malley) Good to see Helen O’Malley choreographing dances again – she choreographed Black Coffee many many years ago. The partnership here works well as together they’ve created a good solid intermediate dance that fits the music really well and has a good mix of turns and easier sections. The fact that they’ve kept it a two wall dance made it a little easier for the class to pick up. Neat little ending to finish the dance too. A hit dance at mine.

Crybaby step sheet

10.10.17 ONE NIGHT STAND (Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson) Good to have a solid intermediate dance to an upbeat country song for a change. A little bit tricky in places and quite quick too but no tags or restarts and just six walls from start to finish. 

One Night Stand step sheet

03.10.17 ENOUGH IS ENOUGH (Ria Vos) Haven’t taught a phrased dance for a while. The sequence in this one isn’t too hard and Part A is only 16 counts while Part B has 32. I think some weren’t so keen on the slower Part A that doesn’t have such an obvious heavy beat but overall the dance seemed to be reasonably well received. The track seems to be played on almost every radio station at present.

Enough Is Enough step sheet

26.09.17 OPEN YOUR EYES (Maggie Gallagher) Had a full floor all 3 times that we danced this so that’s got to be a good sign. A 64 count 2 wall intermediate dance but even with 3 restarts I’d say it’s on the easier side of intermediate. In fact the restarts mean that you only ever dance the final 16 counts when you are facing the front wall. The class liked the music and dance so a hit!

Open Your Eyes step sheet

19.09.17 I did think about not teaching anything after our week off but decided to go with GENTLEMAN (Julia Wetzel). This is an improver level dance, 2 wall and 64 counts – all whole counts though with a few holds thrown in. Flows well with an interesting turn sequence in the middle and I also like the opening 8 counts. 

Gentleman step sheet

12.09.17  No class.

05.09.17 CITY ON FIRE (Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie) There is an easier dance to this Gavin DeGraw track but  this intermediate one from Kate and Robbie proved just right for my class. It flows well and fits the track spot on. A few parts took a little longer to get our heads round but I think the class enjoyed it.

City On Fire step sheet

29.08.17 BOOMBOX (Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson) Neat little 48 count, 4 wall dance to a very catchy track. One easy restart and a simple little ending. Went down very well. No sheet available yet.

Also taught LONELY DRUM (Darren Mitchell) This dance is being done everywhere at the moment but some in the class hadn’t yet learned it. Only needed a quick teach at the start of the class and they seemed to enjoy it.

Lonely Drum step sheet

22.08.17 DELILAH (Ria Vos) Wasn’t sure how this would go down and wondered if it might be a “Marmite” dance. But I think most people enjoyed it.  It helped that it’s on the easier side of intermediate with repeated sections and only 2 walls without tags or restarts. I like the Latin feel to this version of the old Tom Jones song and it has a great beat to dance to.

Delilah step sheet

15.08.17 No new dance this week – just revised the ones taught recently.

08.08.17 GLITTER AND GOLD (Robert Lindsay) Nearly didn’t do this one after some videos created a bit of confusion about where the 2nd tag and restart were in the dance. But glad I did go ahead with it. On a very wet night and with nearly half the class elsewhere, those that turned out appeared to really enjoy it. The first and last 16 counts are easy, just the middle 32 that can be a little tricky but all the more rewarding once you master them.

Glitter and Gold step sheet

01.08.17 HIT ME WHERE IT HURTS (Karl Harry Winson)  This was quite a hard teach as the dance is fast and furious with tags at the end of walls 1,3 and 5. Some really liked it but others struggled a bit so it might take a few weeks to get really comfortable with. Good dance once mastered.

Hit Me Where It Hurts step sheet

25.07.17  WE’RE IN HEAVEN (Gary O’Reilly)  The first nightclub two-step I’ve taught for a while. Slow ballads may not be for everyone but some in the class really enjoy them. Decent cover version of the old Bryan Adams song “Heaven” and a nice dance to match.

We’re In Heaven step sheet

Also taught ATTENTION! (Karl Harry Winson) Looked at this when it first came out in May but wasn’t too keen on the track. But after hearing it over and over on the radio for the last few months, I’ve grown to like it. The dance is a little frantic in places but it fits well and I think this could become very popular in my class.

Attention! step sheet

18.07.17 CAME HERE FOR LOVE (Dee Musk) No tags or restarts in this 64 count 2 waller.  An upbeat track featuring Ella Eyre. The dance has plenty of turns, first one way and then the other, a few samba steps thrown in for good measure and also an opening and end section that both include variations of rock forward and touch back turns, Nice dance that seemed to go down pretty well although there were a few people missing tonight.

Came Her For Love step sheet

11.07.17 YOU GOT ME AND I GOT YOU (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) We love a bit of Olly Murs at our class. This is an easy intermediate 32 count dance with an additional 16 count tag on the end of walls 1 and 3. I’d actually prefer it if you got to dance the tag again as it makes more interesting. I preferred just doing anchor steps instead of the pony steps. The hardest bit is probably knowing where you are heading to with the turning sweep bits.

You Got Me & I Got You step sheet

04.07.17 DAS VI DANIYA (Daniel Whittaker) A relatively easy 64 count dance with one restart. A bit of fun with the cossack style folded arms in the middle sections and I also like the final two sections of the dance. Went quite well I think.

Das Vi Daniya step sheet

27.06.17  NO CLASS

20.06.17 THE RIVER (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) A 48 count dance to a Delta Goodrem track with a strong beat. They got the first restart OK but changing the final press to the 2 walks and repeating the last 15 counts of the dance proved a lot harder.  Only the first week though and it will definitely get easier with practice.

The River step sheet

13.06.17 DANCIN’ THE DUST (Tina Argyle) Love this country track by Jon Pardi and its good how the kicks at the end of the dance sequence tie in with the “kicking” lyrics in the song. Although classed as improver level, we certainly didn’t find it too easy on the first week.

Dancin’ The Dust step sheet

Also recapped an oldie tonight – DANCING WITH CUPID (Kate Sala) This was a very popular dance at my class back in 2012 and it was good to be doing it again.

Dancing With Cupid step sheet

06.06.17 SLOWLY GENTLY SOFTLY (Gary O’Reilly) I’ve been hearing this a lot on the radio in the car and apparently its been a big hit all over Europe. I do like the more Latin flavoured tracks but I know some in my class aren’t as keen. Although its only 32 counts there’s still plenty of footwork to pick up in this one, plus the slowing down bit on wall 2 and the little tag at the end of wall 6.

Slowly Gently Softly

30.05.17 DON’T HOLD BACK (Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl Harry Winson) This proved  to be a slightly tricky teach but we got there in the end. Good job its only a two wall dance. Think it’ll be popular over the next few months and it’ll become easier after a couple of weeks of dancing it. I like the toe fan option in the opening section.

Don’t Hold Back step sheet

23.05.17 BLUE AIN’T YOUR COLOR (Roy Verdonk & Jose Miguel Bellogue Vane) A fairly simple little waltz that’s been out for almost a year but which is just starting to take off in this area. I think we are now used to 96 count waltzes so this was a quickish teach to a lovely song by Keith Urban. 

Blue Ain’t Your Color step sheet

23.05.17 LIGHT IT UP (Gary O’Reilly) In complete contrast to the dance above this was a fast samba to a pop track. You only dance six walls and it has a neat simple ending but no tags or restarts. A couple of sections you have to give a little more thought to that keeps it interesting.

Light It Up step sheet

16.05.17 No Class

09.05.17 DIAMOND DREAMS (Robbie McGowan Hickie) The step sheet for this is finally released. Typical Robbie steps that flow so well although I’ve never known a cross side sailor step (after the 3/4 pivot and chasse) to prove so hard!! Can see this being taught and danced a lot in this area. Catchy track and no complicated footwork so should do well.

Diamond Dreams step sheet

02.05.17 NO MORE TEARS ON THE DANCEFLOOR (Alison & Peter) My class are still enjoying dancing to another track by Steps for the dance Scared Of The Dark, So I thought I’d be on safe ground when choosing this brand new one from Alison & Peter. I wasn’t  wrong – the dance takes a bit of mastering but its its a flowing solid intermediate 64 counter, 2 walls with no tags or restarts. Went down very well with the class.

25.04.17 WONDER (Rob Fowler, Roy Verdonk & Severine Fillion) Its been a while since I’ve taught a country one and I know some in the class are fans of Josh Turner. Probably not a hit with everyone but its an easy enough 64 count 2 waller with two simple restarts.

Wonder step sheet

18.04.17 WHATCHUGOT (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) After two new dances last week I thought I’d do an easier one this week. Perhaps a little too easy for some in the class but it has a good beat for an 8&1 cha cha. Nothing too hard in this improver level dance although it takes a bit to get your head around the tag/restart.

Whatchugot step sheet

Also revised a 2007 dance – A COWBOY AND A DANCER (Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs) A lovely steady country track that some hadn’t done for a while.

11.04.17 RHYTHM INSIDE (Darren Bailey) No tags or restarts in this 2 wall 64 count dance. Not sure if the step sheet is completely right in section 2 as surely counts 4 and 8 should be sweeps rather than holds? In section 5 I did a heel dig for count 4 as it suggests in the heading rather than another kick as shown in the step description.  Hope this doesn’t put people off teaching it as its a decent dance.

Rhythm Inside step sheet

11.04.17 IN OR OUT (Dwight Meessen & JMB Vane)  Fast moving little 32 count dance. Had to suggest an alternative for counts 3&4 in the first section as there’s just not enough time to travel on the swivels. We just did a twist and turn on the spot instead. Turns in each of the four sections and  a simple tag at the end of wall 3.

In Or Out step sheet

04.04.17 PROMISE ME (Maggie Gallagher) Not the sort of track I’m usually drawn to but the dance itself is easy enough. It’s just the extra tags and restarts you have keep track of. I like the opening section which is a little bit different but the rest of the dance is not that groundbreaking. It went down slightly better than I expected and I certainly feel its a grower.

Promise Me step sheet

28.03.17 DY NA MITE (Dee Musk)  Not an easy teach with sections 2 and 3 proving a bit tricky. I think some in the class were a little put off by the 4 hip bumps in section 6 but they do fit the Boom Boom Boom Boom in the music. I also like the way the skate and chasse sections match the music. It didn’t go down as well as I’d hoped but a healthy number were back up for it when I played it at the end of the night.

Dy Na Mite step sheet

21.03.17 SCARED OF THE DARK (Daniel Whittaker) Yes there’s more than one dance to this track but this is a straightforward, fairly easy 64 count intermediate one that the class seemed to take to. Everyone stayed on the floor for a second go at it. I told them not to judge it till after the restart on wall 2 when the main beat really kicks in. I think Daniel has done a good job of capturing the disco feel of the track.

Scared Of The Dark- step sheet

14.03.17 NANCY MULLIGAN (Maggie Gallagher & Gary O’Reilly)  I tend to avoid these Irish improver level dancers as I often feel they come and go fairly quickly but I wanted something that wasn’t too hard this week. Not sure it was a hit with everyone but it was an easy teach and I’ve a feeling it will soon be filling dance floors all over.

Nancy Mulligan step sheet

I also recapped an old dance from 2001 danced to the Jennifer Lopez track of the same. Nice little 32 count dance – nothing too hard.

Ain’t It Funny step sheet

07.03.17 REFUND TO MY HEART (Ria Vos) This should do very well. A lovely track and a great dance that fits perfectly – I especially like the feel of the tag. Need to remember the footwork, concentrate on the timing and keep your sense of direction. Once mastered it feels great and went down well with the class. 

Refund To My Heart step sheet

07.03.17 BORED (Ria Vos) Yes two new dances from the same choreographer on one night! This is a nice beginner level one – I like the catchy but steady track and loved the fact that at two and a half mins it doesn’t outstay its welcome.

Bored step sheet

28.02.17 THE VIOLIN (Kate Sala) Lots teaching this one in the East Midlands at present and although its a 64 count 4 waller, it didn’t take too long to teach. I thought section 5 might cause a few issues but it was the next section with the shuffle 1/2 turn, rock back and pivot turns where some seemed to lose track. Good to get the tag and restart out of the way on the first wall. The class enjoyed it.

The Violin step sheet

21.02.17 DIG YOUR HEELS (Madison Glover) Phrased dances with section a’s b’s plus tags have to be good to take off these days. This one is certainly worth the effort and its not half as daunting as it might appear when you first try and work out the sequence from the step sheet. Nice switch between faster sections and the slower part B that’s only danced twice on the 3 o clock wall, Love the tag that has a real feed good vibe and finishes the dance off nicely – big hit tonight but how long will it stay around for?

Dig Your Heels step sheet

14.02.17 DROP DEAD GORGEOUS (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) Ideal for a Valentine’s Day teach with a title like this. A relaxed laid-back cha cha. Easy enough 32 count dance with  a chilled out vibe. The sequence to remember is to do 2 walls + restart, 2 walls + tag, then 2 walls + tag&restart, 1 wall to finish. Don’t be put off, its really not that hard when you get dancing it.

Drop Dead Gorgeous step sheet

14.02.17 YOU BELONG (Robbie McGowan Hickie & Jef Camps) A dance that was taught at the Crystal Boot Awards weekend.  Took a few listens for me to get into the music and some in the class commented that the dance flowed better with the music rather than just walking the steps through. Feels quite frantic at first as there are plenty of turns in it but had quite a good response from the class.

You Belong step sheet

07.02.17 VIVA LOCO (Kate Sala) This is Kate doing what she does best – straightforwad choreography with her usual styling flicks and scuffs to a track sung in Spanish. Fairly nippy but everyone managed to pick up the footwork and it went down very well. Had seen one or two people recommending this one and was glad I decided to give it a go.

Viva Loco step sheet

31.01.17 NO CLASS

24.01.17 SHADY (Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse and Amy Glass) One of those dances where you could be put off a little when you first look at the step sheet. The sequence including the tags and restart look far worse than they are actually are to dance.  The basic 32 count dance is fairly simple to pick up and really fits the music well. For me, the tags make it even better.

Shady step sheet

17.01.17 SHARDS OF GLASS (Karl-Harry Winson)  I’ve said before,that this type of nightclub two-step may not be everyone’s cup of tea but give them a few goes and you often really get the feel of them. I don’t think the steps aren’t particularly hard but the timing can be a little tricky especially when the beat in the music fades a little. Once mastered if feels nice to dance. Really like the slow touch and look back in the middle of the dance.

Shards Of Glass step sheet

10.01.17 OOPS BABY (Cody Flowers & Rachael McEnaney) Neat little 32 count dance – I especially like the feel of section 2 with the side behind sequence.  Have a feeling it may not stay around too long at my class but time will tell.  There are other dances to this track but this seems to be the one that most are picking up on.

Oops Baby step sheet

03.01.17 IT’S GOTTA BE YOU (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) Start of a new year and a fairly long teach with this 8&1 cha-cha which is 64 counts plus restarts and a tag.  The good thing is that the dance isn’t that fast so you do have a bit more thinking time.  Once danced through a couple of times it did fall into place quite well.

It’s Gotta Be You step sheet

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