2013 Linedancer Magazine Crystal Boot Awards

Award  Winner
Dedicated Dance Artist Natalie Thurlow
Dedicated Dance DJ Dave Baycroft
 Male Dance Personality Craig Bennett
 Female Dance Personality Rachael McEnaney
 International Instructor Ria Vos
 International Choreographer Ria Vos
 UK Instructor Kate Sala
 UK Choreographer Rachael McEnaney
 Absolute Beginner Dance Gold Digger by Rachael McEnaney
 Beginner Dance Come Back My Love by Juliet Lam
 Improver Dance Rock Paper Scissors by Maggie Gallagher
 Intermediate Dance 50 Ways by Patricia Stott
 Advanced Dance Back In Time by Rachael McEnaney & Guyton Mundy
 Dance Of The Year 50 Ways by Patricia Stott
Hall Of Fame Rachael McEnaney
Hall Of Fame Pedro Machado


Quite a few new dances were also released over the Awards weekend including RUNAWAY TRAIN (Craig Bennett), HURT ME CAREFULLY (Ria Vos) HIPPY HIPPY SHAKE (Pat Stott), and REFLECTION (Alison Johnstone). The sheets for all these are in the new edition of the Linedancer Magazine, along with the (long awaited) script for Robbie McGowan Hickie’s MEXICOMA which is the Daffodil Dance for this year.

 But going back to the Awards, another couple of dances to look out for are GLEEFULLY THERE (Rachael McEnaney) and THE STORM (Maggie Gallagher) which will no doubt appear in the magazine at a later date.

If you are looking for something a little easier check out SHATTERED DREAMS (Karl-Harry Winson) or SING SING SING (Simon Ward).


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