2016 Dances Taught

11.12.16 LOVE ON THE WEEKEND (Gary O’Reilly) One of those tracks that may not grab you the first time you listen to it, but after dancing it a few times tonight, people seemed to agree that yes they were starting to enjoy dancing to it. Flows nicely and I like the hinge turn and rock sequence although the final 16 counts proved to be the  hardest for my lot. Hope this dance doesn’t get overlooked due to the Christmas and New Year break that many classes will be having now.

Love On The Weekend step sheet

Also danced tonight:  Lamtarra Rumba-Ribbon Of Highway-Tell The World to Christmas tracks, The Lone Ranger, Harden Up Princess, Jealousy, Sofia, Human After All, Say It Again, Love On The Weekend, Brand New Chick, Funky Love, Kiss The Sky, What  About Tonight, You Don’t Know Love, Grow Up, So Good, I Came To Love You, Blame It On My Heart, Where My Love Goes and Rated R.

04.12.16 No class due to fog.

29.11.16 HUMAN AFTER ALL (Ria Vos) This is the sort of the dance I used to cover at the end of the class just for those who wanted to stay and learn an extra one.  But I decided that it was asking a bit much to expect them to start learning a dance like this after a hard night of dancing. So I did it early, but not surprisingly it wasn’t for everyone. Those who like a bit more of a challenge enjoyed it but some not keen on the track. With the turns in the dance and the timing, higher intermediate is probably a fair description. Needed a more in depth teach so we lost a little general dancing time.

Human After All step sheet

29.11.2016 FUNKY LOVE (Maggie Gallagher) This was a dance I brought back from our weekend away at Coventry. A total contrast to Human After All, this one has simplish steps but its fast and furious with plenty of tags and restarts to remember, and is more of a mainstream dance. Not a long teach despite the 72 counts.

Funky Love step sheet

Also danced tonight: Just A Kiss, Gypsy Queen, Tough Love, Save The Day, Blame It On My Heart, Suite 16, Brand New Chick, Meteorite, I Came To Love You, So Good, Where My Love Goes, and Rated R.

For dances previously taught…..

22.11.16 SO GOOD (Ria Vos & Shelly Guichard) A Bittersweet Memory kind of feel to this nightclub 2 step, although maybe this track isn’t quite as strong as the David Nail song. Nice little dance though. I like the sailor cross into the weave and the  back rock half turn into the back sweeps in the last section.

So Good step sheet

15.11.16 No new dance this week as we had a recap catch up week.

08.11.16 METEORITE (Rob Fowler & Tina Argyle) Best to do this one a few times before judging it I think. At first the holds in section 3 and the transition from the end of the sequence into the start of the next wall might feel a little odd. But as you get used to them, they feel right,  Had some initial doubts whether the track was strong enough but I can see this one doing alright.

Meteorite step sheet

01.11.16 RATED R (Karl-Harry Winson & Daniel Whittaker) We had done a dance to this about 6 years ago but that was to the original Lady Gaga song. This is a newer version from Caro Emerald and the dance fits it well, especially the tag. the dance doesn’t work to the Lady Gaga track. I like the opening 8 counts and the monterey turn hitch sequence.

Rated R step sheet

25.10.16 WHERE MY LOVE GOES (Maggie Gallagher) Decided to go with two new 32 count dances this week. This was the harder of the two but my intermediates still picked this up quickly.  Two easy restarts after the rumba box on the front wall and a simple 4 count sway tag on the back wall plus a neat little ending too. They liked this one.

Where My love Goes step sheet

25.10.16 LOVING MY BABY (Willie Brown) I decided to throw this one in as a little extra teach because I liked the Michael Buble track.  It only needed a quick teach but its a great little improver level dance. I like the change of steps on the last wall to finish facing the front wall. We tried it to the version of the song with the little rap in but mine preferred the trumpet alternative mix.

Loving My Baby step sheet

18.10.16 GROW UP (Alison & Peter) Dances choreographed to Olly Murs tracks always go down well at my class. This is steady 48 count  2 wall dance without any tags or restarts. flows well and picked up fairly quickly by the class.

11.10.16 I CAME TO LOVE YOU (Gary O’Reilly & Dee Musk) Yes we enjoyed this new one. Decent track and good dance with the odd section borrowed from some of the older classic dances – Jai Du Boogie and Smokey Places for example. These more familiar sections are welcome though, as the rest of the dance has plenty of turns – although not big ones. 3 restarts that are all on the back wall and a pattern that soon falls into place. Should be a winner!

I Came To Love You step sheet

04.10.16 BLAME IT ON MY HEART(Ria Vos) A 64 count 4 wall intermediate dance with one restart.  For me, the music didn’t grab me that much when I first heard it, but I liked the way the dance flowed and after a few trial runs, I was soon enjoying thee track.  Had some people missing from class tonight but I think it went down well with those  who were there. Sections 4 and 5 were the slightly more tricky parts.  No sheet out yet but here is the music.

Blame It On My Heart step sheet

27.09.16 WHAT ABOUT TONIGHT (Robbie McGowan Hickie) Typical flowing Robbie dance but perhaps with  few more turns in than normal.  Enough to think about in it for my intermediates but it seemed to go down well once they’d got used to where they were heading for.  No sheet out yet but you can see a video here.

20.09.16 YOUR HEAVEN (Niels Poulsen) Was originally going to just have a recap night after our week away but this is easy enough to only require a quick teach.  Short and sweet and to a good pacey Eurovision track.  The two restarts and simple tag help to keep it interesting and it got a thumbs up from the class.

13.09.16 Sorry – No class

06.09.16 SAY IT AGAIN (Kate Sala) Not everyone likes the nightclub two-steps but this one was very well received by the class.  I like the sailors into the full turn sequence and also the way the dance switches from the front and back wall to the side walls after the restart on wall 3. Just not quite so keen on the Monterey turn and scissor step which doesn’t feel in keeping with the nightclub style. Decent track and not too hard so should do well.

Say It Again step sheet

30.08.16 KISS THE SKY (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) A solid intermediate dance with a that combines some easier sections with others that include more turns.  Getting the weight in  the right place for the kick and slide section followed by the heel swivels took a bit of practice.  I think the steps fit the music by Jason Derulo really well but this won’t be danced by everyone in the class.

Kiss The Sky step sheet

23.08.16 BRAND NEW CHICK (Ria Vos) It was a hot night tonight so I was glad to have a dance that wasn’t too testing. Decent summery sounding track and a quick teach to boot. Maybe not challenging enough for some but most seemed to like it.

Brand New Chick step sheet

16.08.16 MAYBE TOMORROW (Niels Poulsen & Malene Jakobsen) Its been a long time since we’ve done a waltz but its also been a long time since I’ve liked one as much as this!  Its one of those that looks and sounds long-winded when you first run through the dance plus tags and ending.  Yes, there’s a lot to take in at first but when we had danced it a few times, it seemed to fall into place.   At the end of the night everyone was back on the floor to dance it a third time which is always a good sign.  I think they like the track by Westlife.

Maybe Tomorrow step sheet

09.08.16 SUITE 16 (Karl Harry Winson) Another dance that I first saw at the Harrogate weekend. 48 counts and nothing too hard with a fun 4 count bridge in the middle. Suite 16 are a Norwegian boy band and this is a catchy track that I can see doing quite well.

Suite 16 step sheet

02.08.16 YOU DON’T KNOW LOVE (Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick) I’m sure this will be a big dance hit in a very short time.  Went down very well at my class and I noticed that when I played it again at the end of the night most had just about remembered it.  I just need to master the count in!

You Don’t Know Love step sheet

02.08.16 LA POMPA (Ria Vos) Taught this towards the end of the night and as expected not everyone was too keen on the music.  I like it as I do most sambas but some of the steps are similar to those in Woman Up.  If you like music that’s slightly on the funky side, check this one out!

La Pompa step sheet

27.07.16 WOMAN UP (Rachael McEnaney-White & Amy Christian) Its summer samba time!  This is a lively 4 wall 48 count dance to an upbeat bouncy track by Meghan Trainor with a mix of some easier and some more challenging sections.  I think it fits the music well and I like the final 8 count section the best.

Woman Up step sheet

20.07.16 HARDEN UP PRINCESS (Simon Ward) The hottest day of the year so far was possibly not the best night to be teaching this one. Understandably a few people were missing but many thanks to those who turned out tonight and braved the sticky heat. It was so warm I even let them finish early!!  I think this went down well and has the feel good factor that’s needed to become a top 10 dance.  Section 5 with the knee pops, flicks and funky walks proved the hardest section to master.

Harden Up Princess step sheet

13.07.16 SO JUST DANCE DANCE DANCE (Jose Miguel Belloque Vane  & Guillaume Richard) Lots of dances out to this massive Justin Timberlake track. We see this one and the one Teresa and Vera choreographed danced out at local socials. I thought this one fitted the track well and with some people missing from class at this time of year, it was handy to have an easier dance to teach for a change.  It’s got just enough to keep it interesting.

So Just Dance Dance Dance

06.07.16 THE LONE RANGER (Karl-Harry Winson) 48 count, 4 wall dance with a big tag at the end of the first wall and a little tag after walls 3 and 5.  I think the class found it a little frantic at first but once you get your bearings and used to the tempo, it soon feels a lot better.  We’ve already done Tough Love from the same singer and by the same choreographer but this is  a totally different dance.

The Lone Ranger step sheet

28.06.16 Just a revision night this week so no new dance taught but lots danced!

21.06.16  No class

14.06.16 GIRLS LIKE (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) Well I guessed this wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea and some were put off by the music which is more Radio 1 in style than Radio 2.  Good dance though and once you’ve mastered it I think you soon get used to the music. I like the sit/dip recover into the paddle turn and also the final 8 counts which take a bit of getting used to.

Girls Like step sheet

07.06.06 SOLO AMOR (Rob Fowler, Vivienne Scott, JP Madge, and Fred Buckley) Another dance that I first learnt at Whitby last month. As we hit the warm weather and have people away on holiday or at other events, I wanted something that wasn’t too hard. Although its a phrased dance with a 32 count section A and a 16 count section B, its a pattern that’s easy to pick up.  Just do 2 lots of B when the rap section comes on facing the front wall.

Solo Amor step sheet

31.05.16 MANJARO (Robbie McGowan Hickie) Seems to have taken a while for this step sheet to pop out as it was choreographed back in January. Nice enough  track from Charlie Puth although I’m not over keen on the rapping section. Fairly simple enough dance although once you start putting the walls together its a slightly more directionally challenging dance. Class seemed to like it.

Manjero step sheet

24.05.16 Brought two dances back from our recent trip to the line dance weekend in Whitby.  First up was GYPSY QUEEN (Hazel Pace).  This has been taught a lot in our part of the East Midlands and rightly so as its a great little improver dance that is tag free.  Decent track as well from Chris Norman, former lead singer of the band Smokie.

Gypsy Queen step sheet

24.05.16 SOFIA (Francien Sittrop) There are several dances to this track but this fits really well and although intermediate with tags at the end of the first four walls, it isn’t a hard teach. We’ve danced to this singer before when we did Alvaro and Your Place Or Mine. A catchy track with a dance that deserves to do well.

Sofia step sheet

17.05.16 No Class

10.05.16 IS IT DESIRE? (Raymond Sarlemijn & Niels Poulsen) Quite a quick offbeat cha-cha that has no big turns but plenty to keep you occupied within its 48 counts along with an easy 4 count tag and a restart later in the dance.  Maybe need another week for everyone to get fully comfortable with it.

Is It Desire? step sheet

03.05.16 CORAZON DIAMENTE (DIAMOND HEART)   (Roy Verdonk, Maggie G & Gary O‘Reilly) Great Spanish track from Enrique and a dance that everyone can soon master. Not sure we look like the choreographers when they dance it but even without all the styling it still feels a great little dance. Went down well.

Corazon Diamente step sheet

26.04.16 MAGICAL MYSTERY RIDE (Alison & Peter) A more dance friendly reworked version of the John Legend song All Of Me. Sections 3 and 4 twist and turn but are followed by a couple of more or less repeated sections which make them a little easier to remember.  The dance flows well once you’ve got used to the fairly quick tempo.  Some of mine thought it felt like a workout, appropriate as its the workout mix of the D’Macy song you need for the dance.  A bit long at four and a half minutes but it was quite well received.

Magical Mystery Ride step sheet

19.04.16 DIRTY MIND (Daniel Whittaker) If you enjoyed Hit The Base or Rock this Factor, you may well like this one too. I was a bit  unsure about the music at first but I liked the dance and it does fit well.  More solid intermediate than advanced although it takes a few goes to get used to where the tags and restarts pop up!  Not for everyone but fairly good response.

Dirty Mind step sheet

Also taught DANGERZONE (Ria Vos) which is described on the sheet as easy intermediate.  Yes, its only 32 counts with no tags or restarts but it is on the busy side when it comes to the footwork.  To be fair, the teach was a bit easier than I expected with things falling into place quite quickly.  Again one or two weren’t so keen on the track but most seemed to be back up to dance it again.

Dangerzone step sheet

12.04.16 THE NIGHT WE MET (Jef Camps & Daisy Simons) Someone recommended this dance to me when I was out at the weekend. Took a look and liked both the music and the dance and thought it was one the class might like.  Once I’d got used to the format of the step sheet,  I thought the dance flowed really well and it reminded me of something Robbie McGowan Hickie might choreograph,  mainstream intermediate, 4 walls with one restart and a simple tag that is danced twice.  Well worth checking out – my class certainly enjoyed it.

The Night We Met step sheet

05.04.16  No new dance this week as we had a revision night.  We got through 20 dances in total.

29.03.16 TANGLED UP (Rob Fowler) Wasn’t too sure which dance to teach this week but in the end I thought that this one, despite being described as advanced on the step sheet, wasn’t really too hard.  I like the tag with the rolling vine and claps in and the rest of the dance had a sort of Uptown Funk kind of feel to it.  Most of the class seem to like it.

Tangled Up step sheet

22.03.16 I NEVER KNEW (Simon Ward) Gorgeous track from Carrie Underwood and equally good dance.  A must-do nightclub two-step that was very well received.

I Never Knew step sheet

15.03.16 GOLD WATCH (Kate Sala) After something a little softer last week, its back to a more funky track from Fleur East.  64 counts, 4 walls and just one easy restart. I like  the little hold in section 2 when she sings “Tick Tock” in the song and like a lot of dances at present there’s a walk around full turn in it.  At least this is a little different with a single step either side of a shuffle. Section 3 and the last half of the final section are quite fast till you get used to them but they fit the track.  Overall I think this well received.

Gold Watch step sheet

08.03.16 ABOUT FEELINGS (Ria Vos) Already being taught elsewhere in the area and a totally different dance to last week’s.  This is a slow country ballad.  You do need to concentrate on timing but it’s only 32 counts and 2 walls with just one restart.  Very much a case of not going too fast in this one after the rush of struggling to keep up in places with last week’s dance.  Surprised that everyone was back up to dance it again.

About Feelings step sheet

08.03.16 JUKEBOX (Jo Thompson) Also revised this classic country oldie.  A fast one but enjoyed by most who stayed behind for the recap, even though some may never have seen it before!

01.03.16 STAND BY YOU (Maggie Gallagher) Had already taught Karl-Harry’s Tough Love to another Rachel Platten track but this is a totally different dance.  Very fast in places, some thought it too fast to be comfortable when they first danced it, but after a few times it starts to feel much better. Nice strong beat to the track – its just a matter of keeping up the pace!  Went much better on week 2 with everyone on the floor for it.

Stand By You step sheet

23.02.16 AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’ (Guyton Mundy, Jo Thompson Szymanski & Amy Glass) Wanted to have a dance that was a little easier this week and at 48 counts with no tags or restarts, this fitted the bill.  The tempo and footwork is a  little bit different to ones we’ve covered lately.  The class seemed to like it although one or two said their feet/legs were aching after dancing it.

Ain’t Misbehavin’ step sheet

16.02.16 POP THAT LOCK (Karl Harry Winson) After two weeks off, I was almost tempted not to teach a new dance this week!! but this one caught my eye as it has some different step patterns to what we’ve been doing lately.  Especially like the camel walks and the half turn pivot on the heels towards the end. One of those dances that seemed a bit challenging when first learning it but falls into place quite neatly after dancing it a couple of times. Ideal if you want something slightly on the funky side.

Pop That Lock step sheet

26.01.16 HANDS OF LOVE (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) A longer than normal teach for this slightly tricky nightclub two-step but we cracked it. I gave a few alternatives where possible for those who like to take the turns out. The restarts are easy enough, the tag is a bit harder to get as you only dance it once but knowing where you are heading for is the main issue with this one. Good reception from the class.

Hands Of Love step sheet

26.01.16 SLAMMING DOORS (Rob Fowler)  We haven’t done a waltz for a long time and even though I’m not overly keen on the song myself this one is being taught a lot so will be seen out and about.  Only had time to squeeze it in at the end of the night for those that wanted another new dance. Plenty of turns but it didn’t take too long to teach.

Slamming Doors step sheet

19.01.16 HERE WE GO (Robbie McGowan Hickie) A 4 wall 64 count dance with no tags or restarts, just a neat little ending. The half turn straight after the kick ball step took a bit of getting used to but the next section that is more diagonally based turned out to be fairly easier to get across.  The dance ends with a couple of nice and easy sections and an extra half turn to finish facing the front wall.  They seem to be enjoying this one after a bit of a muted response on week 1.

Here We Go step sheet

12.01.16 SAVE THE DAY (Karl-Harry Winson) Good to have a 32 count dance that most of the class seemed to enjoy.  Takes a while to perfect section 3 until you know exactly where you should be heading but it flows nicely and I particularly like the chasse left ending into the right rumba box start. Early signs indicate this dance should do just as well as our last dance to a Charlie Puth track – And Get It On. With a few slightly easier dances taught recently, we managed to get through a lot of dancing tonight!

Save The Day step sheet

05.01.16 The start of another year and we opened with a pair of dances from Ria Vos both of which are sung in Spanish. THE BITE (Ria Vos) An easy intermediate 64 count, 4 wall dance to a Ricky Martin song from last year.  My favourite section is the heel grind into the kick ball cross part.

The Bite step sheet

05.01.16 PELIGROSA (Ria Vos) Not a brand new dance but one we do see at some local socials. Nice and easy 32 counter and it only needed a quick teach.

Peligrosa step sheet

15.12.15 TICKET TO THE BLUES (Niels Poulsen) This was my final class of 2015 and probably about the easiest dance I’ve taught in the whole year.  Just a quick 5 minute teach so plenty of time for catching up with other recent dances taught plus a few older ones.  Options in the first 8 counts to throw in a couple of big turns for those who want them.

Ticket To The Blues step sheet

08.12.15 SOME KIND OF HEAVEN (Kate Sala) As we start the wind down towards a Christmas and New Year break, this dance on the easier side of intermediate was ideal. Fairly basic steps with a couple of restarts that are soon out the way on the first two walls. The only minor issue was keeping your sense of direction around the mid-point of the dance. Its easy to adjust the final step to finish facing the front wall and can’t understand why this wasn’t included on the step sheet?

Some Kind Of Heaven step sheet

01.12.15 DIVA (Ria Vos) This didn’t really get the response I was hoping for on the first week.  Fast and furious with nifty footwork in places but several thought it wasn’t for them and some didn’t seem that keen on the track.  But on week 2 it seemed to get a better reception with everyone up for it, perhaps they had got used to the speed of it. I’ll certainly be enjoying it over the next few weeks.  Love the extra styling options.

Diva step sheet

01.12.15 ROCK THIS FACTOR (Daniel Whittaker & Simon Ward) Now this one worked the other way – I was expecting it to receive a mixed response and everyone stayed on the floor to do it again!  Along the lines of Hit The Base, slightly on the funky side but no complicated choreography.

Rock This Factor step sheet

24.11.15 BETTER WHEN I’M DANCIN’ (Julia Wetzel) I promised everyone an easier one last week after a couple of more testing dances recently. Although a few people were missing tonight, this certainly fitted the bill and went down very well. Nothing too hard and a great little track. The restart isn’t obvious to spot till you’ve actually danced it! And I like the slight adjustment on the last wall that brings the dance to a neat ending.


17.11.15 KISS ME (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris)  Another dance that requires a fair bit of concentration to master at first. I promise to do one that’s a little easier next week! Plenty of mambos and a few turn and touch steps that caused a few problems.  A good beat to dance to and not too fast but you don’t stay facing the same wall for very long.  A few weren’t keen but I think they’ll find it easier on week 2.  Had expected numbers to be down this week with the wild weather we are having so thanks to (virtually) everyone for coming out tonight.


10.11.15 EXTREME LOVE ((Niels Poulsen) This was a hard teach and a few sat down during or after the first dance of it.  Plenty of turns and timing to think about it, but once you get the feel of the dance to the music I think its a cracker.  First looked at this back in September but decided it was a bit too much to teach first week back after a holiday break. Then put it to one side and sort of forgot about it.  At my class, it won’t be for everyone but some did clap at the end of it.

03.11.15 ADORABLE (Ria Vos) I like this one, a smooth flowing dance with some nice turning touch steps in section 3 and a modified figure of 8 later in the dance. Perhaps not everyone in the class was as a keen as me but think it will be a grower as the weeks go by. On week two everyone was up for it.


27.10.15 SECOND HAND HEART (Maggie Gallagher) First dance for a while that I knew would be well received by nearly all in my class.  It didn’t disappoint.  Good song and with a great beat once it comes in from the restart point on wall 2. Deserves to be a big hit.


20.10.15 No new dance this week, recaps of TRY ME and HIT THE BASE.

13.10.15 TRY ME (Ria Vos) Quite a gentle Samba style dance that has some nice moves in it. Just one restart and a neat slight step change on the final wall to finish the dance facing the front. Decent track from Jason Derulo featuring J-Lo.


13.10.15 On a busy night, I taught a 2nd new dance HIT THE BASE (Daniel Whittaker). Maybe a little on the funky side for some in the class but can see it doing well. Reminds me in places of Daniel’s Foot Play which we will still do each week. No tags or restarts and the dance isn’t too challenging.


06.10.15 HEAD IN THE SKY (Maggie Gallagher) A little nippy in places but nice to have a 32 count dance with just one easy tag for a change. Didn’t seem to receive a brilliant response, but some seem to think it will be a “grower”.


29.09.15 THE REAL DEAL (Heather Barton & Willie Brown) Love this track by Darius Rucker and a great little dance from this pair of Scottish choreographers. Nothing particularly different step wise but there doesn’t need to be as the steps fit perfectly.


29.09.15 JUMP THE GUN (Robbie McGowan Hickie) I wasn’t too taken with the music when I first heard this track. But, after doing the dance to the music, I started to enjoy it. Sounds a little oriental and is a bit of a change from some of the dance tracks that have a more prominent heavy beat.


22.09.15 TOUGH LOVE (Karl Harry Winson) After a week off, I didn’t want anything too complex to start back with. At 48 counts and just 2 walls and one restart, I don’t think this was too taxing. I’d been concerned that keeping in time for the first wall before the full beat kicks in might have been an issue. But once you get used to starting the dance slightly after the vocals begin, it seems to work alright. Seemed to be a hit with the class.


15.09.15 – No Class

08.09.15 EUREKA ( Robbie McGowan Hickie) The class has a week off next week so I wanted something not too hard. This improver level dance is to an upbeat track, only 32 counts and no tags or restarts. The hardest thing might be trying to find a place to download it from, but the CD is going fairly cheap on Amazon. Pleased to report that it appeared to go down very well with the class.


01.09.15 DO WHAT YOU DO (Rachael McEnaney-White) First looked at teaching this back in July but wasn’t too keen on the tag. Since then the choreographer has brought out an easier alternative tag. I showed the class both options and we had fun trying to do the more manic version. Not everyone liked the dance though as a few sat it out after trying it once. Others said they did enjoy it.


25.08.15 I SAID I DO (Daniel Whittaker)  I chose this dance as it’s choreographed to a good upbeat mainstream pop track and there’s nothing too complicated in it. Even the tags and restarts didn’t cause any problems and they are all out the way by the end of wall 3. The class soon picked it up and they were all on the floor to dance it 3 times. As it wasn’t a long teach, we managed to get through a lot of dances tonight, as you can see from the list below!


18.08.15 No new dance this week as we had a recap night. We did revise an oldie from 2011 which was a former class favourite.  No one seemed to remember the title of the dance but fortunately they soon got back into the dance. It was Maggie Gallagher’s IF YOU WERE MINE.

11.08.15 MIND OVER MATTER (Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen) Two weeks in and this one seems to be going well across the class. Part of it is danced on the diagonal as happens in many dances these days. Several people commented on how well it fitted the music and even with the tag (which they seemed to like) and two restarts its not a hard intermediate dance.


04.08.15 DON’T LET THE SUN GO DOWN (Niels Poulsen & Simon Ward) A relatively easy nightclub two-step which seemed to go down well with the class except for the odd one or two.  I’ve never been a big fan of this particular song so possibly fair to say the class enjoyed it more than I did – some said they loved it. Shouldn’t be too hard to recap next week.


28.07.15 POP ‘n DROP (Dee Musk & Ria Vos) Feels quite hard when first teaching it but quickly becomes much easier after a time or two of dancing it.  The sticky points in the dance were the Spiral turn into the 1/4 rock and 3/4 pivot turn plus of course the timing for the penultimate section which needed a bit of practice. Great to see “Dwight” steps making a comeback. This should definitely be a big hit!  Sheet due out mid August I believe but you can see the dance here.


28.07.15 FOOT PLAY (Daniel Whittaker) Saw this danced at a weekend event but would never have guessed the choreographer.  This is quite a funky track so I covered it at the end of the night because after listening to the music I knew not everyone would want to stay and learn it. Those who did seemed to enjoy it but it is a bit directionally challenging at first. Nice shoulder pops, side slides and heel toe swivel sections within the 64 counts.


21.07.15 BLACK MAGIC (Alison & Peter) Yes I think this will do very well over the next few months. Has a similar feel to Up, indeed one section appears to have been lifted straight from that dance and placed into this. But it fits the track well and has the right combination of parts that need a little more thought and some you can just breeze through. Well received at my class.


21.07.15 HEAVENLY CHA (Dee Musk)  some in the class had already learnt this elsewhere but with it doing so well in the charts and some wanting to learn it, I decided to do a quick teach.  Easyish for a solid intermediate class but enough in it to keep them interested.


14.07.15 GET UP, GET DOWN (Ria Vos & Karl Harry Winson) Had been looking at and learning another dance to teach (Do What You Do) and although I liked the dance and music I didn’t like the tag at all. So when this one was released, with a slightly funky feel and no tags or restarts, it quickly became my new teach. I think it went down pretty well with the class.


07.07.15 AND GET IT ON (Daniel Trepat and Jose Miquel Belloque Vane)  Love the track (from the Fiat 500 advert) but the dance is quite directionally challenging. We may call it the “sat nav” dance till people know where they are heading! In fact some in the class who decided to leave out the turns seemed to do better. Some who are doing the turns may need another week to master them.  Only 32 counts though and no tags or restarts but the 2nd half of the dance is more testing than the first.


07.07.15 THE BOMP (Kim Ray) After a two week break I wanted something nice and simple to start back with.  This is a reworking of the classic early 60’s song – covered here by The Overtones. Only needed a quick teach before we danced it straight through. Possibly a bit too easy to last very long but some in the class will certainly enjoy having a break from the harder stuff.


23.06.15 and 30.06.15 – NO CLASS

16.06.15 SENOR LOCO (Wil Bos) Great upbeat Spanish and summery sounding track with a decent dance to match. Wil could have a hit on his hands with this one.  First half of the dance seemed to be harder to get across than the second half, probably because it involves a lot more work on the diagonals. Some who were struggling to pick it up felt they would like it once they’d got it mastered.  A few others found it a little fast but I’d recommend it for any solid intermediate class.


09.06.15 QUICKSAND (Francien Sittrop) Nothing too hard in this. It flows easily enough and even with two restarts and a tag its not a battle to remember it all.  I love the quick heel dig and the hold (the only one in the entire dance) at the halfway point plus of course the final flick at the very end. The track is somewhat subtle and less full-on when compared to some of the recent music we’ve been dancing to.


02.06.15 YOUR PLACE OR MINE (Ria Vos, Karl-Harry Winson & Robbie McGowan Hickie) Good solid intermediate dance choreographed to an upbeat, if slightly suggestive track from the same singer who sings on the dance Alvaro. A decent opening couple of sequences followed by some neat turning hip bumps.  I also like the final 8 counts of the dance.  Like myself, one or two in the class weren’t so keen on the Dorothy step into the touch and bump step.  Apart from that it flows quite well once you get the steps mastered.

26.05.15 ROADS (Maggie Gallagher) Already being taught a lot in parts of the Midlands, this will soon be near the top of the dance charts I’m sure. Great track and the dance certainly hits the strong points in the music really well.  It’s very fast in places almost feeling a bit rushed with the rock and cross sequence at the end of section 4.  A 52 count 2 wall dance with a couple of restarts and an easy enough tag. Does feel good though when you’ve done it a few times.


19.05.15 SLAM GOES THE DOOR (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) Quite a quick nightclub two-step to the Kelly Clarkson track “Good Goes The Bye”.  Enough turns to keep the intermediates happy with a mix of slower and faster ones.  A restart on wall 3 and a less than obvious tag at the end of wall 5 on the back wall. I think they liked this one.


12.05.15  NO CLASS

05.05.15 TELL THE WORLD (Robbie MacGowan Hickie)  With no class next week I wanted to leave them with something a bit easier.  This certainly was easier and needed just a five minute teach.  A good track and an easy improver level dance that everyone can soon master. With a short new dance teach we got through a lot more other recaps and dances.


28.04.15 GOODBYE CHA (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) A standard offbeat cha-cha count throughout the dance makes the timing easy enough. There’s also a strong beat within the music that helps to keep in time. The turns within sections 3 through to 5 make the dance more of a challenge when first teaching it, but once the music went on, everyone seemed to find their way fairly quickly. Just two restarts with a slight step change and a nice finish on the home wall.


21.04.15 I LOVE IT! (Ria Vos) The title of the track sums up this dance perfectly – I don’t like it – I love it! The dance has plenty of moves that capture the feel of this catchy track, just a little on the funky side.  The swivet, hitch touch and twist section was a bit of a challenge for some at first. But after what seemed to be an extended teach, it all seemed to fall into place nicely when the music went on.  Its not a fast dance so there is some thinking time. No tags or restarts, just a solid 64 count intermediate dance that should do very well.  Sheet now out!


21.04.15 NEW SHADE OF BLUE (Yvonne Anderson) Had been asked to cover this one so I taught it at the end of the night as I knew several in the class had learnt it elsewhere.  It’s already in the top 10 dance charts so sure to be seen out on the circuit. Nothing hard so quite a good one to finish the night on.


14.04.15 BREAK ME UP (Kate Sala) Had this on the pile to do for a few weeks. It wasn’t a big hit but went down OK I think. The song was in the running to be Ireland’s Eurovision song for 2015 but it finished third in the selection competition. Not a bad mainstream track and it doesn’t outstay its welcome coming in at just under 3 minutes. Taking a while to sink in with some.


07.04.15 THINKING DIFFERENT (Ria Vos) Have been waiting for this one to come out. I know many will have taught a dance to the original version of this song –  I decided not to due to there being several different dances out. This version gives it a totally different samba feel. Several in the class really liked it and it does have some different footwork. The only problem was that this week our floor, which is normally very slippery was just the opposite so made it hard to do the toe heel swivels in the last section.


31.03.15 SUITE 215 (Ria Vos & Niels Poulsen) Another joint choreography project, this time a Danish/Dutch mix with a dance named after the room in which it was created. This is high improver or easy intermediate level. Just one 8 count tag and a little ending. Feels slightly awkward on the first wall but then the heavy beat kicks in and its plain sailing.


24.03.15 ALVARO (Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson) 80 counts and quite quick but no tags or restarts and only 2 walls.  I like section 3 with the toe points and shoulder lift that hits the beat in the music perfectly. Some hesitation at first going forward into the half turn coaster sequence at the start of section 5. The final offbeat section also felt a bit strange after previously dancing on the beat but think we will soon get used to this with practice. Its an upbeat catchy track that is sure to do well. No dance video but this is the music.

17.03.15 DARLING HOLD MY HAND (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) This is a dance for the mainstream pop market. Sections 4 and 5 need a little more practice than the others but compared to some of the dances from this pair of choreographers, this has to be one of their easier intermediate ones. I expect this one to do well in the dance charts over the next few months. Everyone was back up to dance it again.


17.03.15 HIGHWAY DON’T CARE (Teresa & Vera) Its a long time since we done a dance from these choreographers. They seem to have come out of (early) retirement and released this dance at a recent LDF charity event. I like the track by Tim McGraw feat Taylor Swift although it is a lengthy one. This turned out to be more of a challenge than the above dance. Although only 48 counts there a few changes of direction. After going through the walls, it seemed to fall into place better once the music went on.  A couple of people weren’t keen on the track.


10.03.15 THE BOY CAN DANCE (Yvonne Anderson) After some harder dances, this week and last week’s were a bit easier.  Nothing too hard in this one although section 3 needed a little more practice to master.  Quite a fast track but generally well received I think.


03.03.15 GET DOWN ON THE FLOOR (Daniel Whittaker) Had been rehearsing another dance all weekend but this was a late change of mind after it was released yesterday.  I like the music, reminds me of the Venga Boys, and its a dance intermediates can soon master. Just 2 walls and the steps flow well.  Nothing ground-breaking but a pleasure to dance.  The class picked it up quite quickly and it seemed to go down well.


24.02.15 HARD TO SAY IT (Niels Poulsen) A cleverly crafted nightclub 2 step to this old track by Chicago.  I read elsewhere where this had been taught that some people found it directionally challenging. That’s fair to say to start off with, but after a couple of goes to the music they seemed to have all got their bearings, For a 32 count dance, its not a quick teach but well worth the effort.


17.02.15 GOMEZ (Robbie McGowan Hickie) A neat opening section with touch/point and hold steps that is then repeated on the other foot.  It was the 3/4 turn right and shuffle followed by the rock turn 1/4 cross and hinge turn sections that needed more practice to master.  A mainstream pop track with steps that are aren’t too hard but have enough to keep your interest.


10.02.15 BUBBLES DAHHHLING (Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen) Great combination of two rhythms. the first 64 counts are a conventional offbeat cha-cha followed by 32 counts in more of a nightclub two-step style. For me, no particularly tricky footwork but at 96 counts there’s plenty to take in at first, especially with a slight step change for the restart on wall 2 and the little tag after wall 4. Fortunately, the last part of the dance is a fairly easy sequence to remember. By the third play at the end of the night I think the class had it pretty much wrapped up and seemed to really like it.


03.02.14 NO CLASS

27.01.15 LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO (Ria Vos) One of several dances choreographed to songs from the upcoming Fifty Shades Of Grey soundtrack. This isn’t a full on dance track with a heavy beat – its far more subtle but makes a welcome change of tempo to our recent music.  Some tricky timing in the middle sections of the dance to work on. Not everyone was over keen on the track but most seemed to like it and I think it will do well over the coming weeks and months.


20.01.15 RUN AWAY WITH YOU (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) Finally got round to covering this one that I first learnt back in November. On the higher intermediate side with its twists and turns but a strong dance beat in the song from Ed Sheeran.  Easy enough to remember the restarts with full walls (64 counts) alternating with a shorter wall (32 counts).


20.01.15 VROOM VROOM (Alison & Peter) This is an easier intermediate, high improver dance. Not sure it went down so well as some weren’t keen on the rapping in the music. Easy enough dance to what I think is quite a powerful Pitbull track so could well be a hit.


13.01.15 UP (Alison & Peter) A great one to start the New Year off with. Catchy track that most people were already familiar with, and a dance that has enough in it but not too hard and didn’t take too long to teach. The only bit that seems to catch a few out was the fact there are two step 1/4 pivots – one followed by the syncopated jazz box and one by the cross shuffle – and sometimes a few forgot which point they were at. However, it received a very good response from the class and bound to be hit I think.


06.01.15  First class of the new year was a revision night with recaps of some the dances taught before Christmas plus quick walls of some we’d been dancing a bit longer. No new dance this week but still worked them hard with 18 dances in total.

Masquerade, My First Love, Kiss The Stars, It’s Up To You, Wonder Train, Uptown Funk, Angel In Blue Jeans, Cecilia, I Lived, Not The Only One, The Remix, Cheesecake, Fireball, Samira, Superheroes, So Wrapped Up, Last Call Boys and Bailando Amor.

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