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No classes on these dates in 2024 (updated 22/03/24)

MONDAYS at Age UK in Lincoln – No classes on the following dates…….I’m still waiting to hear if we can have any alternative dates to make up for the Monday bank holidays we miss.

1st April 2024

6th, 13th May and 27th 2024

3rd and 10th June 2024

12th August 2024

TUESDAYS at Canwick – No classes here on the following dates……

14th May 2024

4th and 11th June 2024

13th August 2024

Thanks for your continued support – any questions feel free to have a word when you see me next or drop me a line.


Crystal Boot Awards 2024 – Who won what???


Outstanding Achievement Awards – for winning in their categories for 3 years.
Jo Thompson Szymanski
Roy Verdonk
Michelle Risley
Gary Lafferty
Craig Bennett
Robbie McGowan Hickie
Gary O’ Reilly
Fred Whitehouse

Rising Star – Lee Hamilton
Dance Artist – Nikky Napier
UK Instructor – Darren Bailey
UK Choreographer – Darren Bailey
DJ – Heather Barton
Female Personality – Jo Thompson Szymanski

Male Personality – Jamie Barnfield
International Instructor – Maddison Glover
International Choreographer – Maddison Glover
Digital Platform – Linedancer Radio
Hall Of Fame inductee – Alison Metelnick
Absolute Beginner – STAND BY ME by Roy Verdonk & Raymond Sarlemijn
Beginner – NEVER DRINKING AGAIN by Lee Hamilton
Improver – WHEN YOU’RE DRUNK – Heather Barton & Glynn Rodgers
Intermediate – 3 TEQUILA FLOOR by Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson Szymanski
Advanced – THE SPHINX by Simon Ward Rebecca Lee Roy & Fiona Hadisubroto
Established Dance – GIVE ME YOUR TEMPO – Nathan Gardiner
Classic Dance – CHAMPAGNE PROMISE – Tina Argyle
Vintage Dance – COME DANCE WITH ME – Jo Thompson Szymanski

Dance of the year – 3 TEQUILA FLOOR – Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson Szymanski

Dances Taught (Tuesday Class) 2023

02.01.24 Not the best start to the New Year as I had to cancel the class due to the heavy rain and flooding in the area.

12.12.23 Thanks to all who braved the weather last night and to those that have supported the class throughout the year. A busy last class of the year, trying to fit in recaps of all the latest dances and a teach of a little new one, while trying to get through as many of your requests as possible and include just one or two Christmas tracks. Hope everyone enjoyed the night – next class will be on 2nd January 2024.

New dance was DREAMING (Maggie Gallagher) which seemed to go down quite well after a quick teach. The music is a kind of mash-up of Fields Of Gold although nothing like the original dance as this track is faster and has a much stronger beat.

Dreaming step sheet

Also danced: Lamtarra Rumba (Xmas Coco Jamboo), Some Kind Of Wonderful, Everyone Needs A Hero, 2 Lane Highway, Marakaibo, Devil In A Dress, Houdini, I Got Music, Wreckage, Versions Of You, I’m Haunted, Memory Lane, In Walked You, Telling On My Heart, Give Me Your Tempo, Silverado, Rumba Ride (Xmas Cookies), Don’t Think Twice, Jesse James, On The Edge, Diamonds in A Whiskey Glass, Dreaming (again), Two Hearts On A Highway, Crazy Out There, To Know Me, Another One Bites The Dust, Tiger Hips, Can’t Stop Loving You, In Walked You (again), Dim The Lights, To Be Blunt, In Control, Bittersweet Memory.

05.12.23 IN WALKED YOU (Maggie Gallagher) This is a new dance that was taught at Maggie’s recent Coventry weekend that some of my class attended and wanted me to teach. Great country track by William Michael Morgan but at just a shade under 5 minutes, boy does it go on! Think I’ll have to fade it out early or see if I can find a shorter edit. Had to learn this from a video of Maggie dancing it but there’s no sheet out for it yet.

I also revised an old one JAMBALAYA (Ian St Leon) – a lot of rock and shuffles that took us back in time.

Also danced: Little Red Book, Walk Back To Me, Shivers, Jambalaya, 2 Lane Highway, Tiger Hips, I Got Music, What A Song Can Do, 2 Hearts On A Highway, Marakaibo, To Know Me, Thunder In My Heart, Trustfall, Crazy Out There, To Be Blunt, Don’t Think Twice, Wreckage, Silverado, Favourite Kinda High and Telling On My Heart.

28.11.23 HOUDINI (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris) Well this one took a bit of effort to get our heads round the sequence of restarts and full walls but we got there in the end.

Houdini step sheet

Also danced: Country Touch, Smokey Places, Amazing Faith, Dizzy, Just A Memory, Give Me Your Tempo, 3 Tequila Floor, Eyes Closed, What A Song Can Do, Silverado, 2 Hearts On A Highway, To Know Me, To Be Blunt, Tiger Hips, Crazy Out There, Versions Of You, Don’t Think Twice, Thunder In My Heart and Marakaibo.

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Dances Taught (Monday 12.00 Class) 2023

18/12/23 Nothing new this week but got through a lot of dances. They were: Scotia Samba, Just For Grins, Ribbon Of Highway, Green Green Grass, This & That, Un Poquito, Hitch A Ride, Codigo, Islands In The Stream, Two Lane Highway, Little Heartbreak, Blue Night Cha and Things. Thanks to all who have continued to support the class or joined since I took over it in March. Next class is on 8th January 2024. Have a good Christmas everyone.

11/12/23 New one this week was UN POQUITO (Rachel McEnaney & Jo Thompson Szymanski) which is currently top of the charts for the most viewed dances. We danced this twice and also did Shania’s Moment, Gypsy Queen, Things, Memory Lane, Blue Rose Is, Hitch A Ride, Champagne Promise and Blue Night Cha.

Un Poquito step sheet

04/12/23 Had another go at last week’s new dance HITCH A RIDE and als’re o danced: – Scotia Samba, We’re Good To Go, Islands In The Stream, Green Green Grass, King Of The Road, This & That, Memory Lane, Little Red Book, Little Heartbreak, Just Another Woman and Skinny Genes.

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Dances Taught (Monday 1.10pm Class) 2023

18/12/2023 (Week 13) Nothing new this week but a chance to recap all the dances we have learnt since starting three months ago. These were: –

STAND BY ME to track of same name (Ivan Jack Remix) by 45 Stars, COWGIRLS TWIST to Mr Lonely by Midland, ELECTRIC SLIDE to Holly Jolly Christmas by Alan Jackson, ROCKET TO THE SUN to What You’ve Done to Me by Samantha Jade, LUCKY LIPS to Rocking Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee,  STROLL ALONG CHA CHA to Rhythm Of The Rain by Jesse Winchester, GO CAT GO to Guitars Cadillacs by Dwight Yoakham, AH SI to Levantando Las Manos by El Simbolo, SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL to Little St Nick by The Beach Boys, MAMMA MARIA to Daddy Cool by Boney M, and COWBOY CHARLESTON to Mack The Knife by Brian Setzer.

Thanks to all who have been coming along and for making this class great fun. Have a great Christmas and see you back again on 8th January 2024.

11/12/2023 (Week 12) No new dance this week but a good chance to go through nearly all the ones we’ve done up to now. These were MAMMA MARIA, AH SI!, STROLL ALONG CHA CHA, SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL, COWBOY CHARLESTON, STAND BY ME, LUCKY LIPS, ELECTRIC SLIDE, GO CAT GO and ROCKET TO THE SUN.

04/12/2023 (Week 11) This week we started to practice some chasses (side shuffles) and forward and back shuffles. As nearly everyone picked them up quite quickly, I went on to teach a new dance called SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL (Gary O’Reilly) so we could put the new steps into action! Great work everyone!


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